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Brozzme Product Navigation


Brozzme Product Navigation, is the best way for your customer to browse your Woocommerce shop.
This plugin adds Next and Previous links in the Woocommerce product template without editing it.
The links are generate with the automatic shortcode. Navigation container can be customize to fit your wishes.
In addition, the main shortcode that is running, is available as a simple shortcode (to place in your content) and a widget (for any widgetized area).

Require Woocommerce

  • No coding skill require.
  • No need to edit template, the plugin add navigation box with the Woocommerce template hooks.
  • Customizable.
  • widget to get it in any widgetized area.
  • add [wc_bpn_navigation] to place it exactly where you want in your template or content.
  • English and french translation
  • help for better shortcode.


  • Navigation position (with Woocommerce zone),
  • Position float,
  • choose display type, only text, only icons or both,
  • FontAwesome style and size,
  • additional class container for more styling, you can use your class.
  • change link text

Since 1.3.0 :

Add settings options for Next and Previous text.

Since 1.2.8 :

Add the availability to change previous and next text link. Waiting for the 1.3 version, this is only available via filter.
In your functions.php or in plugin, add :

  • add_filter(‘wc_bpnav_previous_text’, ‘my_custom_previous_text’);
  • add_filter(‘wc_bpnav_next_text’, ‘my_custom_next_text’);

    function my_custom_previous_text(){
    return __(‘Previous’,’brozzme-product-navigation’);

    function my_custom_next_text(){
    return __(‘Next’,’brozzme-product-navigation’);

Since 1.2.5 :

Lot of plugin can embed Font-Awesome css and font files.
You can use ‘load_fontawesome’ filter to stop loading fontawesome files if you theme or other plugin load them on each page.
Example for php > 5.4 : add_filter( ‘load_fontawesome’, function(){ return false;} );

More plugins available : search Brozzme on

Link to Brozzme.


  • Plugin settings panel.
  • Options for navigation text.
  • Available symbol.
  • Basic integration.
  • Sidebar navigation.
  • Product summary integration.
  • Text and symbols integration.
  • Widget available.


  1. Upload Brozzme Product Navigation to the \”/wp-content/plugins/\” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \”Plugins\” menu in WordPress.
  3. Enable and configure the plugin in Woocommerce settings, section Navigation.


29 Outubro, 2019
This plugin is not working. Clicking the buttons/links it places on the product page only reloads the same product page.
8 Janeiro, 2019
Works great still in the 5.0 WP! Only missing the coloring of the font awesome icons and the texts (and their hover colors), would be great to add this function:)
29 Novembro, 2018
Does exactly what it is suppose to do. I have my products ordered as custom menu order and I noticed a quirk with the standard single product navigation where I was only given the option to go back to previous product when I was on my first product (so it was being treated as the last product not the first), this may have been something I had configured incorrectly. This plug in seems to have fixed this for me where I can go back and forward no matter what product I land on, in the order I expected. Easy to use as documentation is very good, and it is fully integrated into WooCommerce Settings Tabs.
18 Maio, 2017
This is the solution we were looking for We have tested many similar plugins but this one is by far the best ! Nice admin, nice features, nice output and you can customize it as you like 🙂 Congrats to the plugin author !
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Registo de alterações

  • =1.4.0=
  • Imporve excluded terms to stay in same taxonomy and term in all situation.
  • =1.3.0=
  • Add option to change text (filter are still available).
  • Change some hook definition to work with ajax.
  • =1.2.9=
  • correct global for the fallback, that breaks product page with some themes.
  • =1.2.8=
  • add filter to change text
  • =1.2.5=
  • fallback when no adjacent post available
  • =1.2=
  • introduces taxonomy for adjacent post
  • improve shortcode attributs
  • bugs fixes
  • =1.1=
  • Bugs fixes
  • =1.0=
  • Initial release.