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Fetch Mailchimp Fields


This plugin looks up a Subscriber in MailChimp list and shows their merge fields.


Optional attributes

  • field_names
    • comma seperated string with list of fields
    • following shortcode will show only FNAME, LNAME fields.
      • [fetch_mailchimp_fields field_names=’FNAME, LNAME’]


  • Get merge field values of a MailChimp Subscriber


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Contribuidores e programadores

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Registo de alterações


  • added client/server side validations
  • setup npm build process for all js/css files that are used.
  • added nonce security check


  • added field_names attribute to allow user to specify list of fields to be shown
  • moved all mailchimp related methods into a seperate wrapper class
  • decoupled tailwindcss into its own file so end user can make custom changes to fetch-mailchimp-fields-public.css
  • displaying merge field names instead of tags in result set
  • made the plugin backward compatible and tested till 4.0


  • Initial release