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EasyJobs – Best & Easiest Job Manager Plugin for WordPress

easy.jobs is a SAAS recruitment solution which comes with full functionality from WordPress dashboard and it also has Elementor compatibility to manage the hiring process without using any codes. You can get started for FREE & use easy.jobs powerful integration with WordPress.

Need a job board or complete hiring solution to take your company to the next level? Recruiting the right team member is the most important but quite difficult task for any business.

However, you can make it easier & effective using the right solution that lets you track, analyze, communicate & most importantly evaluate candidates through advanced filtering systems from a single platform.

Introducing EasyJobs – Easiest solution for the job recruitment to attract, manage & hire right talent faster.

Why Does Your Company Need easy.jobs?

🔸 Attract & Convert The Right Talent
🔸 Faster & Better Hiring Process
🔸 Structured Candidate Pipeline
🔸 Ready Career Site WordPress Templates
🔸 Visual Pipeline For Screening Candidates
🔸 Customize Email Notifications
🔸 In-built Analytics To Analyze Data (Pro)
🔸 Export Candidate Data (Pro)
🔸 AI-Powered Screening System (Pro)
🔸 Manage Team Activity (Pro)
🔸 Create Career Site With Custom Domain (Pro)
🔸 Help Job Posts To Get Indexed On Google (Pro)
🔸 Powerful Integration With ZOOM & Google Meet (Pro)
🔸 Dedicated Support For WordPress Plugin
🔸 Seamless Integration With Elementor Page builder


💯 Get Your Entire Team Onboard

🔸 Collaborate With Hiring Team: Provide personalized team access to have full control over the recruiting team and make better & faster hiring decisions.

🔸 Insightful Reports From Analytics: Use advanced & automated reports to track activities and monitor the recruiting team to improve the hiring workflow.

🔸 Instant Smart Notifications: Get an instant notification to all the updates and also make your applicants alert for future activities to be prepared.

🔸 AI-Powered Screening System: Sort, filter, and screen candidates faster with the power of easy.jobs Artificial Intelligence.

🔸 Set Up Remote Hiring Easily: Recruit top talent remotely with easy.jobs remote hiring features.

🌟 Find The Right Candidate Faster

🔸 Smart Candidate Selection: Analyze and filter your desired applicants to get the right one & make the recruitment process faster than ever before.

🔸 Interactive Interview Process: Quiz, Personality Test & more to make the interview engaging for both and increase the brand value to the candidate.

🔸 Custom Job Apply Fields, Skills & Categories: Filter applicants more thoroughly by adding custom apply fields, skills, and more.

🔸 In-App Messaging With Candidates: Choose, Track and instantly contact with the candidate via messaging & make the hiring process smoother & effective.

💼 Establish Your Employer Brand

🔸 Customize Application Forms: Include job specific questionnaires or just ask some general questions to filter candidate profiles based on their responses

🔸 Branded Company Profile: Create stunning company page to showcase employee benefits & existing talented team activities to attract the top talent

🔸 Personalized Career Pages: Customizable yet responsive and professional looking career page that brings your company maximum exposure for the job posts

🌟 Build Your Career Site On WordPress

🔸 Connect easy.jobs With WordPress: Instantly connect easy.jobs to your WordPress website with API keys.

🔸 Full Control From WordPress Dashboard: Manage your entire hiring process effortlessly straight from your WordPress dashboard.

🔸 Create New Jobs, Edit Pipelines & More: Add new job posts, manage your hiring pipeline, and more with easy.jobs WordPress plugin.
🔸 Seamless Integration With Elementor: Build your career site just the way you want with your favorite Elementor page builder.

🚀 Backed By A Trusted Team

This Recruitment solution is brought to you by the team behind WPDeveloper, a dedicated marketplace for WordPress, trusted by 5,000,000+ happy users.


  • For documentation and tutorials go to our Documentation
  • If you have any more questions, visit our support on the Plugin’s Forum
  • For more information about features, FAQs and documentation, check out our website at easy.jobs


  • easy.jobs Dashboard View
  • Job Board
  • A candidate profile
  • Question set view
  • Theme setup view
  • Company profile


  1. Upload easyjobs to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Perguntas frequentes

Do I need to signup to easy.jobs?

Yes, as it’s a Software as a Service (SaaS), you need to signup to easy.jobs first.

Is it free to signup to easy.jobs?

Yes, as it’s free to get start and you can use the free package and upgrade anytime you want.

Do I need credit card to sign up?

No, credit card is not required to sign up.


