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Comment Moderation Highlighter


If your blog gets so many comments you tend to skim them during moderation, you can sometimes miss ‘manual spam’ or trollish comments. This plugin will highlight keywords you specify so certain remarks grab your attention for further review. It is useful for blogs that get numerous comments and the moderator tends to skim instead of reading each and every one.


  • Options page
  • Highlights in comments


Install the plugin through the WordPress admin and visit the Settings page to set keywords.

Perguntas frequentes

Q: Why do I need this plugin if I have a spam filter?

A: This plugin is for real comments with keywords that may or may not be spam
depending on their context, so they are highlighted to help ensure they do not miss your attention.


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Registo de alterações

0.2 Initial Release

  • Added ability to highlight duplicate comments across multiple pages.

0.1 Initial Release