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Emails No Spam


Emails no spam ( emails-no-spam provides reliable mailing service to your company. The plugin is literally a blessing for everyone. Easy to use! Helped companies that were struggling to contact their customers through emails; because of the strict anti-spam filters that misread their messages; condemning them to the electronic trash can and the spam box. emails-no-spam does not promise that all recipients will receive your messages, but there will certainly be great breakthrough in their business. Companies that have already used have increased up to 400% in profits.


  • Use your wordpress posts as an email message
  • Write your posts using everything you imagine: Formatted texts, embedded videos or images
  • Write as many posts as you want. Unlimited Posts (PRO)
  • Use your own email accounts! ( or, etc.) and not third-party accounts, as they easily fall into blacklists
  • Import a csv file as a list of up to 1000 recipients at a time
  • Use our csv file template to not be confused
  • The csv file has more than 20 fields for you to use variable data in your message. Example% his_name%; % his_email%; etc.
  • Add cash credits and send as many messages as you need in your campaign (PRO)
  • Schedule a date for sending messages
  • Include, delete, modify, or re-initialize submissions to your lists
  • Delete duplicate recipients
  • Add the url of messages to your Cron service and let the machine do it all by itself (PRO)
  • Use our Email Support to answer all your questions (PRO).


  • Enable the ENS Menu created during the plugin installation.
  • Build your list of recipients. Something like Campaign # 1 …
  • Upload the csv file containing the recipients. If you need to download the example recipients.csv.
  • Select the post you want to send to your list recipients. Remember the post you wrote on your Worpress and saved it with Private status. Done! Now it’s just you shoot the messages … Ah! Do not forget to configure the Server.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/emails-no-spam directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Read some instructions (accessible via the admin menu: Plugins; Emails No Spam)
  4. Click on Appearance; Menus and Select Menu-ens for your main menu

Perguntas frequentes

Emails Is Spam Free?

Yes, however, the amount of messages you can send is ridiculous.

How do I add a new mail server?

Click the Servers menu and Add your new server

How do I send 1000 messages?

Create a New List
Name the new list and enter a date for the start of submissions
Import a list of recipients with up to 1000 records
Add a template (it’s simply one of your private posts)
Click Done.

How do I use the url of the message in a Cron service?

Copy the url and paste it into your Cron.
Schedule your Cron to shoot the day, hour and minute you want.

What is the order of the messages?

The order is by the date of the appointment.

Can my email be blocked for abuse?

Yes, so you should only send emails to people who have authorized you in advance.

Are the messages encrypted?

Yes in TLS.

Do the messages go to the SPAM box?

Sometimes yes, however, Emails In Spam has been victorious on this issue.

How do I add credits to send more messages?

Click on the Menu-Ens Login
Select the server that will receive the credits
Select the amount and amount of credits
Pay by PayPal
Credits will be released after payment

If I have further questions, may I ask?

Yes. Use Support in Menu-Ens.


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  • Added Servers Options


  • Added PHP Mailer Option


  • Added List Unsubscribe in the email head.


  • Added payment method Paypal with selection of the favorite currency.


  • Security Update.


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