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Community Lite Video Chat


The Community Lite video chat plugin for WordPress adds group video chat, rich text chat with emoticons and YouTube videos, file sharing, public and private chat rooms, music rooms and more to your WordPress website by integrating AVChat – the powerful video chat platform.

This plugin will take care of :

  • username & avatar integration (users logged in the WordPress web site will not have to login again in the video chat )
  • permissions & features for each user role (you can change them from your WordPress admin area)
  • BuddyPress compatibility: BuddyPress avatars are automatically recognised and added to users profiles in the video chat (user profiles can be accessed directly from AVChat also)
  • iPhone/iPad/Android detection: the plugin will detect if the user is on a mobile device and deliver the mobile version of AVChat (the mobile version can be purchased separately)

Other features include :

  • simple install: it installs as any other WordPress plugin
  • compatible with SEO friendly URL’s in WordPress
  • customisable design: the chat looks and feel can be changed to fit with your existing WordPress theme

Grant access and features per user role

All the features can be enabled or disabled for each user group in your website. For example members can have access to video chat while visitors might not. It’s up to you to decide what each user role can do in the video chat.

Ad & membership based revenue

Ads can be shown around the chat to increase web site revenues or you can charge a monthly membership fee (3rd party plugin required) for access to the video chat.

New 2.0 version

All new backend interface with direct access to the video chat, a new feedback form, detailed descriptions for each option and tabbed backend menu for easier navigation.

Clients & reviews

★★★★ 2000+ clients already use AVChat on their WordPress websites ★★★★

★★★★ 5 STAR RATING on, check out the reviews below: ★★★★

  • “What a great experience, from discovering a plugin that did exactly what I needed, to a team that goes way above and beyond helping me get set up” by mindbodyseries
  • “Wow, I’d like to give a five-star to AVChat” by icndream
  • “The service is second to none” by pssawhney

Check out all the WP reviews at


  1. WordPress website or blog
  2. AVChat
  3. Media server

AVChat is a powerful video chat platform. It supports rooms, public and private video chat, moderators, private messages and more. You can purchase AVChat or get a 15 days trial from

The media server handles all the audio, video and text data sent between chat users. You can host your own Red5, Wowza or AMS server or you can use our Red5 based media server hosting.

Here are the top 5 reasons why webmasters choose this plugin:

① Increase members engagement
② Increase time spent on site 4X
③ Increase premium ad space (below and above the chat)
④ Increase membership revenue
⑤ Hassle free video chat for your members

Outros plugins

The Community PRO plugin

With the Community PRO video chat plugin you get more than 47 configuration options and permissions that you can customise for each user role, multisite support, Facebook & Twitter login.
Find out more about the PRO version at

The Pay Per Session plugin

With the Pay Per Session video chat plugin you can deliver pay per view and free one-on-one expert consultations & trainings online through video chat using WordPress, AVChat, PayPal and our PPS plugin.
Find out more about the PPS version at

The Community Lite video chat plugin for WordPress is licensed under GPL v2. See the full text of the GPL v2 license in license.txt.


  • Community Lite Video Chat Plugin for WordPress


Part 1: Installing the Community Lite video chat plugin

  1. In your WordPress backend (admin area), go to Plugins -> Add New and search for AVChat. Click Install.
    If you prefer to install it manually, download the plugin archive from above and upload its contents to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate it as you would do with any other plugin.

The plugin is now installed and activated but before the chat will show up on your website we still have to add the actual AVChat video chat software, connect it to a media server and place it in pages and blog posts. Let’s do it following the steps below!

Part 2: Installing AVChat 3.x (the actual chat software)

You will need the AVChat software and a license key (trial or purchased). You can purchase AVChat from but you can also get a 15 days free trial. After the order is made or a trial requested, you will receive an email with a link to your private client area from where you can download the AVChat software.

  1. Download AVChat from your private client area.
  2. Unzip and upload the contents of Files to upload to your web site to your new /wp-content/plugins/avchat-3 folder. Don’t worry, no folder or file will be overwritten!

Part 3: Setting up the Media Server (Red5)

AVChat uses a media server to send audio, video and text between users. AVChat supports the top three media servers: Red5 (free and open source, version 0.8 and 1.0RC1), Wowza (commercial, $55/month, free trial) and AMS from Adobe (commercial, $4500, free trial).

To install any media server you need a cloud/VPS server with root ssh access. At, VPS servers start at $5/month, use this link to get a $10 credit (2 months free).

Installing Red5 1.0.5 on your own VPS:

  1. Download Red5 1.0.5 for your platform from GitHub or
  2. If your cloud/VPS server runs Linux, unzip the Red5 archive and upload its contents to /opt/red5. If it runs Windows, install using the .exe file.
  3. The AVChat archive downloaded in Part 2 contains a Files to upload to your media server (Red5) folder. You’ll need to upload the avchat30 folder inside it to red5/webapps. Your final folder tree should look like this: red5/webapps/avchat30.
  4. Start Red5 by running ./ on Linux terminal/shell or run start.bat on Windows. You will find these files in the main red5 folder.