2 Janeiro, 2024
I had to change my sub-domain company url. After providing necessary information they have changed it. I though it will take time but they did it instantly. Amazing.
26 Setembro, 2023 1 reply
Easily the worst Plugin ever. Created nearly 16'000 Pages and published them all. Cant even delete them beacause there are too much pages.
28 Junho, 2023
Within the space of a day, we trialed, purchased and setup our custom easy.jobs environment within our Wordpress website. Adding jobs and configuring our needs was easy out of the box. We needed to contact support for assistance with SSL certificates and SMTP related issues. Kathryn helped us immediately, she was highly knowledgeable and helped point us in the right direction. Very glad to have found this solution! Thanks Kathryn!!
29 Novembro, 2022
I have been working with Easy.Jobs for days now and I am increasingly happy and excited with its simplicity and with the enormous potential that this software has. Its free version is fabulous but I definitely recommend the paid version to squeeze the full potential of this plugin. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to manage both within WordPress and in its SAAS platform, which is very convenient. Without a doubt it has become my favorite software to manage job board.
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Registo de alterações

2.4.9 – 29/01/2024

  • Fixed: Landing page customizer control issues.
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements.

2.4.8 – 27/12/2023

  • Added: Verification Badge in Job Details page.
  • Added: Enterprise & Agency info in Subscription Settings.
  • Fixed: Social Icon color issue.
  • Fixed: List Style Type issue in frontend.
  • Fixed: State and City data structure.
  • Improved: UI in different dashboard pages.
  • Improved: API connection message.
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements.

2.4.7 – 17/12/2023

  • Fixed: Security issue reported by WPScan.
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvement

2.4.6 – 07/12/2023

  • Fixed: Company api calling multiple times
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvement

2.4.5 – 30/11/2023

  • Added: Invite Candidates, Share Jobs, Read Blog, and See All candidates block with recent applicants in dashboard
  • Added: Filter by location control in settings, elementor & customizer
  • Added: Number of jobs field in settings
  • Added: Pagination in frontend for Jobs
  • Improved: UI and Jobs filtering through API
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements.

2.4.4 – 21/11/2023

  • Fixed: Some minor warnings

2.4.3 – 20/11/2023

  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements.

2.4.2 – 22/10/2023

  • Fixed: Duplicate page creation issue.
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements.

2.4.1 – 05/10/2023

  • Added: State and City create option
  • Added: Filter by location
  • Added: Location filter control in elementor and customizer

2.4.0 – 21/09/2023

  • Improved: Login options UI in Candidate Apply Settings
  • Improved: Custom Apply Fields UI in Candidate Apply Settings
  • Added: Attach Resume With Email in Candidate Apply Settings
  • Improved: Custom Job Apply Field UI in Jobs customize fields
  • Added: Remove option in logo, favicon, cover photo & showcase photos
  • Added: Show/Hide option for company cover photo
  • Added: Pin/Unpin option in Jobs
  • Added: Pin/Unpin icon in default, classic & elegant themes
  • Added: Job cover photo show/hide option in Jobs
  • Added: Job type label in frontend for classic & elegant themes
  • Added: Analytics data with Recent Jobs in dashboard
  • Added: Pipeline label with Recent Applicants in dashboard
  • Added: Hide share option for expired jobs in Dashboard
  • Added: Pipeline label in Candidates
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements

2.3.4 – 22/08/2023

  • Added: Added job type label in frontend for default theme
  • Improved: Hide fields if there is no data in default, classic & elegant themes
  • Fixed: Empty value issue of Country, State, & City fields in settings and job
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements

2.3.3 – 07/08/2023

  • Added: Salary range fields
  • Added: +7 days & +30 Days option with expiry date field
  • Added: Description & Instruction fields in Screening & Quiz tab
  • Added: Added edit button & changed the UI of Screening & Quiz tab
  • Added: Screening & Quiz deletion
  • Improved: Cache company details for improve performance
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements

2.3.2 – 27/07/2023

  • Fixed: Company info api calling multiple times
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements

2.3.1 – 09/07/2023

  • Added: Drag & Drop pipeline steps in Pipeline Setup and Job Pipeline
  • Improved: Confirmation popup while deleting Pipeline
  • Updated: Missing selected and rejected className
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements

2.3.0 – 21/06/2023

  • Updated: Pipeline setup ui in settings
  • Updated: Job pipeline ui
  • Added: Pipeline type in pipeline create
  • Added: Candidates filter by status in candidates and job candidates page
  • Improved: Search in candidates, questions & assessments

2.2.0 – 06/06/2023

  • Added: Analytics in dashboard
  • Added: Company verification badge
  • Added: First name and Last name as required field in basic information job apply rules
  • Added: Loading state in recent jobs section of dashboard
  • Fixed: Responsive issue of job filter and search in Elementor
  • Fixed: Candidate navigation negative value and console error issue
  • Fixed: Active job limit check for free users
  • Fixed: Assessment edit issues

