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Facebook Comments (OTF)


Facebook Comments (OTF) is part of the “Only The Functions” movement — A collection of WordPress plugins that give code-savvy users access to functions which return the information / functionality they are looking for, and allows them to place it where they want, without any hacking to change default behavior.

This plugin includes functions for displaying a Facebook comment form and functions for retrieving the comment count. View the installation instructions for more info regarding these functions.

For updates, follow @sawyerh.
You can contribute to this plugin on GitHub:


  1. Install the plugin
  2. Place the comment form function in your theme code (probably want to put it in single.php)

For moderation capabilities

  1. Create a Facebook App
  2. Copy the App ID and paste it into the plugin Settings (Settings » Facebook Comments)

Available Functions

When you place a plugin function into your theme, you will likely want to wrap it with an if( function_exists('FUNCTION_NAME_HERE') ) condition. This way, if the plugin gets disabled, your theme won’t explode.

fbc_comment_form( $args )
Outputs the Facebook comment form onto the page:

$args is an optional associative array that you can implement to override the following defaults:

  • (int) num_comments (Default = 10)
  • (int) width (Default = $content_width | 500)
  • (string) app_id (Default = option set in settings | null)
  • (string) color (light|dark, Default = light)
  • (int) id (Default = $post->ID)
  • (string) notify_email (Default = post author’s e-mail)

fbc_comment_count( $id, $zero, $single, $plural )
Outputs a formatted comment count structured for multiple scenarios (0, 1, and multiple comments) onto the page

  • (int) $id – Default = $post->ID
  • (string) $zero – Default = 0 comments
  • (string) $single – Default = 1 comment
  • (string) $plural – Default = comments

fbc_get_comment_count( $id )
Returns only the comment count number

  • (int) $id – Default = $post->ID

Contribuidores e programadores

“Facebook Comments (OTF)” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:

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