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Get Telephone Contacts of Prospective Customers


Authentic & verifiable telephone contacts of prospective customers in different sectors, countries & states). We help to fetch verifiable business contacts around the world that could be beneficiary to your business!

Imagine you set up a company that produces bread flour, and you wanted to let all bread factories in your town to know about your business? That’s where we can help. Using powerful tools we can get you contacts that might be interested in your products. These are similar customers for other businesses like yours. When you don’t find a sector you want – you can simply request it! product website

With contacts, you can send bulk SMS to them or WhatsApp messages or even a cold call announcing your products.


  • Install and activate plugin
  • View all countries and sectors available
  • Click on “Get Started” to create a free account
  • Select and pay for any contact lists
  • Request custom contacts types and sectors


  1. Install “Get Telephone Contacts of Prospective Customers Plugin from WordPress plugins directory or upload a zip of the plugin and activate
  2. Once activated, click on the plugin menu on the admin menu, You will be required to activate the plugin.
  3. Click on the GET STARTED button to be redirected to our website ( where you can create an account for free.
  4. View different contacts we have available or request more.
  5. Purchase a list and it would be populated within your WordPress account.
  6. You can download the contacts in Excel formats and upload to your marketing platform for bulk SMS or bulk WhatsApp messaging or even for you to call right away.
  7. Do not forget our safe-usage policy (

Perguntas frequentes

What exactly are business leads?

A lead is the name or contact of a person or company who may (or may not) be interested in the products or services you sell.

Why this plugin?

Imagine you set up a company that produces bread flour, and you wanted to let all bread factories in your town to know about your business? You could go to the radio or TV stations to broadcast, but that would be too expensive for your new business. What if you could get all telephone numbers of the bread factories and can simply put out a call to them or send bulk SMS or bulk Whatsapp messages about your fantastic products – wouldn’t it be cost-effective! That’s exactly what we offer! These information are contacts that are available for business purposes, our system merely puts them together and categorizes them for you. A simple way you can describe our business is that we are an online telephone directory.

Is the plugin free or paid?

The plugin is 100% free. But there are in-app purchases for contacts.

Can I request for contacts in a specific sector?

Yes. You can request us to help you get specific type of contacts from any country or sector.

What can I do with the contacts?

Convert them to customers or partners by contacting them, either by cold calling, bulk SMS or Whatsapp messages. The contacts are for your marketing campaign and they are numbers publicly available for business purposes.


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