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The Most User Friendly WordPress Online Application Form Builder

Create stunning application forms using drag and drop Application Form Builder and publish job ads, admission ads, classes ads and manage received applications like a boss. It’s not only a Form Builder, its a complete hiring & registration solution. Click Here for a live demo.

No Designing or Development Skills Required

Not a tech savvy? ApplyOnline plugin is the solution. Its intuitive drag and drop form builder is made for you, so you may not need a developer and/or designer to create an Application Form Management System for you. Very light on your website without creating any mess and beautifully integrates without worrying for design issues.

Setup is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Go to Plugins/Add New section in your WordPress admin panel, Search for Apply Online in the search box, install and activate the plugin created by Spider Teams.
  2. After activation, go to All Ads section in your WordPress admin panel and create your desired ads with drag and drop Application Form Builder.
  3. To list ads on the front-end, create a dedicated WordPress page and write shortcode [aol]. isn’t it so easy?

Multiple Ad Types support with only one plugin

Does your organization collect admission forms and also looking for job ads? Look no further, Ad Types feature is the solution for you. Go to ApplyOnline/Settings/Types in WordPress admin and create as many types as you wish. Just copy desired shortcode and paste into your WordPress page.

Powerful Features

  • Create as many ad types as you wish e.g. Career, Classes, Registrations, Admissions, etc.
  • Ads listing with title, thumbnail image, ad summary, taxonomies and Apply Now button.
  • Ads filtration option above the ads listing to narrow down desired ads.
  • Ad detail page with description, features and application form.
  • Multiple file attachment fields.
  • Standard WordPress interface to add, categorize and manage ads.
  • Packed with WordPress user role AOL Manager for people who handle applications.
  • Each Application Manager can write his own comments for the received applications to evaluate the candidate.
  • Build a list of recipients to send email notifications when an application is received.
  • Hooks and functions for advancements and customization.
  • Clear and well formed documentation for developers and non-developers.
  • Add-ons to extend the plugin to next level.


  • Application Tracker: A next level Application Tracking System where applicants can signup, login, save applications as draft, edit it for multiple times & submit it finally. It includes a dedicated applicant’s dashboard to view history & track the status of their application(s).
  • Application Emailer: Get full application along with any attachment in your email when someone submits an application.
  • Applications Exporter: Export individual application as PDF & all applications of an ad as CSV.
  • Application Dropbox: Save each application form received in your Dropbox account.
  • ApplyOnline Conditional Fields: Show/hide required form fields by setting conditions e.g If age is 30years or above, show marital status form field.
  • Apply Online Captcha: An effective security solution that adds captcha challenge at the bottom of the application form to keep bots apart.

For demo, please check AOL Demo. Your suggestions and error reports can really help to improve this plugin.


  • Public - Ads listing
  • Public - Ads detail page with Application Form
  • Public - Application Submission.
  • Admin - Application editor with Form Builder
  • Admin - All received applications
  • Admin - Received application Quick View
  • Admin - Received application Full View
  • Admin - Received application Print View


  1. Go to Plugins/Add New section, Search for Apply Online in the search box and install the plugin created by Spider Teams.
  2. After activation, go to All Ads section in your WordPress admin panel and create your desired ads with drag and drop Application Form Builder.
  3. To list ads on the front-end, create a dedicated WordPress page and write shortcode [aol]. isn’t it so easy?
  4. For more information go to FAQs section in your WordPress admin panel under Apply Online/Settings section.

Perguntas frequentes

How to create an ad?

In your WordPress admin panel, go to “All Ads” menu and create an ad here.

How to show ads on the front-end?

Add [aol] shortcode in an existing page or add a new page and write shortcode anywhere in the page editor. Now click on VIEW to see all of your ads on front-end.

Can I show selected ads on front-end?

Yes, use shortcode with “ads” attribute. Ad ids must be separated with commas i.e. [aol ads=”1,2,3″ type=”ad”]. Deafult type is ad.

Can I show ads without excerpt/summary?

Yes, use shortcode with “excerpt” attribute i.e. [aol excerpt=”no”]

Can I list ads without any fancy styling?

