Crouton was forked from BMLT Tabbed UI plugin in 2018. This plugin provides a Tabbed UI and more for the Basic Meeting List Toolbox (BMLT). Simply put the shortcode [bmlt_tabs] into a WordPress page to get your very own tabbed interface to BMLT. Not into a tabbed interface? There is a shortcode parameter to display meetings without tabs. This would be useful for Areas that have fewer meetings. This plugin also provides various shortcodes to return the number of meetings and groups in specified service bodies. Please visit settings – BMLT Tabbed UI for shortcode instructions.


  1. Place the ‘crouton’ folder in your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

  2. Activate crouton.

  3. Enter BMLT Root Server into Settings – BMLT Tabs

  4. Enter shortcode into a new or existing WordPress page.

  5. For shortcode usage see Settings – BMLT Tabs.

  6. View your site.

  7. Adjust the CSS of your theme as needed.


8 Dezembro, 2018
I love crouton, it goes great with my salad! Super fast and versatile.
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Contribuidores e programadores

“crouton” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:


Registo de alterações


  • Only ask for user’s location one time


  • Fix compatibility issue with Elementor.


  • Integration with Bmlt2Calendar to provide downloadable ICS files for personal calendars
  • Russian Translation


  • Improve accessibility


  • Move QR code generation to a different service.
  • Arabic Translation


  • Open Google Directions in a new tab


  • Prevent wheelchair icon from confusing screen readers


  • Show wheelchair character in first column for meetings with a format that corresponds to NAWS WHEELCHAIR.
  • Use [init_crouton] for pages with [meeting_count] but no other “main” crouton shortcode.


  • French translation.
  • Correctly handle links when default permalinks are used.


  • Assure croutonMap object created.
  • Add meetingCount and groupCount methods for backwards compatibility in non-wordpress cases.


  • Do not embed map page when list contains only online meetings (fix for bug #460).


  • Added min_zoom and max_zoom to the shortcode.
  • Changed default template to bring up meeting details rather than going directly to google.


  • Bug fix release


  • [meeting_count] and [group_count] have new attribute, “live”. If set to 1, the value is updated to reflect the current state of the filters.
  • All other attributes on [meeting_count] and [group_count] are ignored.
  • Bug fix release


  • Meeting details as modal popup
  • New shortcode, [bmlt_map], presents a mobile friendly, map based interface.
  • All Maps can be either OSM or Google Maps
  • Admins can set clustering zoom level, above clustering, below, red/blue NA Markers
  • Markers show multiple meetings in accordion. No “spiders”.
  • Popup text configurable through handlebars.
  • Admin page organized into tabs


  • Bug fix release – Fix some PHP warnings


  • Bug fix release – Shortcodes that are called before Enqueue_Scripts


  • Bug fix release – Fix Details-Page with Custom Query


  • Bug fix release – Fix dropdown filter matcher function.


  • Bug fix release – better parsing of tags.
  • Remove unused admin notice which could cause problems on certain sites.


  • hide meeting-details map if google maps but no api key
  • meeting details on crouton_map pages, too


  • bug fix release


  • Meeting Detail Pages are now the Crouton Page, with meeting-id in the query string. No need for separate pages
  • Meeting Detail Pages can now be edited from the crouton admin/settings page.
  • All Handlebar Templates edited using codemirror
  • Thickbox used to show the values available in templates.
  • The choices available in dropdown filters reflect the limitations imposed by the selections in other filters.
  • The meeting count reflects the meetings currently visible, after filters are applied.


  • Fix bug where extra meetings were not recognised
  • Maps can be embedded, so that users can switch between table and map views, rather than needing to scroll.
  • Embedded maps listen to filters
  • Map can be implemented by another plugin (bmlt-meeting-map) that uses OSM instead of Google
  • Filters can be combined
  • Only the needed map implementations are loaded


  • Fix problem causing format popover to close immediately whenever show_map option is on
  • Do not include virtual meetings in map.


  • Fix problem map initialization.


