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Add Ribbon Shortcode


Adds ribbon with labels to your div containers or image using shortcodes. This is the implementation of CSS Portal ribbon generator. You can set the width , colors , backgrounds of ribbons you wanted to show.

You can email me directly for any plugin request or personal modification such as styles and templates at or contact me at

Plugin URI:

Detailed Instructions

After installation, check at Dashboard -> Tools -> Add Ribbon (/wp-admin/tools.php?page=add_ribbon_info)
for more detailed instructions.


  • Example on adding ribbon to a text container.
  • Example on adding ribbon to an image.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. BACKUP everything before you install the plugin.
  2. Upload add-ribbon directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Adding Ribbon using Shortcode

  1. Shortcode for Sherk Add Ribbon is in the format of
    [ribbon id=”myribbon” padding=”10″ height=”100″ width=”100″ color=”#000″ bgcolor=”#FFF” label=”Featured” position=”right”]
    This is a sample content
  2. Copy the shortcode, paste it to the content text editor and update the values of your shortcode parameters depends on what you need.

Setting Ribbon for Image Content

  1. This is a way on adding ribbon using image as your content instead of text.
  2. Set your padding into 0
  3. Set your ribbon width and height to the width and height of your image.
  4. Give the image a class value of ‘imgribbon’
    [ribbon id=”sherkid” padding=”0″ width=”190″ height=”190″ bgcolor=”#CCC” color=”#233″ label=”Sample”]
    < img class=”imgribbon” src=”images/landscape.jpg” alt=”” width=”190″ height=”190″ />

Parameters Available

Id of your ribbon, used in customizing ribbon styles
default: ”
option: string

Text label for your ribbon
default: ‘Label’
option: string

Wider ribbon
default: ‘false’
option: boolean

Position of the label of your ribbon
default: ‘left’
option: left

Padding of your ribbon
default: ’10’
option: integer

Width of your ribbon
default: ‘200’
option: integer

Height of your ribbon
default: ‘200’
option: integer

Color of your text label
default: ‘#FFF’
option: Hex Color

Background color of your text label
default: ‘#000’
option: Hex Color

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