Yes, use shortcode with “style” attribute to list ads with bullets i.e. [aol display=”list”]. To generate an ordered list add another attribute “list-style” i.e. [aol display=”list” list-style=”ol”].

What attributes can i use in the shortcode?

Default shortcode with all attributes is [aol ads=”1,2,3″ excerpt=”no” type=”ad”]. Use only required attributes.

Does this plugin have hooks and functions for customization of plugin behavior?

Yes, please check plugin reference at WP Reloaded

Does this plugin use remote services?

No. However if you use our pro add ons, then those will upgrade from our servers. For more information, please read our Documentation and Privacy Policy


21 de Novembro, 2019
This Plugin is excellent plugin.It meet every requirements related to recruitment process.
30 de Maio, 2019
Your Plugins is good and helpful. But your form cv up-loader not working. When I upload a cv (.docx and other format ) generate an error ( An unexpected error occurred with error code: 200 OK. Please contact us for more information). How to fix this. Please help me .My Plugins version is (Version 1.9.94)
11 de Março, 2019
This plugin appeared to be everything I needed in terms of employee recruitment – it allows applicants to upload resumes and portfolios, it tracks applicant records and allows one to evaluate candidates within WordPress. The problem: the whole world can see all of it. Most notably, this plugin is not GDPR compliant, not Google compliant and not Bing compliant. Supposing you can actually get a properly formatted job advertisement to appear on your site, know that when an applicant uploads a resume or other personal information to your site, the documents are stored in your WP uploads folder, which is accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The author’s suggested plugin to protect this folder hasn’t been updated in three years and has not been tested for use in several recent WP versions. This condition alone will expose any business or entity in the EU or U.S. to potential legal action. Other issues: *The plugin is not easy to install and requires a lot of patience. *The plugin causes conflicts with other plugins. (If after reading this you still want to purchase, back-up your WP site first.) *The plugin adds periods to your text where unnecessary and removes them from where you put them. *The author will not accommodate refunds. *You cannot have more than one field of the same name or question. So, if you are asking for three references and desire a name, address, phone and relationship field for each reference, you’ll need to label accordingly (e.g. Reference Name 1, Reference Address 1 and so on.; This is further exacerbated when considering you need to know the address of the candidate. Yep, another wonky label.) And these labels are exactly what your potential candidates will see – they cannot be changed. I ended up using a Google Sheet and Google Form (free). The results are directed to a .pdf and the .pdf is emailed to me. I used the Google Add-on called Form Publisher.
15 de Janeiro, 2019
What an excellent plugin. Ticks everybox for my requirements. Works even better with the paid addons. Very happy with Apply Online. Excellent support and after sales support as well!
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Contribuidores e programadores

“Apply Online – Application Form Builder and Manager” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:


Registo de alterações


  • Fixed: Front-end design issues.


  • Fixed: Radio Button default selection issue in Application Form Builder.
  • Fixed: Application Form Builder saves form field with empty UID.
  • Fixed: [aol_form] and [aol_ad] shortcodes did not display form.


  • Fixed: Print Form fields order.


  • Fixed: Filter name shown multiple times under each ad on ads listing page generated with [aol] shortcode.
  • Fixed: Time always saved as 11:59pm.


  • Fixed: Template Form Builder in Apply Online/Settings section.


  • New: Enhanced Form Builder with great user interface.
  • New: More options for each form field type.
  • Fixed: Required fields notice when Application Tracking System is installed.


  • Fixed: DropDown field 1st value not included.
  • Fixed: Radio button 1st value selected.


  • Fixed: Access to attachment in received application.
  • Fixed: Ad not shown after plugin update.


  • Fixed: Security issues.
  • Fixed: Locally included 3rd party scripts.


  • Fixed: Security issues.


  • Fixed: Thumbnail margin issue.
  • Fixed: Lower case alphabets for labels on Application page in admin panel.
  • Fixed: Unwanted &amp string in the email alerts.


  • Fixed: Uploads folder path.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary CSS links in admin panel.

