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Contact Form 7: ServiceNow Incidents integration


The ServiceNow Incidents integration for Contact Form 7 plugin allows existing CF7 users to
automatically create ServiceNow incident (and user / caller) entries on form submission.
When a user enters their information into a CF7 form and hits submit, this plugin will
forward their information to ServiceNow as well as let CF7 continue its
form submission process. Note – This plugin is developed, maintained, and
supported by an independent developer. The developer has no affiliation with
Contact Form 7 or ServiceNow.

ServiceNow integration

This plugin interacts with the third-party ServiceNow API (Application Programming Interface)
in order to create new callers (users) and incident reports.
This is a public web service provided by ServiceNow and
additional information can be found here.


  • Easy CF7 to ServiceNow field mapping
  • Supports creating users / callers if they don’t exist yet
  • Future compatibility with flexible field mapping
  • Convenient, intuitive shortcode
  • Seamless integration and no change to contact form flow


  1. Download the plugin and unzip to your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Alternatively, just upload the zip file via the WordPress plugins UI
  3. Activate plugin via WordPress admin
  4. Include the following shortcode on your page or post

Shortcode usage

[cf7_servicenow_incident_form cf7_id="[CF7_Form_ID]"]

Replace [CF7_Form_ID] with the ID of your CF7 form. See the
admin settings page for additional shortcode information.


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