2.1.2 – 08/05/2023

  • Added: Job filter and search is added for Elementor
  • Added: Job filter and search manage option in Customizer
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements

2.1.1 – 12/04/2023

  • Added: Job filter by category and search is added in frontend
  • Fixed: Minor bugfix and improvements

2.1.0 – 03/04/2023

  • Added: Question set manage
  • Added: Assessment manage
  • Added: Candidate navigation in candidate details
  • Added: Extend expiry and mark expired option in jobs list
  • Improved: Navigation menu in wp-admin, Create job menu is removed from sidebar
  • Fixed: Some syntax error for php 7.1
  • Fixed: Some minor issues and status messages

2.0.1 – 12/02/2023

  • Fixed: View url not showing for search job
  • Fixed: Api key is not showing for PHP 8.1
  • Fixed: Candidate filter label not showing properly for padding

2.0.0 – 12/02/2023

  • Improved: Admin rebuild with react
  • Added: Job type in job create and edit
  • Fixed: On job edit, basic info tab not showing proper data after update
  • Fixed: Ai score tab issue
  • Fixed: Shortcode names not showing
  • Fixed: PHP error for settings file
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

1.6.6 – 25/01/2023

  • Fixed: Job search not working
  • Fixed: Multiple page create issue for jobs

1.6.5 – 18/01/2023

  • Fixed: Show life section show/hide settings not working
  • Fixed: Company showcase photo update issue
  • Fixed: Empty Brand color update settings
  • Fixed: Company benefits section showing wrong data in classic template

1.6.4 – 02/11/2022

  • Added: Black friday notice
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

1.6.3 – 02/11/2022

  • Improved: Pagination for jobs and candidates
  • Improved: Default sorting for published job by expired date
  • Fixed: Setup career page url issue

1.6.2 – 17/10/2022

  • Added: Show in job board toggle in job create and edit
  • Fixed: All candidate pagination not working
  • Fixed: Setup career page url issue

1.6.1 – 29/09/2022

  • Improved: Loading in template settings page
  • Improved: Active/expired job filtering in elementor widget
  • Fixed: Shortcodes are not showing job title and id
  • Fixed: PHP notice when adding notes
  • Fixed: Job list design is broken for shortcode

1.6.0 – 29/09/2022

  • Added: Added template for landing page and details page
  • Added: Some more controls in customizer
  • Fixed: After company information update flush cache in plugin
  • Fixed: Candidate count mismatch with app
  • Fixed: Some typo

1.5.8 – 13/09/2022

  • Fixed: Tag a manager in candidate note
  • Fixed: Remove extra semicolon from job banner

1.5.7 – 23/08/2022

  • Added: Option for hide job cover photo
  • Fixed: Job location does not update

1.5.6 – 06/07/2022

  • Improved: To avoid css/js conflicts load admin asset only if page is belongs to easyjobs
  • Fixed: Some php waring
  • Fixed: After sync data from settings page it redirects to create page

1.5.5 – 04/07/2022

  • Fixed: Wrong year in landing page of admin
  • Fixed: In job create and edit, basic information is not showing when going back from another tab

1.5.4 – 25/05/2022

  • Fixed: PHP warning for empty country and city name in elementor widget

1.5.3 – 27/04/2022

  • Added: Other employment type input field in job create and update
  • Fixed: Stop api calls outside easy.jobs plugin scope

1.5.2 – 11/04/2022

  • Fixed: Job social share url issue
  • Fixed: Pipeline list view tabs not working
  • Fixed: Added margin between company info and view site button

1.5.1 – 03/03/2022

  • Fixed: Go to customizer button not working in settings

1.5.0 – 24/02/2022

  • Added: Job duplicate
  • Added: See pending candidates of a job, resend invitation and delete

1.4.10 – 17/02/2022

  • Fixed: Skills are not showing in job details

1.4.9 – 03/02/2022

  • Fixed: Added more sanitization and escaping to avoid security issues
  • Fixed: Company select issue

1.4.8 – 26/01/2022

  • Fixed: Some security issue, added sanitization and escaping

1.4.7 – 26/01/2022

  • Added: Published job filter with active and expired status
  • Fixed: Some minor bugs

1.4.6 – 06/12/2021

  • Improved: Parent job page create process
  • Added: Expired subscription check
  • Added: Admin notice for expired subscription and payment link
  • Fixed: Typo issue in warning

1.4.5 – 24/10/2021

  • Added: Pipeline template in job pipelines
  • Improved: Remove unnecessary api calls from frontend
  • Fixed: Show default pipeline template in pipeline settings
  • Fixed: Show selected and rejected default steps in pipeline templates
  • Fixed: Icon is not showing in frontend job list page
  • Fixed: HTML markup breaks inside editor field

