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About Shipi

“Shipi is a shipping platform for automation”. Shipi is an automation tool that let’s you print shipping labels,track orders,audit shipments etc. Both shipments are handled with a strong integration of e-Commerce.

What basic features Shipi have with CHR Shipping?

Get Live Shipping rates and account rates using plugins which are integrated with Shipi.
Create Shipments and generate label through Shipi.
You can Create Pick up request and label through Shipi.
You can create Return label through Shipi.
You can Track your Shipments.
Automatically update order status.
Audit Shipments.
All Shipping services available.
Supports both Domestic and International Shipments.

Why Shipi?

If you are tired by the process of creating and printing a shipping label, here is a simple solution for you. Shipi is a fully automated solution that lowers your costs and saves your time.

  1. When an order is placed, the shipping label, invoice, packing slip gets automatically created and it will be mailed to your email, and at the same time, the label is updated on your site.
  2. It tracks the order information and automatically changes the state from shipped to a completed state when an order status is completed.
  3. Website Speed -> Shipping servers are returning a big amount of Base64 encoded data via API. If you are using any plugin, this encodes formatted data that will be getting saved in your DB. And DB size will get increased, Maintenance is needed to your Database in the future. Here we are handling that on the Shipi side, only storing a short URL of the shipping label in the table.
  4. We are doing shipment audits, If a package goes wrong, any damage happens, the system will automatically capture the data & email you. You can get a refund from them.
  5. Mainly, When your customer enters the address, they may enter the address1 line very big. But shipping companies will support 44 characters to 60 characters. Here some shipping plugins will truncate the characters and create shipping labels that cause bad delivery. In Shipi, This part is manually handled. If this kind of error comes while creating a shipping label, our team will manually enter that data from outside & create a label correctly.


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Release Date – 27 June 2023

Reduced configurations on initial setup


Release Date – 18 April 2023

Fixed fatal error when passing empty value for weight and dimension conversion on PHP 8


Release Date – 22 March 2023

minor bugfix


Release Date – 20 March 2023

minor bugfix


Release Date – 22 February 2023

minor bugfix


Release Date – 17 February 2023

minor bugfix


Release Date – 15 February 2023

minor bugfix


Release Date – 13 February 2023

Added option to link with Shipi using integration key


Release Date – 25 January 2023

minor improvement


Release Date – 18 January 2023

minor bugfix


Release Date – 18 January 2023

minor bugfix


Release Date – 28 December 2022

minor improvement


Release Date – 20 December 2022

minor improvement


Release Date – 06 November 2018

Initial Version