Vimeotheque: Vimeo Video Importer WordPress Plugin


Vimeo WordPress Plugin

Vimeotheque is a powerful Vimeo WordPress Plugin that enables you to easily create video posts in your vlogs, memberships, online courses, or any other site with a video collection. It allows you to quickly import public Vimeo videos and create complete WordPress video posts.

The video import process is completely automated and can be fine-tuned with plugin options, such as the title, content, featured image, tags and other options that are available for import. Furthermore, the video embed can be tailored according to your needs using the available plugin options.

Vimeotheque importers

Vimeotheque offers many ways to import Vimeo videos in WordPress – you can use a video URL from Vimeo, search or load an entire channel, category, showcase, group, portfolio, or user uploads, and select which videos you wish to add.

Please note that before being able to perform any imports you need to create a Vimeo App and enter the credentials into Vimeotheque’s Settings page.


  • Responsive design: all video embeds managed by Vimeotheque are fully responsive and will fit any screen size;
  • Vimeo HTML5 video player support: Vimeotheque uses the latest Vimeo player embed and follows all of Vimeo’s embed recommendations;
  • Multiple video embeds on the same page: Optimized to display multiple videos into the same page (ie. on post archive pages), Vimeotheque will allow only one video to play at a time;
  • Compatible with the WordPress Block Editor: Vimeotheque features 3 blocks that allow you to quickly insert and edit them;
  • Latest videos widget: The widget allows you to show video lists or playlists in your sidebars;
  • Single video shortcode: Vimeotheque also keeps compatibility with the Classic editor;
  • Import as custom post: Video posts created by Vimeotheque have post type vimeo-video to allow themes to customize the display of video posts;
  • Full video import (title, description, thumbnail, video): Vimeotheque will create complete WordPress posts from the Vimeo videos;
  • Single video import: An intuitive importer that requires only the video URL from Vimeo;
  • Manual bulk import: The bulk video importer allows you to import multiple videos from channels, showcases, groups, user uploads, Vimeo searches or portfolios;
  • Playlist themes: Vimeotheque can embed video playlists containing imported videos into other WordPress posts by using custom playlist themes;
  • Automatic bulk import (PRO version only): Importer will import entire channels, showcases, groups, folders, user uploads or portfolios automatically, without any intervention;
  • Import private videos (PRO version only): Videos having view privacy setup set to private can be queried and imported into WordPress;
  • WordPress Theme support (PRO version only): For video themes, Vimeotheque PRO can import videos and create posts that have all custom fields required by the theme filled automatically;
  • Import videos as regular post type (PRO version only): Vimeotheque PRO can import videos as regular post type instead of the custom post type implemented by the plugin;
  • Priority support (PRO version only).

Important links

Block Editor Support

Resolução de problemas

Plugin was tested with latest WordPress version and all default WordPress themes in all major browsers and also mobile devices.
If anything is wrong on your installation, please submit a support request and tell us the theme you’re using, WordPress version and browser/device used for testing.


  • Vimeotheque import single video - step 1
  • Vimeotheque import single video - step 2
  • Vimeotheque import single video - step 3
  • Vimeotheque video position block
  • Vimeotheque single video embed block
  • Vimeotheque single video block usage
  • Vimeotheque playlist block usage
  • Vimeotheque recent videos widget
  • Vimeotheque recent videos widget javascript playlist options
  • Vimeotheque video categories widget
  • Vimeotheque Debug add-on
  • Vimeotheque create status report


Este plugin inclui 3 blocos.

  • Vimeotheque video
  • Video playlist
  • Vimeotheque video position


Like any other plugin, it can be installed manually or directly from WordPress installation Plugins page.

Once activated a new menu entry will be created called Videos (look for the Vimeo logo).

In order to be able to perform any imports, you will first need to register the plugin as an app on Vimeo website. Registration can be made here. Please note that you must have a Vimeo account before you can register the app.
After registration, go to plugin page Settings and under Vimeo authentication enter your consumer and secret key provided by Vimeo. Now you can make bulk imports.

For a detailed tutorial on how to set up Vimeo access registration, please see this tutorial.

Perguntas frequentes

Why can’t I import Vimeo videos as WordPress posts?

Before being able to perform any imports you must first create a Vimeo App for the plugin and enter the credentials into the plugin Settings page.
For a detailed tutorial on how to set up Vimeo access registration, please see this tutorial.

How can I import hidden Vimeo videos as WordPress posts?