  • Fix problem with zebra-striping of filtered views.
  • Fix some problems with Bootstrap by including transition.js


  • New shortcode [bmlt_handlebar]: the contents of the shortcode are interpreted as a handlebarjs template.
    The meeting that will be used when executing the template is determined from the page’s query_string, eg,
    query string “?meeting-id=123” means that meeting 123 will supply the data. Multiple uses of the shortcode are
    allowed on the page. These pages can be used to provide a detailed web presence for the meeting.
  • New partial “> meetingLink” will generate a link to the meeting details page. The next for the link is the
    meeting name.
  • A map can be added to the meeting detail pages by using the {{{crouton_map}}} helper function.
  • Am API has been added for creating custom partials and helpers for use in Handlebars templates, or to customise
    the enrichment of meeting data.
  • Special-Interest Dropdown. This is basically just a filter of the formats dropdown, but because there are so many formats, the formats dropdown is pretty unusable.
  • View-By Language and View-By Special-Interest buttons. Like the view-by city option, but for these format codes.
  • ‘has_meeting_count’ flag, adding a meeting count to the table without the use of an additional [meeting_count] shortcode.
  • ‘venue_type’ added to the [bmlt_tabs] shortcode, to allow for easy filtering of meetings without needing a custom query.


  • Fixed German translation for Friday.


  • Fixed more PHP 8 warnings for attempting to read property on null.
  • New option has_regions which allows filtering meetings by a parent regional service body.


  • Fixed issue with user agent [#396].
  • Fixed various PHP warnings.


  • Added dropdown for Days of the Week, optionally can be turned on with has_days=”1″.
  • If no meetings are listed for a tabbed view day, a message is shown now indicated so.


  • Fixes issue with end times when duration is open-ended. [#385]


  • Make map_search_auto=true the default feature for [crouton_map] shortcode. [#374]
  • Pan + Zoom is no longer an option on map mode, as it’s implicit. [#373]
  • Theming includes maps now, including dark mode.
  • Fix for kevin theme on mobile devices [#370]


  • Fixed an issue with extra meetings not showing up.


  • Fixed an issue with the [service_body_names] shortcode that was introduced in 3.12.6.


  • Added capability to include parent service body details in templates (requires either Tomato or Root Server version 2.16.4 or greater).
  • Share button fixes for accents in some text details. [#358]
  • Implemented new venue type fields in root server versions 2.16.4 and higher.
  • Fix for map search which would not display contact_email_2.
  • Loading performance improvements.


  • Added capability to include service body details in templates.
  • Fix for empty template issue.


  • Format Meeting Data Template, Metadata Template, and Observer Template to make them easier to modify and extend.
  • Fixing missing localization for it-IT for the share word. [#351]


  • Updates for pt-BR translations.
  • Fix for querystring parameters not working on some sites (this_title, sub_title). meeting_count, group_count have been retired. [#317]


  • Share button. [#302]
  • Better no meeting message for when no results could be found, actual query is in the javascript console. [#318]
  • Added additional Dutch and German translations, fixed missing item for Italian. [#324]
  • Additional helper functions for templating for venue types added. isInPersonOrHybrid, isInPersonOnly, isVirtualOrHybrid.


  • Added a new feature to hide Weekday headers when filtering hide_byday_headers="true".
  • Fixes issue with Weekday headers on filtered view which showing days of the week where there is no data. [#332]


  • Venue Type Dropdown Filter. [#327]
  • Fixed blog link for Google API for maps. [#330]


  • Added support for Dutch. [#324]


  • Add support for [service_body_names] shortcode
  • Improve documentation of how shortcode parameters interact [#265]


  • Fix for regressions of descriptions with tomato.


  • Fix for descriptions for VM, TC, and HY in non-English languages.


  • Fix for case when there are no formats for a meeting [#309]


  • Allow for different codes for VM, TC, and HY in non-English languages.
  • New theme: gold-coast. [#304]


  • Gracefully handle scenarios when there are no format descriptions returned for a specific language.
  • Responsive overflow fixes on some elements.
  • Added support croutonjsdebug=1 querystring parameter for disabling minification for croutonjs.


  • Fixed another edge case where meetings on the current day could be sorted incorrectly.


  • Fixed an issue where meetings on the current day could be sorted incorrectly.


  • Added support for upcoming root server time_zone field, primarly for use with
  • New theme: seattle-rain
  • New theme: quebec


  • Changed meeting-additional-info css to work better with darker themes.
  • Additional Polish (pl-PL) translations. [#283]


  • New theme asheboro to match root server aesthetic.


