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Popups by Embedery – A Modern WordPress Popup Plugin


A Modern WordPress Popup Plugin.

A WordPress plugin to easily integrate with Embedery widgets and popups to unlock the true potential of your website.

Embedery offers the best widgets to help with engaging your audience.

Embedery is a collection of widgets better understand your customer, to increase user engagement and to improve the user experience of your application or website.

This WordPress plugin will help with integrating with your Embedery widgets and to unlock the true potential of your website.

We tend to refer to our popups as widgets, since we see our popups far exceeding just popups.

Key Features

  • View your widgets from the WordPress admin
  • Gutenburg block supported to help with embedding widgets
  • Shortcode to embed your widgets
  • Modern, clean and responsive design

With Embedery

  • Easily manage who and when your widgets can be shown
  • An easy to use widget editor built from the ground up
  • Custom widget branding and styling
  • Real time data, see your widget submissions appear in real time
  • Tons of possible services to integrate your widgets with

Reach your website goals

With Embedery we help you achieve your goals, be it to grow a newsletter or to learn if a certain blog posts works. We have you covered.

Easily control your widgets

Managing your widgets is so easy its almost enjoyable, using our behaviours wizard you can conditionally show your widget.

Make your widgets your own

Our widget editor is incredibly easy and simple to use, using a number of options your widget will quickly match your website design.


We currently only suppport English, but we do plan to add support for other languages in the future.

Connecting your account

The next step after installation is to authorise your website to access your Embedery property. To do this,

  1. Navigate to the Embedery plugin administration page
  2. Click on “Connect your account”
  3. You will be navigated to, once there, select the property you want to pair
  4. Then you will be navigated back to your WordPress website, and your property will be paired
  5. Enjoy embedding your widgets into your pages and blog posts

Please note to ensure your widgets are embedding correctly, ensure you have set you property id in the Embedery panel found in the left admin sidebar.


  • Use a powerful widget editor.
  • Determine how your widget can be shown using Storyboards.
  • Integrate to over 1,500 other services.


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  • Popups by Embedery - A Modern WordPress Popup Plugin


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. From the WordPress Admin Panel, click on Plugins => Add New.
  3. Click on Upload, so you can directly upload your plugin zip file.
  4. Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, and then click on Install Now.
  5. Once installed, click “Activate”.

Perguntas frequentes

What is

Embedery is a widget management system designed to help a website optimise certain goals and help engage users.


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  • Fix some integration issues with
  • Add support for oembed provider
  • Aligned with Embedery elements


  • Minor tweaks to improve experience


  • Update landing page in plugin
  • Test with latest version of WordPress, v5.3.0
  • Minor tweaks to improve experience


  • Setup the plugin
  • Add support for a Gutenburg block
  • Add support for a widget shortcode
  • Initial release.