If you would like to create video posts from hidden Vimeo videos you will need Vimeotheque PRO.

How do I import video image as post featured image?

For each video post created by the plugin you have the option in post edit screen to import the video image as post featured image. The option is available in “Featured Image” metabox, just click the button “Import Video image” and the plugin will take care of the rest.


18 Abril, 2021
After development of our site comprised of LearnDash and Memberpress I needed a way to pull in our content from Vimeo. Both LD and MP are pretty horrible when trying to do this natively. Pfft. Enter Vimeotheque. I had been considering this plugin all along but waited until I had the rest of the site developed. Once I got into it I found that for my purposes, with LearnDash I couldn't easily link between the two for courses. Sigh... here's where the fantastic support comes in. After a few detailed emails with Constantin at Code Flavors, we figured out where the disconnect was and ... BOOM! I have LearnDash add-on that imports into my LMS as a lesson. The import feature is great but I can't say I've used it for other than importing videos on a manual basis. But if there is something wrong, I know if I reach out he'll have an answer.
23 Março, 2021
Does the job so well. Easy to install and get up and running and easy to use. A fabulous plugin!
16 Fevereiro, 2021
This plugin works well for our video gallery - have been using it for several years. Also, I really appreciate the excellent support from the developer.
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Contribuidores e programadores

“Vimeotheque: Vimeo Video Importer WordPress Plugin” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:


Registo de alterações


  • Solved bugs that prevented the title and post content from being properly imported when templates are enabled.


  • Introduced template system for displaying video posts having post type “vimeo-video” that supports override from the WP theme;
  • Added first time “Installation Setup Guide” that gets displayed after the plugin is activated for the first time on the website (doesn’t trigger if plugin options are already saved into the database);
  • Added plugin Settings option to enable templates. When enabled, several options will have predefined values that can’t be changed (ie. the ‘vimeo-video’ post type visibility in front-end will always be true, descriptions will be imported as post content, the video title and featured image will always get imported);
  • Changed the defaults for several options: the tags are set by default to be imported, the video date from Vimeo is set to be imported, the featured image is set to be imported and the default post status is set to “Publish”;
  • Changed the embedding defaults: the embed width is set by default to 900 and the video volume to 45/100;
  • Enabling templates from the plugin Settings page or by adding theme support for templates will disable some options from the Settings page and from importers;
  • Created several helper functions that can be used in theme templates to embed the video and display various information about the video;
  • Added embed end card functionality that displays a message after the current video playback ends asking if it should automatically load the next video post.


  • Solved a bug that prevented the player from going full screen;
  • Solved a compatibility bug with the Classic Editor plugin.


  • Solved a JAvaScript bug in video playlist script that prevented multiple JavaScript playlists from running on the same page.


  • Updated options processing to allow exclusion of options when retrieving the plugin options;
  • Added resource “showcase” as a duplicate for “album”.


  • Updated various scripts to avoid use of jQuery Migrate;
  • Solved PHP 8 specific errors and notices.


  • Updated classes, methods, actions and filters PHPDoc descriptions and parameters.


  • Added new embed option in plugin settings (tab Embed Options) that allows the setup of a maximum player height in the entire website (useful for social network formats, like 9×16 or 1×1).


  • Solved bug in Vimeotheque “Add new” page that generated error when trying to import another video after the previous video was successfully imported;
  • Updated Vimeo API reource implementations to flag if a resource is enabled for importers (for resources used in back-end).


  • Added class “video-thumbnail” on the image for lazy loaded videos;
  • Implemented JS functionality for centering the image for lazy loaded videos when the image size ratio isn’t the same as the video size ratio;
  • Implemented CSS functionality for centering lazy loaded images;
  • Added new playlist theme called “Simple”;
  • Added new playlist theme called “Listy”;
  • Implemented filters in classic widget to allow playlist themes to inject additional options.


  • Added class ‘no-lazy’ to images to prevent W3 Total Cache from breaking the display in video playlists;
  • Solved display bug for videos in portrait mode that were lazy-loaded;
  • Solved bug that retrieved the smallest video image instead of the full-size image when the featured image wasn’t set and lazy loading was on.


  • Implemented a new filter in Video Position block to allow extra parameters to be set on the iframe URL.


  • Solved a bug in single video import (the Add new page in Vimeotheque) that issued a WP Block Editor error after importing;
  • Single video import (the Add new page in Vimeotheque) will import videos having the post status set in the plugin Settings option under “Import Options” as oposed to being set up by default to “Draft”.