AVChat will use a connection string to know the media server it needs to connect to. Yours will be rtmp:// where is the server’s domain name or IP address.

Part 4: Finalizing installation

  1. Go to Community Lite -> Settings in your WordPress backend.
  2. In the Connection string field insert the connection string from Part 3 and click [Update Options] at the bottom.
  3. Now, to place the chat on your website, add the [chat-lite] short code anywhere in your WordPress pages or posts. Visiting these pages or posts will now bring up the AVChat 3 Video Chat.
  4. The first time you’ll login, you’ll be asked for a license key. You can find it in the private client area mentioned in Part 2.

That’s it! If you need any help, we’re here for you. Ask us on or <a href=‘’>post in our forum.

For the Community PRO plugin’s installation instructions go to

For the Pay Per Session plugin’s installation instructions go to

Perguntas frequentes

What are the requirements to use this plugin ?

A WordPress web site, AVChat 3 and a media server.

What does AVChat do ?

AVChat handles all the video chat features, UI and functionality.

How much does AVChat cost ?

AVChat starts at $130 for the Lite license which will allow up to 20 simultaneous users. The price goes up to $799 for the Unlimited license. Full pricing & licenses info is available at

Can I download a trial version of AVChat ?

Yes you can download a 15 days trial version (all features enabled, unlimited users) from

Where can I see AVChat running right now ?

The AVChat website has an online demo you can check out.

Why do I need a media server ?

AVChat and all video chat web apps use a media server to send real time audio video and text between chat users.

What media servers does AVChat support ?

Red5, Wowza and Adobe Media Server Pro.

  • Red5 is free and open source.
  • Wowza is a commercial media server priced at $65/mo.
  • Adobe Media Server Pro is a commercial media server from Adobe priced at $4500/license.

For a complete list of supported versions please visit the detailed AVChat requirements .

Do you offer media server hosting ?

Yes we offer VPS servers with Red5 pre-installed and configured. Prices start at $14.99/mo. You can check out all the plans and subscribe for one at

Do you offer free support ?

Yes we offer free support through:

Do you offer paid support ?

Customers have access to dedicated tech support by email.


29 Setembro, 2017
But now it’s different. The last thing I’ve heard from support about my unsolved issue was 14 days ago, and during this time I had followed up with them a few times with simply no replies, just being ignored by support. After I have paid over $300 for their product, I found out the mobile version I paid for doesn’t really exist, so yes they are selling products that don’t yet exist. I would suggest be very cautious when you purchase their product because they will be very passionate to reply your emails and questions and once you have paid, it’s a different story. Just leaving me hanging here.
8 Setembro, 2017
I have no idea how good or bad this plugin is. I know it’s not free. I know they don’t bother to mention the fact that you have to PURCHASE their software in order for it to work. Putting one sentence about this under the “installation” is not really the best way to let potential users know that this is not free. Why not mention this on the front page of the plugin?
24 Junho, 2017 1 reply
This plugin is technically free, BUT you need to purchase the REAL plugin behind the scene in order the chat actually works. I would prefer they tell me frankly “hey guy! This stuff worths 189 bucks” so I didn’t download it and waste my time. Disappointed.
3 Setembro, 2016
AVChat has to be the most stable and reliable software of its kind. With the addition of the Pay Per Session plugin, I’m proud to say that the AVChat plugin family now covers virtually every possible use case. And it’s all thanks to the hard work the NuSoft team has put in. Great job friends!
7 Fevereiro, 2017
Chatwing provides an excellent Free chatroom and shoutbox for any website or blog. It takes a moment to implement and has numerous features. Chatwing does not require a wordpress plugin it is very simple to use.
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Contribuidores e programadores

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Registo de alterações

2.2.1 (18.03.2017)

  • We’re not relying on hardcoding the wp-content folder into our code anymore since the folder can be renamed by the webmaster

2.2 (18.03.2017)

  • new [chat-lite] shortcode instead of [chat] to avoid conflict with Community PRO
  • new table names to prevent conflict with Community PRO (will reset all permissions and settings including the connection string)
  • removed obsolete code

2.1.1 (27.01.2017)

  • Community Lite side menu clears some of the confusion
  • AVChat’s Facebook post, Facebook invite and Twitter post features are now hidden since they (the FB features) need an Facebook App ID (at least the FB features) and that input is not exposed in the backend by the Community Lite plugin
  • Removed facebook_integration.js since it was never used

2.1.0 (24.01.2017)

  • Removed dependance on swfobject.js in light of changes in Safari 10 and Chrome 56 in relation to the way they treat Flash content
  • Lots of other copy, titles, code and small UI changes
  • wp_get_current_user() instead of get_currentuserinfo()

2.0.6 (11.02.2016)

  • include_once for Mobile_Detect.php prevents Fatal errors when that class is used by other plugins/themes as well

