Doneren met Mollie


Are you looking for a simple donation plugin for a charity or for example the local football club? This plugin is both suitable for one-time donations and for periodic payments. All payment methods of Mollie are integrated into the plugin. The plugin is also available in several languages: Dutch, English, German and French.


Although the plugin is very easy to install, it contains enough options:

  • Donations can be found in the WordPress admin panel.
  • Donors can enter their details.
  • You can specify different projects, so donors can choose which project they want to donate.
  • You can choose which data donors should provide for the donation.
  • You can set a redirect page yourself.
  • You can specify by default the choice of the donor.
  • You can style the form as desired.

Recurring payments

In addition to one-time donations, this plugin is also useful for collecting periodic amounts. This works on the basis of Mollie’s “Subscription API”. This system makes it possible, for example, to collect a certain amount monthly, quarterly or annually by credit card or by SEPA Direct Debit.


Let your donors donate in their own currency. Enable this setting so the donor can select a currency when donating, or set a default currency for all donations.

Please take a look at Mollie Forms which contains more features to create forms with payments.


  • Donations visible in the admin
  • More information about donation and donor
  • General settings
  • Form settings
  • Class settings
  • Mollie settings
  • Subscriptions (recurring payments)
  • Recurring settings


  1. Install “Doneren met Mollie” in WordPress
  2. Activate plugin in WordPress
  3. Create an account at and copy the Live API-key
  4. Go to the settings page in “Doneren met Mollie” and fill in the Live API-key
  5. Place the shortcode [doneren_met_mollie] on a page to show the form
  6. You can also use the optional shortcode [doneren_met_mollie_total] to show the total raised money

Perguntas frequentes

Can I use shortcodes?

Yes! The following shortcodes are available:

  • [doneren_met_mollie] To display the form
  • [doneren_met_mollie_total] To display the total raised money
  • [doneren_met_mollie_total project=”My project”] To display the total raised money of a specific project
  • [doneren_met_mollie_total start=”500.20″] To display the total raised money and start at a specific amount
  • [doneren_met_mollie_goal goal=”1000″ text=”Goal reached!”] Countdown to your goal. Goal must be higher then 0 and the text will be displayed when the goal is reached
  • [doneren_met_mollie_donors start=”0″ unique_email=”true”] To display the number of donors.


30 Novembro, 2020
Very easy to start getting donation on your site. It has been working on 3 sites for about 3 months without any error. Also easy to customize the form's style with your own css. If there is one thing could be better, then I ask to change the form html code structure. to use Label tag instead of P tag. Unfortunately I am not a php developer yet to contribute in the amazing plugin.
19 Junho, 2020
Ik gebruik hem nu voor 2 sites en werkt prima. Het ontwerp is ook makkelijk aan te passen naar je thema.
12 Julho, 2019
Nick resolved this problem very fast and professional. Cheers on you.
9 Julho, 2019 1 reply
Hi, I've just installed the update but my website gives an error. 'This site has technical problems'. Where can i find the previous version? Best regards, Sophie
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Contribuidores e programadores

“Doneren met Mollie” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:


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Interessado no desenvolvimento?

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Registo de alterações

2.10.0 – 03/07/2022

  • Added Google reCaptcha V3 integration
  • Added total donated amount to donors and subscriptions table

2.9.4 – 06/04/2022

  • Fixed bug where all donations were marked as recurring
  • If subscription is already cancelled at Mollie, the plugin will now update the status when you are trying to cancel it

2.9.3 – 08/12/2021

  • Also creating customers/donors for one-time payments
  • Fixed another issue with amounts with comma for default amount

2.9.2 – 29/11/2021

  • Fixed issue with amounts with comma for default amount

2.9.1 – 29/11/2021

  • Fixed issue with amounts with comma

2.9.0 – 23/11/2021

  • Fixed currency symbol when donor choose other currency
  • Changed input type to number instead of text for own amount field
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8.2
  • Minimum WordPress version is now set to 5.3

2.8.11 – 18/07/2021

  • Fixed issue with multiple classes

2.8.10 – 20/03/2021

  • Fixed issue with multiple classes in submit button

2.8.9 – 02/03/2021

  • Fixed bug with permission checkbox that stayed hidden

2.8.8 – 11/02/2021

  • Added labels to fields.

2.8.7 – 21/01/2021

  • Fixed issue with projects dropdown

2.8.6 – 21/01/2021

  • Fixed issue with tabs in settings

2.8.5 – 16/01/2021

  • Currency dropdown now also uses fields class
  • Fixed security issue with exports.
  • Escaped all output

2.8.4 – 06/12/2020

  • Added the possibility to bulk delete donations and donors.

