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Advanced Video Player with Analytics


Video Player with analytics support YouTube, mp4, ogv and webm


Embed youtube and mp4 video file nicely in WordPress using advanced Video player. We provide analytics for each video played. Embed youtube, MP4, ogv and webm videos in your pages, posts, sidebars, Elementor, gutenberg. We using VideoJS player library.

Advanced Video Player Features

  • Embed Youtube video files into posts, pages or anywhere on your WordPress site

    YouTube Demo

  • Embed MP4 video files into posts, pages or anywhere on your WordPress site

    Mp4 Demo

  • Analytics for each video played.

  • Embed responsive videos with better user interface in mobile device
  • Embed videos compatible with all major browsers
  • Embed videos with poster images
  • Embed videos using videojs player
  • Option to enable Automatic video play
  • Supports WordPress media library videos with shortcode
  • Clean and nice player with no watermark

Note: We are using videojs, Video player library. you can check more about it

Video Shortcode Options

Youtube Video embed Shortcode

[avpa webm=’youtube’ src=””]

Mp4 Video embed Shortcode

[avpa src=”path/video.mp4″]

Video embed with Poster Shortcode

[avpa src=”path/video.mp4″ poster=”path/image.png”]


[avpa src=”path/video.mp4″ webm=”path/video.webm”]


[avpa src=”path/video.mp4″ webm=”path/video.webm” ogv=”path/video.ogv”]


[avpa src=”path/video.mp4″ width=”480″]

Autoplay Enable

[avpa src=”path/video.mp4″ autoplay=”true”]

Repeat (Loop)

[avpa src=”path/video.mp4″ loop=”true”]


[avpa src=”path/video.mp4″ muted=”true”]


[avpa src=”path/video.mp4″ controls=”ture”]

We have tried our best to create an awesome Advanced Video player with Tracking but still if you face any installation, coding or design error, you can contact us anytime. Please suggest more features and design options.


  • All Videos list
  • Video played tracking data
  • Video Settings page


  1. Go to wordpress plugin Installation
  2. Add new and seach advanced video palyer with tracking
  3. Activate
  4. Goto AVPA in wordpress admin setting to check shortcodes

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