  • Fixed: Warnings on Application page.
  • Fixed: Form builder for wrong form field titles.
  • Fixed: Required field warning for removed form fields.

  • Fixed: Option to delist complete ad or hide only application from after closing date.
  • New: Paragraphs between form fields introduced.
  • Fixed: Date picker on ad editor.

  • Fixed: Fixed file format issue for File upload field in settings.
  • Fixed: Date picker on ad editor.
  • Fixed: Applicant name on applications listing page in admin panel.

  • Fixed: Subject & message of admin email alert.

  • Fixed: Shortcode ads archive without content.

  • Fixed: Unexpected error on Application submission.

  • Fixed: Menu & plugin name disappear issue.

  • Fixed: Thumbnail on [aol] shortcode archive.


  • Fixed: Styling issues.
  • Fixed: Submit button text replacement.
  • Fixed: Read More button by [aol] shortcode text replacement
  • Updated: FAQs section.
  • Added: Download link for attachments in received applications.

  • Fixed: Filter base permalinks.


  • Fixed: Application submission error of Form field Separator .


  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Captcha addon.


  • Fixed: File upload form field styling.
  • Fixed: Underscore in fields separator title.
  • Fixed: Ad closing date.
  • Fixed: Other CSS issues.


  • Fixed: 404 error for custom ad types after plugin re-activation.


  • Fixed: AOL Manager role’s capabilities issue.
  • Fixed: Application status change issue.


  • Fixed: Hidden form after plugin update to 1.9.3
  • Fixed: PHP Warning on ads archive page.


  • Fixed: Ad types direct links 404 error.
  • Fixed: Custom ad types detail page 404 error.


  • Fixed: Conflict with Applyonline eMail add-on.
  • Fixed: Application status issues.
  • Fixed: Issues with [aol_form] shortocde.


  • New: Ads filters.
  • New: Ads types.
  • New: Application statuses.
  • New: Form fields separators.
  • New: More hooks & filters.
  • Fixed: minified JavaScript files.


  • Fixed: jquery-ui-sortable library attachment.


  • Fixed: Application form fields sorting.


  • Fixed: Apply Online Metabox hook.


  • New: Thumbnail support for ads.
  • New: More hooks to extend the plugin for add-ons
  • Fixed: Compulsory fields default notice.
  • Fixed: Language issues.


  • Fixed: Form submitted but unexpected form submission failed message.
  • Fixed: Required form field option for newly generated field in ad editor.


  • Fixed: Required form fields notice.
  • Fixed: Date format for date form fields.


  • New: Application Print facility.
  • New: [aol_ad] shortcode to show single ad anywhere in the website.
  • New: [aol_form] shortcode to show form anywhere in the website.
  • New: Add-on support.
  • Fixed: Warnings on custom template page single-aol_ad.php
  • Fixed: Translation issues.


  • Fixed: Underscores between words of form fields names.
  • New: Application removal option.


  • Fixed: Salient Features heading when no feature is provided on single ad page.


  • Fixed: Hidden items of AOL Menu.


  • New: AOL Manager user role.
  • New: Comments system for hiring staff to discuss an application.
  • New: Email validation for form input field.
  • New: More hooks and functions to extend the plugin.
  • Fixed: Improved search of applications in admin panel.


  • Fixed: Removed odd alert at the time of application submission.


  • Fixed: Default file field issue in settings.
  • New: aol_content filter hook introduced to control the output of [aol] shortcode.
  • New: aol_features function added to show application featres in custom template.
  • New: aol_application function added to show application form in custom template.


  • Fixed: Email issue.
  • New: Custom file upload field in ad editor introduced.
  • Fixed: Overall enhancement.


  • Fixed: Application Form Fields delete issue.
  • Fixed: Delete button disappears in application form fields in post editor.
  • New: Templates/Default Fields introduced.


  • Fixed: Link to new application in email alert.


  • New: Plugin Settings introduced.
  • New: List of recipient to get application alerts.
  • Fixed: Overall enhancement.


  • New: Categories introduced.
  • New: Shortcode updated.
  • Fixed: Bug for CV / resume attachment in application form.


  • Plugin launched.