2.8.3 – 17/03/2020

  • Changed e-mail field to type email
  • Added more currencies

2.8.2 – 31/01/2020

  • Added option to delete donors. Please note that this will also cancel all the subscriptions.
  • Added shortcode [doneren_met_mollie_donors] to display the number of donors. Use [doneren_met_mollie_donors unique_email=false] to include duplicate or empty email addresses

2.8.1 – 14/07/2019

  • Fixed recurring settings page

2.8.0 – 11/07/2019

  • Replaced Mollie PHP client with own version to resolve conflicts

2.7.0 – 05/07/2019

  • Added currency column to exports
  • Added option to settings to disable the metadata that are sent to Mollie
  • Added the filter ‘dmm_donate_form_validation’ to add form errors for custom form fields (credits to
  • Added the action ‘dmm_donate_form_posted’ to process post data for custom form fields (credits to
  • Added the action ‘dmm_donate_form_paid’ to do something after a successful donation payment (credits to
  • Added the action ‘dmm_donate_form_top’ to add custom fields to the top of the donate form (credits to
  • Added the action ‘dmm_donate_form_bottom’ to add custom fields to the bottom of the donate form (credits to
  • Updated Mollie PHP Client to v2.10.0

2.6.0 – 12/04/2019

  • More data in the Mollie metadata
  • You can now get the total raised money per project [doneren_met_mollie_total project=”My project”]
  • You can now get the total raised money starting at another amount [doneren_met_mollie_total start=”500.20″]
  • Added actions “dmm_payment_paid”, “dmm_payment_chargedback”, “dmm_payment_refunded”, “dmm_payment_open” and “dmm_payment_failed”
  • Fixed some translations
  • Other minor fixes

2.5.10 – 01/02/2019

  • Fixed warning about undefined constant

2.5.9 – 15/08/2018

  • Updated Mollie PHP Client

2.5.8 – 15/08/2018

  • Bugfix when creating subscription

2.5.7 – 15/08/2018

  • Bugfixes

2.5.6 – 20/06/2018

  • Bugfixes

2.5.5 – 20/06/2018

  • Prepared plugin for new payment methods Giropay & eps
  • Fixed bug for not displaying Bancontact and ING Home’Pay for recurring payments

2.5.3 – 29/05/2018

  • Added settlement amount to donation in admin
  • Bugfixes

2.5.2 – 28/05/2018

  • Bugfix when not selecting a payment method in dropdown
  • Bugfix in counting goal at refunds and chargebacks
  • Fixed column header in csv export

2.5.1 – 28/05/2018

  • Option to add GDPR checkbox to form
  • Bugfixes

2.5.0 – 27/05/2018

  • Multicurrency
  • Updated Mollie API Client to v2.0.1

2.4.11 – 16/02/2018

  • Updated Mollie API Client to v1.9.6

2.4.10 – 10/01/2018

  • Updated Mollie API Client to v1.9.4

2.4.9 – 20/12/2017

  • Bugfixes

2.4.8 – 30/11/2017

  • Added shortcode [doneren_met_mollie_goal]. See the FAQ for more info
  • Bugfixes

2.4.7 – 29/11/2017

  • Bugfixes

2.4.6 – 27/11/2017

  • Translation bugfixes

2.4.5 – 06/11/2017

  • Use translations from


  • Update Mollie API Client to v1.9.1
  • Deleting donations is now possible
  • Bug fixed with messages in export


  • Variable {interval} possible in description, for the interval of the payment
  • Visible in the export if the payment is recurring


  • Use home url instead of site url


  • Project is now visible in projects table
  • Setting default interval possible


  • Metadata is also used for first payments
  • Set rights for donations and subscriptions
  • Visible in donations if payment is recurring


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fix when redirecting to page in some WordPress installations


  • Address fields didn’t show, this is now fixed


  • [doneren_met_mollie_total] shortcode added to display the total raised money
  • At list display the first option is selected by default


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Fix when WordPress is used in a sub directory


  • Fixed bug with cancelling subscriptions
  • Default payment description set


  • Recurring wasn’t possible after change at Mollie API, this is now solved
  • Export donations to CSV possible


  • First amount for recrring payment is now the amount of the first period instead of €0,01


  • Email address possible in description with variable {email}
  • Update Mollie API client to v1.7.1
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Search function for donations added
  • Webhook system updated
  • Translation bug fixes
  • Several bug fixes


  • Database problems solved


  • Problem solved with updating fields when recurring is active


  • Webhook issues resolved
  • Selection menu interval not visible if recurring not enabled
  • Fixed problem with translation options payment methods
  • Message field now also has full width
  • If a recurring payment, only available verification methods are visible


  • Recurring Payments now available!
  • Possibility to set the minimum amount to be donated


  • Plugins now also translated into French and German!


  • Settings made more clear
  • Free entry and drop-down amount at the same time
  • Variables are included in the description
  • Choose the display of payment methods
  • Possible to add projects
  • Added more fields
  • Make fields active and / or mandatory
  • Add more classes possible
  • Translated into Dutch and English
  • Code improved
  • Bugs resolved