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DemoWolf Video Tutorial Importer


  • Once the plugin is installed, navigate to “Tools” then “Import Videos” and you’ll arrive at this screen. This is where you select your videos.xml file, choose your upload option, then click to import your videos.

  • An sample page that was created by the importer. The page that was created was “cPanel Paper Lantern End User series”, and this screenshot shows the first video in the series.


Step 1: Login to your Member Area, choose the video series you want, then click to export the video embed codes (downloads the videos.xml file)

Step 2: Login to your WordPress website as admin

Step 3: Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin

Step 4: Click ‘Choose File’, locate the DemoWolf Video Tutorial Import Plugin (, then click ‘Install Now’.

Step 5: Click ‘Activate Plugin’

Step 6: In the WordPress main menu under ‘Tools’, locate and click the new ‘Import Videos’ link.

Step 7: By ‘Upload Video XML’, click ‘Choose File’ and select the videos.xml file you downloaded in step 1.

Step 8: Choose which of the 3 import options you want (read the descriptions above)

Step 9: Click ‘Import Videos’.

That’s it! The plugin automatically imports all videos and sets up new pages (or blog posts and categories) according to the option you chose. You can now further modify your new pages or posts however you want.

For those DemoWolf members who want their videos embedded in their WordPress website, this plugin will definitely help.

Perguntas frequentes

Do I have to be a DemoWolf member to use this plugin?

Technically no. However, you have to at least have been a DemoWolf member at some point to be able to download the videos.xml file that this plugin is designed to import into your website.

I am not a DemoWolf member, but I do have a copy of the videos.xml file. Will this plugin work for me?

Yes the plugin will work. It will successfully import all the DemoWolf video embed codes into your website. However, if you are not an active DemoWolf member, then your domain will not be white-listed by DemoWolf, and therefore the videos will not work on your website. Instead of see the videos, you’ll see an error message.

I’ve already used this plugin to import my DemoWolf videos, but now there are newer DemoWolf videos available that I want to add. Can I use this plugin again?

Yes, absolutely. You can use the plugin as many times as you want. It will create new blog posts or pages each time it’s used, depending on the options you choose.


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