  • Add field virtual_meeting_additional_info to Meeting Data Template. This is intended to hold information such as a meeting ID and password (requires root server 2.15.4).
  • Added observer fields. [#268]


  • Bug fix for handling long URLs in 3rd column. [#231]


  • Bug fix with multi-lingual support. [#254]


  • Custom query support for [crouton_map]. [#242]
  • Queries optimized, eliminated one. [#238]
  • Support for if/else operators on custom handlebars helpers. [#245]
  • Support for VM only meetings through metadata template enhancement. [#249]
  • Added hasFormats custom helper.
  • Better no query results messaging. [#251]


  • Fixes for hybrid meetings to not include logic with VM + TC.


  • Hybrid meeting support.


  • ru-RU translations.


  • Added the ability to show only unpulished meetings with include_unpublished="-1" (requires root server v2.15.2).


  • Added initial map coordinates search feature.
  • Added the ability to use new shortcode option include_unpublished="1" to display unpublished meetings (requires root server v2.15.2)
  • Added new theme: Truth.


  • Compatibility support for WP 5.4.
  • Added new theme: Florida-Nights.
  • Fix for legacy issue with da-DK in the root server where it doesn’t follow ISO 639 standards.


  • Null condition fixes for meeting_data_template and metadata_template.


  • Swedish Translations


  • Native support for Virtual Meetings (VM format) that automatically shows the new virtual_meeting_link and phone_meeting_number (requires root server 2.15.0).
  • Native support for QR codes for Virtual Meetings (VM format) with new shortcodes show_qrcode="1".
  • Native support for Temporary Closed (TC format) that automatically displays a flag and the description field text.
  • Three new themes: Orange Monster, One-Nine and Frog.
  • CSS changes to support virtual meetings + responsive displays.
  • Fix for configuration screen saved confirmation.
  • Removal of misconfigured root server header on admin UI.


  • Fix for MarkerClusterer not working. [#216]


  • Fix for IE11 by disabling MarkerCluster which isn’t supported.


  • Added ability to use train, bus lines and custom BMLT fields.


  • Added feature to allow Handlebars built-in helpers (


  • Fix for metadata_template not pulling non-standard fields.


  • Fix for upgrade issues for 3.8.x for templates. [#212]


  • Fix for template shortcodes not working until you saved on the admin page the first time.


  • Added feature to keep tabs on dropdown filtering (e.g. filter_tabs="1") [#21]
  • Added feature to fully customize content template of the 3rd (metadata) column. [#159]


  • Fix for header shortcode not working. [#208]


  • Added new shortcode tag default_filter_dropdown for specifying any dropdown default selection (e.g default_filter_dropdown="formats=closed"


  • Fix for has_languages dropdown which wasn’t working.


  • Added row click and highlight map synchronization [#189]
  • Added languages format selection dropdown [#200]
  • Added translations for [crouton_map] feature. [#195]


  • Fix for backward compatibility for include_city_button=”0″ (for hiding City button)


  • Fix javascript null callback error affecting “show_map” shortcode. [#190]


  • Search by map text, click or automatically by location with [crouton_map] shortcode. [#126]
  • Added checkbox for using tomato as root server. [#181]
  • Added neighborhood dropdown feature. [#175]
  • Added “sezf” theme.
  • Fixed bug with multiple meetings and clustering before clicking (red pins).
  • Swapped red (multiple) and blue (single) meeting pins, for consistency sake.


  • pt-BR translations added.


  • Added on_complete callback for croutonjs
  • pl-PL translations added.


  • Fix for localizing Map modal word [#165]


  • fa-IR translations added [#164]


  • de-DE translations added [#162]


  • Added the ability to override the language once already initialized [#163]
  • Added media queries patch for “kevin” theme. [#155]
  • Fix for meeting formats displaying in the selected language. [#161]
  • Fix for bug with Custom CSS escaping.


  • Fix for bug with backward compatibility with meeting_data_template.


  • Added the ability to create a custom template for meeting data [#154]
  • Added the ability to set pre-packaged CSS themes.


  • Fix for greedy dropdown filtering of formats on HTML attributions. [#152]


  • Fix for regression in the recursive flag behavior. [#149]
  • Fixes for Italian translations.


  • Fix for group by sort not working [#147]


  • Added the ability to change the start of the week sequence. [#143]
  • Added the ability to create custom group by buttons using button_filters.
  • All shortcodes can be overridden via querystring for the WordPress plugin. [#141]
  • Fixes for sorting results for auto timezone.