  • Added detection for duplicate images;
  • Added options togglers in Vimeotheque Settings page for easier display of dependant options;
  • Solved a WordPress 5.8 Widgets screen error in Vimeotheque blocks;
  • Solved various (non critical) bugs.


  • Solved bug that prevented the “Screen Options” and “Help” admin tabs from displaying into the website admin;
  • Removed unecessary CSS rules from the bootstrap.css file used for displaying the playlist block and video importer grid columns and renamed the file from bootstrap.min.css to bootstrap.css.


  • Added new filter “vimeotheque\classic_editor\show_shortcode_meta_box” that allows disabling of the shortcode metabox when editing posts with the “Classic editor”;
  • Solved block editor error “Array to string conversion” caused by wrong parameter type in Vimeotheque playlist block.


  • Added new filter “vimeotheque\duplicate_posts_found” which allows duplicate video posts.


  • Solved a Block Editor error that caused the Vimeotheque Playlist Block to crash when using the playlist block with an option to change the videos order;
  • Removed deprecated jQuery functions that caused jQueryMigrate messages in console;
  • Improved detection of variables when saving options in WP Admin;
  • Solved a bug in Vimeotheque Playlist script that prevented the videos to autoplay one after the other when option to loop the playlist was on;
  • Prevented lazy-loading in Vimeotheque Playlists (not needed and counter intuitive).


  • Added new option in plugin settings “Embed options” for option “Display video” to embed video in video posts in place of the featured image;
  • Added new option in plugin settings “Embed options” to lazy load videos;
  • Added new option in plugin settings “Embed options” to set the play icon color for lazy loaded videos;
  • Added new individual video post option in Classic editor under “Display video” to embed video in place of the featured image;
  • Added new individual video post option in Classic editor to lazy load video;
  • Added new individual video post option in Block editor under “Embedding options” to replace the featured image with the video embed;
  • Added new individual video post option in Block editor under “Embedding options” to lazy load video;
  • Solved a rare bug that caused a “TypeError” in some cases (Vimeotheque\Front_End::skipped_autoembed() must be an instance of WP_Post, instance of stdClass given);
  • Solved a bug in playlist theme “Default” that wasn’t switching the class “active-video” between items when loop option was on.


  • Solved a bug in Video Position Block that cause post saving error/notice when editing a video post managed by Vimeotheque;
  • Changed Video Position Block options “Video start time” and “Volume” to range controls;
  • Added new option in Video Position Block for video embed background transparency;
  • Added new option for videos edited using the Classic Editor to set the video embed background transparency;
  • Increased Vimeotheque minimum WordPress version requirement to WordPress 5.3 ( for support of object meta type in the REST API );
  • Made video background transparency a global option in Vimeotheque Settings, under tab “Embed options”;
  • Solved a bug in Video Player script implemented by Vimeotheque which caused the player to ignore the embed volume option.


  • Solved a bug in Playlist shortcode and Playlist block that prevented manually selected “vimeo-video” posts from being displayed into the playlist while option “Video post is public” was checked in plugin settings;
  • Solved a bug in Playlist block that caused the block to crash when selecting videos imported as regular posts while having to PRO add-on active.


  • Solved a bug in playlist theme “Default” that prevented clicking on the read more link when showing the excerpts into the playlist.


  • Solved a bug that issued error “Call to a member function get_page() on null” when Jetpack installed.


  • Added option for muted video in Classic editor;
  • Added option for muted video in Video Position block;
  • Added option for background mode in Classic editor;
  • Added option for background mode in Video Position block;
  • Added options dependency in Classic editor which hides options that don’t apply when certain options are selected (ie. background mode disables a number of options);
  • Added option for Classic editor to set the video start time when editing a video;
  • Added option for Block editor to set the video start time when editing a video;
  • Order showcases by default by “modified_time”;
  • Order user uploads feed by default by “date”.


  • Solved an issue with importers that were prevented from using the default sorting value;
  • Solved a rare bug that caused errors when checking for duplicates and the feed returned from the Vimeo API was empty.


  • Created a new option in Block Editor for playlist theme “Default” to display video thumbnails using the original size ratio (thumbnails in list might have different size) or have them displayed with the same size (thumbnails in list might have black bars);
  • Created a new option in Classic Editor shortcode visual interface for theme “Default” to display video thumbnails size ratio in original size or the same size for all thumbnails.