2.0.5 (11.02.2016)

  • Name changed to “Community Lite Video Chat”
  • More contextual copy and better arrangement for errors in backend area (Enter Chat)
  • Removed Java Script/Flash Player requirements text from backend area (Enter Chat) when AVChat was missing

2.0.4 (11.02.2016)

  • Fixed “Undefined index: user_email” notice in frontend
  • Fixed “Undefined index” notices when saving permissions

2.0.3 (22.09.2015)

  • Updated the plugin for WordPress 4.3.1 and above

2.0.2 (10.03.2015)

  • Small bug fix

2.0.1 (09.03.2015)

  • Corrected small typos
  • Prepared plugin for the new AVChat 3.6 release
  • Updated links and description accordingly

2.0.0 (19.01.2015)

  • The plugin now has it’s own menu in the WP backend (previous: inside Settings)
  • Interface redesign for the plugin’s backend area
  • Plugin’s settings have now been reorganized in a tabbed menu
  • All options are now explained in detail, many with examples
  • Fixed small bugs and typos
  • Included a feedback form where you can send your questions or suggestions
  • You can now access AVChat’s admin area from the WP backend

1.4.3 (05.09.2014)

  • Fixed issue with only admins getting access to the chat by default (and only to the user interface) when 1st installing the plugin. Now all user roles have access by default to the chat user interface and the admin to the chat admin interface.
  • Changed wording from “You do not have sufficient privileges to access this page” to a softer “USER_ROLE can not access the chat”
  • Upped the Flash Player requirement in the JS code to 11.4 (AVChat Build 3396 needs it)
  • Updated installation instructions and description
  • Updated supported WordPress version to 4.0
  • Replaced “AVChat Software” mentions with “”
  • Removed all AVChat trial mentions from description since at the moment AVChat can not be obtained under a 15 days trial anymore.

1.4.2 (14.01.2014)

  • Fixed security issue

1.4.1 (28.10.2013)

  • Fixed issue with tablets not receiving the mobile version *
  • Fixed issue with permissions not loading correctly in some cases *
  • Fixed issue with “Headers already sent” error when using AVChat in pop up *
  • Visitors and logged in members can not change their chat username (visitors get a random visitor_XYZ username) *
  • Admins do not get 99 maxRoomsOneCanBeIn, 99 maxStreams and unlimited freeVideoTime anymore. All their abilities are controlled from the WP backend *

1.4.0 (10.05.2013)

  • Updated plugin description in WP Plugins backend area
  • Added FP 11.1 requirement to match the FP requirement in the recent 2330 AVChat 3 build:
  • Better detection for missing JavaScript and Flash Player version
  • Better AVChat 3 files detection
  • Better mobile device detection
  • FB application ID is now sent to AVChat 3 even when the plugin is configured to open AVChat 3 in a pop-up
  • Removed default FB app id
  • Better JS code for opening up AVChat 3 in an pop-up window
  • WP Administrators are now granted access by default, through a pre-checked permission, to the admin area of AVChat 3 (admin.swf)
  • Fixed issue that made it impossible to deny WP Administrators access to the admin area of AVChat 3 (admin.swf)
  • Fixed issue that prevented the permissions from being applied to WP Administrators
  • Default visitors usernames will now have the “visitor_” prefix instead of the “user_” prefix
  • The admin column was not present in the AVChat 3 Settings & Permissions page
  • Better explanation of AVChat 3 permissions and options in the AVChat 3 Settings & Permissions page

1.3.3 (11.04.2013)

  • fixed some minor typos including removing the “PRO” from the plugin name as it shows up in the WP backend

1.3.2 (06.03.2013)

1.3.1 (21.02.2013)

1.3 (17.12.2012)

  • NEW! HTML5 mobile version, now available for iOS and Android. Automatic recognition of mobile version.
  • Added support for Administrators user role.
  • Don’t miss new messages. Now you will see if you have notifications in the browser tab, while browsing other tabs.
  • Fixed issue with chat appearing lower on the page.

1.2.1 (29.11.2012)

  • Added support to know when the AVChat files are not copied into the plugin directory.
  • Fixed bug with javascripts missing.
  • Removed padding in AVChat Settings in WordPress backend.
  • More explicit texts in AVChat Settings in WordPress backend.

1.2 (27.11.2012)

  • Added Facebook integration.
  • Added iPad detection.
  • Added new “Visitors” column to better control what a visitor can have access to.
  • Added lots of new features in WordPress backend.
  • Now the changes made to the background are made from the style.css and not from the WordPress backend settings.
  • Fixed the bug where guests can access the admin area of AVChat.
  • Fixed the bug where the added user roles were not recognized by the AVChat and were not saved the changes made in WordPress backend.

1.1 (29.10.2012)

  • Fixed bug with “session already sent”.
  • Fixed the bug where IE didn’t recognize the path to the video chat and couldn’t log in.
  • Updated the documentation.

1.0 (12.06.2012)

  • First release in WordPress plugin directory.