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Chords and Lyrics


This plugin assists in the creation of staffless lead sheets, also called chords sheets.
It defines a [chordsandlyrics] shortcode which can be used in your post or page text.
It does not require any editing of your template files.

Text appearing between the [chordsandlyrics] and [/chordsandlyrics] tags will be
formatted for chord symbols written in square brackets (eg. [Cmaj]) embedded
inline within lyrics.
It will then display the chord symbol at the same horizontal position above the lyrics.
For example:

[C]Oh [F]say can you see…

will be reformatting using HTML table to display as

Oh say can you see…

with the C correctly positioned over “Oh” and the F positioned over “say”.
The commonly used alternative is to use fixed fonts which isn’t very attractive.
This syntax is similar to the that used by ChordPro/Chordii.


  • Format lead sheets, keeping chord symbols above the correct lyric.
  • Appearance options page allows each end user to select Lyrics only
    or Chords And Lyrics display via their profile (user’s option page).

Directions for Use

  1. Create Posts or Pages containing the [chordsandlyrics] … [/chordsandlyrics] tags.
  2. Embed chord symbols within square brackets inline with lyrics within these tags.
    For example:
    [C]Mary had a little lamb, [G]little lamb, [C]little lamb.
    [C]Mary had a little lamb whose [F]fleece was [G]white as [C]snow.
    Note that chords can appear in the middle of lyric words.


  • User option section on settings->reading page allows control of chords and/or lyrics display.


These are the directions for the install. Be sure to read Directions for Use before using.

  1. Upload the ‘ChordsAndLyrics’ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Insert [chordsandlyrics] and [/chordsandlyrics] shortcodes around text containing
    embedded chords symbols in square brackets.

Perguntas frequentes

Is it possible to customize the formatting of the lyrics and chord symbols?

Yes. Adjust the CSS in your theme.
Chords are wrapped within div#cnl div#chord strong tags.
Lyrics are wrapped within div#cnl div#lyric tags.

Can I display European chords?

Yes. Beginning with version 1.7, European chord convention is supported.
A new option in the Reading Settings allows enabling display using aHcdefg instead of abcdefg.
For entering chords in a post using European chord convention, add the european=yes argument
to the chordsandlyrics short tag (eg. [chordsandlyrics european=yes])


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Contribuidores e programadores

“Chords and Lyrics” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:


Registo de alterações


  • Fix deprecated get_currentuserinfo error


  • Add support for European chord style (aHcdefg, B=Bb)


  • Fix bug preventing headings from showing.
  • Improved formatting for big chords over small words.
  • Clean up options API code.
  • Settings now displayed at bottom of settings -> reading page.
  • Removed multi-page option.


  • Convert previous use of tables to CSS layers for formatting.
  • Change multicolumn formatting to allow author to control it better.


  • First public release to subversion.


  • Move controls from a widget to the user’s profile page.


  • Initial creation. Used privately on