  • Video player adds class “loaded” on the video container once the video is loaded;
  • Modified video player display to remove the black background and loader image after the video has loaded;
  • Improved processing of tabs in plugin Settings.


  • Solved a bug in Video Playlist Widget that caused the widget to display videos from all categories even if a category was selected from the widget options.


  • Added date limit for showcase and channel;
  • Made image preloader in playlist themes to use the 640px wide image version for videos.


  • Solved a bug that caused the Video Playlist Block to crash when custom post type “vimeo-video” had no categories set up;
  • Added “empty results” message to Video Playlist Block modal window if there are no categories set up for the plugin’s custom post type;
  • Improved display of options for Video Playlist Block theme “Default”.


  • Solved a bug that prevented the “Add new” plugin admin page from being displayed in some cases (ie. when using WooCommerce without the Classic editor plugin).


  • Solved a bug in single video embed block that was causing the options for “Loop video” and “Autoplay video” to be always on.


  • Solved a bug in block “Video position” which caused the player color to be loaded incorrectly when loading the default color set in plugin Settings under Embed options;
  • Improved video position block for Block editor to allow additional parameters to be set;
  • Added new parameter to filter “vimeotheque\player\embed-parameters” which passes any manually set embed options;
  • Added new action “vimeotheque\automatic_embed_in_content” which is triggered when Vimeotheque embeds videos into the post content automatically (normally, when the Classic editor is used instead of the Block editor);
  • Added new action “vimeotheque\editor\classic-editor-options-output” which is triggered when Vimeotheque displays the embedding options in post edit screen in Classic editor;
  • Introduced actions and filters that allow third party plugins to add new block editor options to video position block.


  • Added filter “vimeotheque\player\embed-parameters” that allows extra parameters to be added to the video embed iframe URL;
  • Updated translation file for Romanian.


  • Created new option for playlist block to display post excerpts in playlists for theme Default;
  • Created new option for playlist block to allow various posts ordering options;
  • Created new option for playlist widget to display post excerpts in playlists when using theme Default;
  • Created new option for playlist shortcode in Classic editor to display post excerpts when using theme Default;
  • Created new option for playlist shortcode to allow various posts ordering options;
  • Introduced support for AMP plugin.


  • Solved occasional single video import error caused by conflicts with third party plugins;
  • Introduced player embed option to prevent tracking users, including all cookies and stats;
  • Show manually selected videos in playlist shortcode into the exact order that they were selected;
  • Preserve videos order in playlist block same as the order they were selected;
  • Hide video position block that is introduced automatically into the block editor for Vimeotheque video posts if automatic embedding is disabled by filter.


  • Stop video player script in case of player error to avoid JavaScript errors in page;
  • Re-initialize video playlist script in case the player script returned an error;
  • Compatibility with WP plugin “Complianz – GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent” by “Really Simple Plugins”.


  • Solved a bug in Video Position block that disregarded the option to embed videos in archive pages and always embedded them;
  • Updated Vimeotheque hooks PHPDoc comments in plugin files;
  • Introduced actions and filters to OAuth plugin settings instructions;
  • Exposed REST_Api object for new endpoints registrations;
  • Introduced Vimeo API request method.


  • Introduced add-ons management that allow installation of add-ons for various purposes;
  • Added option for playlist block to set alignment;
  • Optimized resizing for playlist block theme Default;
  • Added option for video position block to set alignment;
  • Added option for single video embed to set alignment;
  • Added option to display manual bulk imports by the order set on Vimeo (applies only for showcase, channel, portfolio, user uploads and folder );
  • New plugin Settings option for embed alignment.


  • Added changelog file;
  • Implemented filters to hide various plugin notices;
  • Solved bug that wasn’t hiding the video when using the appropriate filter to prevent auto embedding in post content using the block editor.


  • Plugin requires at least WordPress 5.2 and PHP 5.6;
  • Vimeotheque 2 functions as base for Vimeotheque PRO 2;
  • Introduced 3 blocks for the block editor: video position (for video posts), single video embed and playlist embed;
  • Allows import of more than 1 tag;
  • Allows setup of tags when making manual bulk imports;
  • Manual bulk import allows search within the results and ordering;
  • Allows import of featured image automatically, when the video is imported;
  • Redesigned manual bulk import into a friendlier grid interface app;
  • Redesigned single video import into a stepped process app;
  • Introduced status page that can output environment varialbles useful for debugging;
  • Made custom post type video slugs editable from plugin settings;
  • Vimeo player script uses the new Vimeo player API.


