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Floating Cart Woocommerce


woocommerce floating cart,If you use it you can show a dynamic floating cart in your website.It also has draggable feature so you can drag it anywhere in your website

major features in Woocommerce floating cart:

  • Automatically add cart in website.
  • No need to code a single line of code.
  • Draggable so place it anywhere you want.
  • It is very nicely designed and maintained.
  • It’s totally bug free and check to wp debug true.


  • This is the minimized cart container.It will float all around the place by drag and drop ability.
  • This is the cart details showing view.This view will be elaborated by clicking the cart icon in previous screenshot.
  • This is the view of Adding new product in cart by clicking add to cart button.


  • Login as Administrator of your portal;
  • Navigate to Plugins -> Add New;
  • Click on Upload;
  • Select and Upload the .zip file you downloaded from this website;
  • Activate the new plugin.
  • Note: this plugin requits WooCommerce installed


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Release Date – 12 December 2016