1.4.4 – 23/08/2021

  • Fixed: Delete job page after job delete
  • Fixed: Job apply fields update not working properly in job edit
  • Fixed: Back to basic info tab not showing updated values in job create and edit
  • Fixed: Publish button issues in job edit
  • Fixed: Creating draft job from job create is not showing in draft items

1.4.3 – 12/08/2021

  • Fixed: Api request issue with WordPress version 5.8
  • Fixed: Confirmation modal is not closing in candidate apply settings
  • Fixed: Job is not showing after edit
  • Added: More translation support

1.4.2 – 12/07/2021

  • Added: Restrict unverified user from create job
  • Fixed: Company create issue in registration
  • Fixed: Settings not showing for new registered users

1.4.1 – 11/07/2021

  • Added: Select job template in job create
  • Added: Autofill from in user registration
  • Fixed: Disable ai settings for free users
  • Fixed: Api disconnect issue
  • Fixed: Language(.pot) file issues

1.4.0 – 13/06/2021

  • Added: Candidate note with tag manager
  • Added: Candidate remove option
  • Added: Notice for published job limit
  • Added: Analytics
  • Added: Sync data button in admin header
  • Fixed: Dashboard cards link
  • Fixed: Basic settings js error related with null value
  • Fixed: Job publish issue on job edit
  • Improved: Api key masking
  • Improved: Some minor design and performance

1.3.6 – 31/03/2021

  • Fixed: Multiple job page create issue

1.3.5 – 29/03/2021

  • Fixed: Jobs is not showing in parent page is deleted
  • Fixed: Company benefit is not showing in job details page

1.3.4 – 15/03/2021

  • Added: New design for login and registration
  • Added: Welcome popup in dashboard
  • Fixed: Recent job edit link in dashboard
  • Some minor bugfix

1.3.3 – 25/02/2021

  • Added: Redirect to plugin page after install
  • Added: WpInsight plugin tracking
  • Added: Notice for review plugin (WPDeveloper_Notice)
  • Improved: Dashboard view for new users
  • Fixed: Connect with empty api key

1.3.2 – 15/02/2021

  • Added: Candidate rating
  • Improved: Hide api key from settings
  • Fixed: Company verification settings host field and copy button

1.3.1 – 07/02/2021

  • Added: Ai score and Filter in job candidates
  • Added: Candidate data export in job
  • Added: Invite candidate in job
  • Fixed: Ai score is settings has no effect on candidates
  • Some minor bugfix

1.3.0 – 26/01/2021

  • Added: Candidate apply settings
  • Added: Custom category and skills settings
  • Added: Custom category and skills in job create and edit
  • Added: Custom apply fields in job create and edit
  • Fixed: Edit pipeline inserting empty pipeline stage
  • Fixed: After edit pipeline it is not showing delete button
  • Fixed: Changed recent job status from ongoing to active

1.2.3 – 17/01/2021

  • Fixed job expire date issue
  • Removed expired jobs from public job list

1.2.2 – 26/11/2020

  • Added : Company pipeline settings
  • Added : Company ai settings
  • Added : Subscription in settings
  • Fixed : Customizer return url
  • Fixed : Screening question bugs in job create and edit
  • Fixed : Quiz bugs in job create and edit
  • Fixed : Verification settings bug

1.2.1 – 23/11/2020

  • Added : New design for settings
  • Added : Company basic information settings
  • Added : Company photos and Colors settings
  • Added : Company verification notice and settings

1.2.0 – 15/11/2020

  • Added : Job create
  • Added : Job edit
  • Added : Job delete
  • Fixed : Pipeline edit

1.1.2 – 29/10/2020

  • Fixed : Customizer issues
  • Fixed : Some css issues in admin area
  • Fixed : Candidate list php warning
  • Added : Sign in with credentials
  • Added : Sign up
  • Added : Pipeline drag and drop feature
  • Added : Candidate Ai score

1.1.1 – 09/10/2020

  • Fixed : Showing alert on API disconnect
  • Fixed : Single Job Page Create issue
  • Added : Trim for string comparison

1.1.0 – 09/07/2020

  • Revamped whole plugin and added app like interface and functionality
  • Added : Dashboard page to show overview
  • Added : All Jobs page
  • Added : All Candidates page
  • Added : Single Candidates View page
  • Added : Pipeline page
  • Added : Customizer Options to change company landing page style
  • Added : Customizer Options to change job details page style
  • Added : Elementor Widget to create custom Career Page using Elementor
  • Lots of minor bugfix and improvements

1.0.4 – 11/05/2020

  • Fixed : Salary range and office time doesn’t show on job details

1.0.3 – 04/02/2020

  • Fixed : Job details timing issue

1.0.2 – 21/01/2020

  • Added apply url in job list

1.0.1 – 09/01/2020

  • Apply URL issue fixed
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements


  • Initial Stable Release