EZ Coming Soon


Display a fully customisable coming soon and maintenance page to your WordPress site. Use the basic pages provided by the plugin or add your own template to your child theme.

No complicated settings, and no visual builders. Just a straightforward one-button setup so you can focus on building your website.

The plugin also blocks access via the REST API and via XML-RPC so users can’t jump to see what you are building.

Full Options

  • None – Doesn’t block access to the site
  • Blank Screen – Only displays a white screen
  • Maintenance Mode – Displays maintenance mode text (Editable via the “Maintenance Mode Options” page in settings)
  • Basic Message – Displays a basic message (Editable via the “Basic Message Options” page in settings)
  • Use Template – Displays a template file defined in your theme called coming_soon.php
  • Login Screen – Redirects all requests to the login screen


The only place to download this plugin is from the WordPress Repo! Once downloaded, activate from the Plugins admin screen.


Este plugin não tem avaliações.

Contribuidores e programadores

“EZ Coming Soon” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:


Registo de alterações

We use the Semantic Versioning system of defining versions (https://semver.org/).
This means that version 1.10 is a minor update for the version 1.x branch and version 2.0 is a MAJOR update.
We will not wrap version numbers of double digits.


  • feat: add documentation link to plugin meta


  • fix: issue where users couldn’t login when they had the capability check
  • fix: make the cannot login message translatable
  • feat: publish language files


  • fix: WP_Error and WP_User weren’t included correctly


  • Fix issue with vendor not being included in the build output


  • Initial Version

For more information, see the plugin page