** Breaking Changes **
* #city selector button was replaced with the class .filterButton.
* croutonjs no longer support include_city_button, use button_filters instead. WordPress plugin is not affected, however users should move to button_filters_options.


  • Added translation of UK English (en-UK).
  • Allowed for setting language via querystring.


  • Added translation for New Zealand and Austrailian English (en-NZ and en-AU).


  • Added translation for US Spanish (es-US).


  • Fixed an edge case with plugins that might use handlebars.js and clash with croutonjs.


  • Added new shortcode option to be able to control sort results.
  • Fix for default time sort not working [#132]


  • Several minor bug fixes.
  • Extra meetings enabled flag is not always checked now.


  • Distance based searches from browser location now possible
  • Adding


div> wrapper to make selection a little better for hiding [#125]


  • Added banner


  • Temporary patch for language information not rendering [#124]


  • Legacy logic regression for parent service bodies [#121]


  • Bundle croutonjs without jQuery for WordPress which automatically loads it, to prevent clashing [#119]
  • Fix for shortcode croutonjs initializing issue [#118]


  • Fix for filemtime calculation for cache busting CSS + JS files for crouton [#117]
  • Fix for extra_meetings and several other warnings [#116]
  • Using minified versions of crouton.js and crouton.css.


  • Fix for virtual meetings not rendering with WP shortcode [#115]


  • Rewritten to load fully with javascript inside a browser. This is enables usage on any website, not just WordPress. [#98]
  • Text from “comments” field that starts with tel: or http(s) in will be turned into a URL [#104]
  • Timezone and auto adjust to users’ local timezone, it will also automatically backfill the day if the timezone causes it to shift. [#103]
  • Fix for non-display on IE11 [#106]
  • Fix for non-display on K-meleon [#114]


  • Added multilingual support [#88]
  • Added support for setting distance units (miles, kilometers and nautical miles) [#90]
  • Fix for Gutenburg autosave issue [#81]
  • Fix for regression with has_tabs=”0″ and header=”0″ not group by day [#95]
  • Dropdowns and tabs refactored to use client side rendering (speed improvements) [#53]
  • Removed used_formats feature which has been deprecated for some time [#100]

2.4.2 + 2.5.3

  • Fix for [meeting_count] and [group_count] render issues if they appeared after [bmlt_tabs] [#86]


  • Fix for empty div with the new map feature [#87]


  • Added companion map feature. [#52]
  • More robust way to count groups. [#85]
  • Added case-insensitive sorting.


  • Version bump, IE fix for city view.


  • Added ability to only display used formats. [#73]
  • Fixed support for Internet Explorer. [#72]


  • Added ability to add extra meetings. [#66]
  • Fixed default caching to be disabled and generally broken caching mechanism.
  • Added debugging capabilities to the docker image.


  • Selected dropdown option not always being respected for new searchable dropdown, however selected option was. [#64]


  • Add chosen for searchable dropdown service body config. [#60]


  • Another fix for greedy url handling. [#57]


  • Fixed a bug with greedy file path handling causing root server URLs to be munged. [#57]


  • Made an error in the minimum version required.


  • Tested for 5.0.0


  • Added state-dropdown option.
  • Fixed some issues with how CSS was applied to the buttons with Javascript, instead applying classes.
  • Bug fix javascript error for when [meeting_count] or [group_count] is used alone. [#54]
  • Bug fix for custom query in shortcode which wasn’t working at all [#50]


  • Major rewrite to render the plugin on the client side.
  • Time formatting has been reimplemented using moment.js (this is a breaking change, use these format codes, “HH:mm” for 24hr formatting)
  • Added the ability to recurse service bodies.
  • Added the ability to do custom queries at a default, shortcode and url level.
  • Added the ability to set and save custom CSS from the admininstration section.
  • Added sub-province (county) dropdown option.
  • Added area-dropdown option.
  • Added option to show distance to meeting. This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers. A list of supported browsers can be found here
  • Compatability fixes for PHP 7.2.9
  • Removed hardcodings


  • Some code cleanups.
  • Disabled broken geolocation lookups until it can be reimplemented.


  • Forked from “bmlt-tabbed-ui” plugin.