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Collapsing Categories List



This plugin allows you to display and collapse the tree of subcategories of categories that have at least one subcategory.


  • Collaps and expand subcategories.
  • Remove links of all or some categories.
  • Hide one or several categories.
  • Change the images with plus and minus symbols for other images that represent collapsed or expanded categories, or css icons.
  • Order categories list by name and slug.
  • Hide icons for expand/collapse if you don’t want it.
  • Collapse all categories when show a post page or maintain expand the category related with the post.
  • Maintain expand all or some categories.

If your WordPress theme don’t use the widget categories list of WordPress, this plugin maybe don’t work.


This plugin allows you can to limit the number of categories and subcategories selectables in the categories list block in edit post page.


  • Limit the number of categories or subcategories selectables in the categories list block in edit post page.
  • Admin page for custom this limit for category level.


  • Detailed list of categories with subcategories collapsed.
  • Detailed list of categories with subcategories deployed.
  • Detail widget settings categories.
  • Detail of the plugin admin page.
  • Detail of th categories list block of edit post page.


If your WordPress theme don’t use the widget category list of WordPress, this plugin maybe don’t work.


  • Go to Appearance/Widgets menu.
  • Show widget categories settings.
  • Activate the option “Show hierarchy”
  • Activate the option “Collaps categories” and Save.
  • Customize to your taste.


  • Go to Settings/Collapsing category list menu.
  • Active the checkbox “Limit the selection of categories and subcategories…”.
  • Indicates the maximum number of selectable categories and / or subcategories or leave it as zero so there is no limit.
  • Add other limits for others levels of subcategories.

Perguntas frequentes

Nothing for now


25 Fevereiro, 2019
What does it happen? This plugin creates a new menu option in new/edit post. A second option to select categories in new post option. Well, the problem is: When you install this plugin, it overwrites all you selected in the default category list/select of WordPress, when you're writing a new post. So, if you think you selected the categories in default wordpress category box/menu (that's is easier cause you can type the category name and it searches and shows only the categories that begin or include the word you typed) but nothings is shown when you publish. When you submit the new post, if you dont use the box of categories of this plugin (theres is no differect if you hide id in options/show menu), the result is that all you've checked in default category menu/box of wordpress are overwritten by "no-category" option. Its a conflict beetween the default menu/box category and the new menu/box category created by this plugin in admin new/edit post. (post.php) So it erases the post categories Ive selected and publishes with "no-category" option. Even if you edit the post and try again to select the right categories in default box/menu of category list, it overwrites again. So. Youre mandatory have to use the menu/box of this plugin, that in my case, is worse than the default wordpress menu/box category. So I had to delete this plugin.
4 Agosto, 2017
Error Message: Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given in ...\www\WordPress\wp-content\plugins\collapsing-category-list\classes\class-walker-category-checklist.php on line 127 Versions: WordPress: 4.8.1 PHP: 5.6.25
3 Setembro, 2016
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple to use and install. Bug free. Would be great to be able to use this functionality in pages and posts via a shortcode.
3 Setembro, 2016
Useful tool adds simple functionality to the Wordpress Categories widget. Would be nice if there was an option to have tabs automatically collapse for each new page. But works good right out of the box, does exactly what it says.
3 Setembro, 2016
[en] It works like a charm. It's full of useful options. [es] Funciona a la perfección. Es muy completo y permite personalizar las categorías con facilidad.
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Registo de alterações


  • Now collapse the categories on all pages except category pages and posts. Thanks to @paperkawaii


  • Fixed error array_key_exists() in backend


  • Updated to WordPress 4.9


  • Update APF library to version 3.8.15
  • Minor bugs


  • Fixed an error with a class.


  • New feature: Admin page for custom the categorories list block in edit post page.
  • New feature: Limit the categories and subcategories selectables of the categories list block
    in edit post page.
  • Translations for English and Spanish.
  • Readme.txt updated.
  • Screenshots updated.
  • Updated to WordPress 4.7


  • Bug fixed: Only expand the first parent of the current category.


  • Updated to WordPress 4.6


  • New feature: To collapse all categories on the page post.
  • Bug fixed: To expand the category related with the post.
  • Bug fixed: Remove url from categories add in the “Remove link of categories by title” field.
  • Add I18n files.
  • Translations for English and Spanish.
  • Updated readme.txt


  • Updated to WordPress 4.5


  • Updated to WordPress 4.4
  • New icons for collapse / expand categories for responsive design with font-awesome
  • Add checkbox for activate news icons or old images.
  • Add checkbox for hide plus and minus icons.


  • Fixed little bugs


  • Categories list can be ordered by name or slug
  • One or several categories can be always expanded
  • Change text “Remove parent link” for “Remove all links”
  • Fixed a bug with dropdown order


  • Categories list can be ordered by name or slug
  • One or several categories can be always expanded
  • Change text “Remove parent link” for “Remove all links”


  • Updated to WordPress 4.1


  • Updated to WordPress 4.0
  • Fixed a problem with categories’ children


  • Updated to WordPress 3.9
  • Fixed a problem with images in Twenty Fourteen theme and Twenty Thirteen theme


  • Updated to WordPress 3.8
  • Add two new images for Twenty Fourteen theme and Twenty Thirteen theme
  • Now the plugin remove the link in categories correctly


  • Change the id for class on ‘a’ tag
  • Add the possibility change images of collase and expand
  • Add the option of remove parent link
  • Add the option for hide categories
  • Add the option for remove the link in some categories

  • Minor changes


  • Fixed a problem with expanded categories
  • Update to WordPress 3.6

  • Minor changes


  • New option in the categories widget’s configuration for activate or deactivate the filter.


  • The plugin remain selected subcategories


  • Updated to WordPress 3.5


  • Minor changes


  • First version