AWeber for WordPress


With this plugin from AWeber Communications, you can quickly and easily grow your email list by:

  1. Embedding great-looking AWeber sign up forms on your WordPress site.

  2. Automatically adding visitors who fill out a sign up form on your WordPress site to your AWeber account.

  3. Automatically adding visitors who leave a comment on your WordPress site to your AWeber account.

  4. Tracking the performance of your sign up forms.

Here are a few of the ways this plugin can help you easily build and manage your email list and accelerate the growth of your business:

  • Increase your number of email subscribers immediately. Quickly add an existing AWeber sign up form anywhere on your WordPress website via widget or shortcode.

  • Track performance of your sign up forms to see how they’re impacting your email list growth. You’ll learn what’s working and what’s not, so you can quickly optimize results.

  • Automatically add new commenters and accounts from your WordPress site to AWeber. Then, continue to engage and connect with your WP visitors by targeting specific segments of your audience based on their interests and traits, as well as the actions they take inside your emails or on your website using AWeber.

  • Easily make sure your plugin is installed correctly. Use the ‘System Info’ screen to view the compatibility details. You don’t have to be a technical whiz to use our plugin!


Please consult our knowledge base for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to install AWeber’s WordPress plugin.

Call, chat, or email our friendly experts! The award-winning AWeber Customer Solutions team is available 24/7 from our Pennsylvania HQ to help you with any plugin problems or questions.

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  • View the performance of your sign up forms
  • Add new users and commenters to your AWeber account
  • Add your sign up form to a WordPress widget area
  • Connect the widget to your AWeber account
  • Verify the health of the AWeber plugin


Please consult our knowledge base for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to install AWeber’s WordPress plugin.

Call, chat, or email our friendly experts! The award-winning AWeber Customer Solutions team is available 24/7 from our Pennsylvania HQ to help you with any plugin problems or questions.

If you’re manually installing the widget as a .zip, make sure you upload it to “/wp-content/plugins/”. Once installed, activate it on your Plugins page by clicking the Activate link.


3 de Setembro, 2016
A major issue for me was that you can only use the widget once, in one area on your website only. Then the widget becomes no longer available to be placed in a second sidebar, footer, etc. This was disappointing.
3 de Setembro, 2016
The form never appeared in IE and Chrome. Worked just in Opera. Can't format is as needed. Took me half an hour to find in the Aweber documentation how to make it at least alright. Doesn't work on responsive design. Sometimes the part of the form is just cut out. You can use it just once, so if you want to have it eg in a sidebar and footer, you are out of luck. What a waste of time.
3 de Setembro, 2016
I find this plugin is absolutely useless. While it does pull in your aWeber lists and forms created within aWeber, it does nothing more than that. It just displays the forms exactly as they look on aWeber, styling and all. The most frustrating part though, and reason for the 1-star review, is that it doesn't give the option of a widget title (I can't add a title/header to my widget from this plug-in), so it doesn't integrate nicely into my theme at all.
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Registo de alterações


  • Separated commenting from new user settings
  • Added tag support for commenting and new users
  • Added shortcode support for sign up forms and split test forms


  • Fixed issue with missing resources


  • Moved widget into its own top level menu
  • Fixed class declaration conflicts with other plugins
  • Added a ‘Sign Up Forms’ screen to see stats
  • Added a ‘System Info’ screen for troubleshooting
  • Removed the requirement to use cURL
  • Added optional JavaScript analytics file
  • Added HTML comment to identify webforms added
  • Updated error messaging to be more descriptive
  • Updated the app store listing
  • Minimum WordPress version of 4.7
  • Minimum PHP version of 5.6


  • Validate a new subscriber’s IP address


  • Update ‘Tested up to’ to 5.2


  • Update ‘Tested up to’ to 5.1


  • Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.3


  • Fixed webform split tests not displaying
  • Updated ‘Tested up to’ to 5.0


  • Fixed compatibility with PHP interpreters where short_open_tag is off
  • Fixed webform select not appearing on initial setup


  • Update ‘Tested up to’ to 4.9


  • Fixed bug where error messages were not getting displayed on authorizing plugin
  • Changed ‘http’ to ‘https’ to the url for the forms
  • Changed the PHP 4 constructors with current style of constructors


  • Fixed bug with not saving the username when creating a subscriber from a user registration
  • Update ‘Tested up to’ to 4.8


  • Fixed installation error message
  • Update ‘Tested up to’ to 4.4.1


  • Update ‘Tested up to’ to 4.3


  • Add missing curl_object.php file


  • Update readme.txt with free trial reference


  • Upgrade PHP client library


  • Update ‘Tested up to’ to 4.1


  • Update ‘Tested up to’ to 4.0


  • Ensures that your website will load in the event that AWeber forms are unreachable by using asynchronous Javascript.
  • AWeber highly recommends that you upgrade to this version.


  • Update ‘Tested up to’ to 3.8.2


  • Better error handling if AWeber API is unreachable.


  • Added better feedback for authorizations when experiencing internet connectivity issues.


  • Fixed issues with authentication


  • Remove usage of deprecated split function.
  • Make authentication error messages return more information to assist in troubleshooting api issues.
  • Perform db cleanup when an authorization code is not valid.


  • Fixed minor bugs with HTML and jQuery.


  • Fixed disappearing admin bar in Dashboard.


  • Subscribers will only be added on comments after the comment is approved.
  • Comments added to aweber.php to adjust checkbox position for some WordPress themes.


  • Modified error message when authentication fails to provide a link to reconnect your widget to an AWeber customer account.
  • Changed the URL for the AWeber blog to prevent multiple redirects when the dashboard fetches the AWeber blog.


  • Added the ability to add subscribers to a list via commenting and blog registration.
  • Added an AWeber widget to the Dashboard that displays the latest posts from AWeber’s email marketing blog as well as subscriber statistics for the subscribe by commenting feature.


  • Fixed issue where PHP NOTICES where being raised for unset variables. (credits: kangkor, Curtiss Grymala)


  • Fixed issue where the webform widget would not refresh its drop-down lists properly when using the latest versions of WordPress.
  • Fixed issue where the webform widget would not prompt for authentication when the app is disconnected from the AWeber customer account.


  • Improved error handling during authorization process


  • Remove reliance on #primary-widget-area in theme
  • Add check for PHP 5.2+


  • Initial release.