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Banner Ad Creator


Banner Ads Creator will help you create custom banners for your website. There are 25+ predefined most used banner sizes which are tested by publishers to get most impressions.

This plugin is an alternative to any third party advertisers when you want to make your own ads to show on your site. You can design your ads as you want and show them inside post automatically or manually with shortcodes.

This plugin will generate 3 type of codes for each banner you make:
1. Shortcode (sync/async)
2. HTML code (sync/async)
3. iFrame code

All of those code types make it possible to place them anywhere you like. Any widgetized areas can have HTML code or iframe code. You can also use shortcode to show it in any post/pages or custom post types.

You can display ads automatically on any of the 3 available area inside post:
1. Starting of a post
2. Middle of a post (Placed in middle of total number of paragraph)
3. Ending of a post

However, if you make multiple banners and set them all to show in the same position, only one of them will be shown randomly each time. If you want to display multiple, you can make use of shortcodes.

Another nice thing about this plugin is, it will keep track of each click or views of the banners you show. You can export/import this data in case you need to backup or transfer your statistics.


  • List of all created / designed banners with their views and clicks count

  • Code snippet of a banner with all available type of codes

  • Setting up link and size for banner

  • Display option of a banner

  • Banner designer / editor, you can upload image or put html code or use the normal post editor to build your banner. It’s easy as 1-2-3 and much much flexible if you know a little bit of css

  • A sample preview of a banner


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/banner-ad-creator directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to “Banner Ads > Add new” to create your first banner.

Perguntas frequentes

How to get codes for the banner I just created?

Go to “Banner Ads > All Banner”. Click on “Get Code” button under the entry that you want to use.

What are the ways to show banners?

You can display banners automatically inside post with settings when creating it or you can make use of the codes.

I want to show banner on my sidebar or footer

Add a text widget in your sidebar or footer, add shortcode of the banner you want to show. Alternatively, you can add an HTML widget and paste HTML code of the banner.

Is it possible to backup/restore the analytics data?

Sure, go to “Tools > Export” and export “Banner view/click data” then keep the xml file. When you want to restore it, just clear all the data before then go to “Tools > Import” and run WordPress importer to import the XML file.

I was doing experiments, now want to reset click/view counter

Go to “Banner Ads > All Banner”. Hover on a banner and click on “Clear data”, give your confirmation.

Please note that you cannot undo this action. So make sure you have a backup of this data.


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Initial Release



  • Added Functionality to allow other domains
  • Added a button to get code while still inside banner edit page


  • Added translation template files