ClarifyIP GEO Block


Experience unrivaled speed and precision with our industry-leading IP geolocation service, setting new standards for efficiency and accuracy on the web.
Bid farewell to delays as our platform swiftly pinpoints the exact locations of IP addresses.
Our platform is capable of analyzing IP addresses and offering accurate location data.

Main Features

  • Simplified Geo Blocking/Allowing website visitors
  • Unrivaled Speed and Precision
  • Website and App Protection
  • Free plan for small traffic websites

ClarifyIP API has had an uptime of 99.99% throughout the last 24 months. ClarifyIP provides a state-of-the-art, powerful, and fast geolocation API service.


  1. Upload the ClarifyIP GEO Block plugin to your site via the “Add New” section of the “Plugins” tab.

  2. Once the plugin has been uploaded, activate the plugin.

  3. Once activated, click on the “Settings” plugin link.

  4. You will be prompted to add your ClarifyIP API key.

Alternatively, you can install the plugin right from your WordPress admin dashboard. Simply search for “ClarifyIP GEO Block” in the plugin section of the admin. WordPress will download and install the plugin for you automatically.

Perguntas frequentes

I have installed the plugin but it does not work.

Make sure that your WordPress version is at least 3.9, as versions below are not supported.

Can I run the plugin on a WordPress install that isn’t publicly accessible?

No. Your site will need to be available to the public for the plugin to work correctly.

Can I use this plugin to block users from selected countries?

Yes! The main feature of plugin is to block visitors from unwanted locations.

Have any further questions?

See our extensive FAQ and documentation section here –


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Version 1.0.0

  • Primary stable plugin release.