  • Introduced user ID parameter to queries for Vimeo showcases.


  • Solved WP 5.4 redirect bug from plugin Settings page;
  • Removed contextual help deprecated filter.


  • Solved a bug that prevented video imports when one of the videos in feed had an empty description.


  • Removed SSL verification for requests to Vimeo API to prevent cURL SSL errors on installations with older libraries when making requests to the API.


  • Renamed plugin to “Vimeotheque Lite”;
  • Redirected all links to new, plugin dedicated URL:


  • Added (initial) compatibility with Gutenberg editor.


  • Added search filter when importing videos from user uploads, channels, albums or groups.


  • Added privacy policy information which is displayed into WordPress’s Privacy Policy Guide.

  • Solved a translation bug that was generating errors in plugin Settings page;
  • Modified video post checking to look for the queried object instead of using the global $post variable;
  • Converted all necessary Vimeo URLs to https.


  • Added option to import video publish date on Vimeo;
  • Added option to import and set 1 video tag retrieved from Vimeo;
  • Added option to embed videos by iframe instead of using the JavaScript embedding;
  • Added option to allow individual video posts to override the embed aspect ratio set in plugin Settings with the actual ratio of the video;
  • Vimeo OAuth API keys are not visible anymore after setting and validating the keys in plugin Settings page;
  • Added possibility to import video image as post featured image in video post edit screen;
  • Confined review request to be displayed only on plugin pages to avoid WP admin notices clutter;
  • Introduced “About” page on plugin activation that displays messages about the current update and other useful information;
  • Introduced embed aspect ratio 2.35:1 in addition to 16:9 and 4:3.

  • Added styling to front-end video embed to display a loading icon before video has finished loading in page;
  • Minimized front-end video embed script and created a developer file of the script;
  • Modified post type “vimeo-video” to also support trackbacks, custom fields, comments, revisions and post formats;
  • Modified video import to set post format to video for all imported Vimeo videos;
  • Implemented filter “cvm_import_post_format” that can be used to change post format for all videos that are going to be imported after filter implementation;
  • Implemented filters cvm_video_post_title, cvm_video_post_content, cvm_video_post_excerpt and cvm_video_post_status.

  • Implemented REST API functionality;
  • Solved a rare bug when selecting video posts for plugin shortcode that was displaying all registered posts in website instead of only the video posts if a third party script was implementing “pre_get_posts” filter;
  • Added new PHP class to handle all WP REST API functionality.

  • Solved a JavaScript bug that was preventing volume to be set to 0 (mute);
  • Added friendly, user dismissible notice asking for plugin review on (thank you in advance for your review).

  • Solved a JavaScript bug that was preventing the volume setting from being set on videos embedded by the plugin;
  • Solved a bug that was setting embed color scheme to red (#FF0000) by default even when not filled.


  • Solved a bug that was displaying the video on password protected posts even if the correct password was not provided;
  • Updated several documentation links;
  • Added JSON “fields” parameter to requests to Vimeo API in order to increase the number of requests per hour.


  • Updated player embed script to only use the iframe player embed (removed deprecated Flash player entirely).
  • Wrapped widget classes in conditional statements to avoid PHP errors when certain page builders are used.


  • Solves a rare, ocasional mixed content error when using https and images from Vimeo aren’t delivered over https.


  • Solved a bug related to playlist shortcode that was preventing videos from being embedded in certain cases.


  • Solved a shortcode bug that was preventing videos from being embedded when using the single video shortcode in pages or posts.


  • Video embed details available as data-… attributes on video div element;
  • Added tags to video post type;
  • Added filter ‘cvm_automatic_video_embed’ that can be used to prevent embeds to be made by the plugin automatically (return false from callback function);
  • Added translation files;
  • Added various templating and utility functions;
  • Now compatible with the tutorial on how to create template files for the custom post type.


  • Added custom post type “vimeo-video” archive (modified has_archive parameter to reflect public settings from Plugin settings)


  • Vimeo video player SSL compatible


  • Plugin compatible with WordPress 4.3 (scheduled for release on August 18th, 2015);
  • Added Vimeo video albums import (not functional in version 1.1).


  • Compatibility with Vimeo OAuth2;
  • Restructured plugin Settings page into tabs for easier options management.


  • Release inicial