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Instantly populate your WP Job Manager site with jobs from the most popular job sites and/or job aggregators. This handy plugin fetches jobs from RSS feeds and imports them to your jobs database. Pick your favorite job site/job directory, look for the jobs RSS feed, paste it directly to Go Fetch Jobs and instantly get fresh jobs in your database!

To help you quickly getting fresh jobs from external sites, Go Fetch Jobs comes bundled with ready to use RSS feeds and detailed instructions on how to setup RSS feeds for job sites that provide them.

Easily categorize bulk job imports with job categories, job types, default custom fields values and expiry dates.

Besides the usual Title + Description + Date usually provided by RSS feeds, Go Fetch Jobs can also (optionally) extract and auto fill job companies logos, company names and locations, if that information is provided by the RSS feed.

It also comes with the ability to save import rules as templates so you can later recycle/re-use them for new imports.

Upgrade to a Premium plan to keep it automatically updated with fresh jobs added every day, through automatic schedules! (*)

Features include:

  • Ready to use RSS Feeds from popular providers, including jobs.theguardian.com, with detailed setup instructions
  • Import jobs from any valid RSS feed
  • Seamless integration with WPJM jobs
  • Assign job expiry date
  • Save import rules as templates
  • Company logos on select providers
  • Company names and job locations on select providers

  • And more…

Additional features, exclusive to Premium plans include:

  • Ready to use RSS feeds from popular job sites including: monster.com, indeed.com, careerjet.com and craigslist
  • Pull jobs from Indeed, Careerjet, ZipRecruiter, Jobs2Careers, AdView, and CVLibrary API’s
  • Custom RSS builder for select providers that allows creating custom RSS feeds with specific keywords/location
  • Automated scheduled imports
  • Positive and negative keyword filtering
  • Job Types/Categories mappings for Smart Assign
  • Ability to extract incomplete/missing meta data directly from provider site on select providers (can extract full job descriptions, companies, locations and logos – e.g: Indeed)
  • ‘Test’ or ‘Run’ schedules directly from the schedules page
  • Set your own time interval between schedule runs
  • Extract and auto-fill job company names and locations on select providers
  • Auto assign job types and job categories based on each job content

  • And more…

Visit the official website for more details on features and available plans.

(*) You can upgrade to any plan directly from the plugin.


  • Existing RSS Providers List
  • Load Saved Import Templates
  • RSS Feed Setup Detailed Instructions
  • Custom RSS Feed Builder
  • Fetch Job Companies Logos
  • Set Job Providers Information / Optional URL Parameters
  • Set Job Details for Imported Jobs
  • Filters / Save Templates
  • Job Listings for Imported Jobs (Frontend)
  • Single Job Page for Imported Jobs (Frontend)
  • Settings Page
  • Jobs Filter & Provider Column


  1. Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.
  2. A new Menu named ‘Go Fetch Jobs’ will be available on the left sidebar.

Perguntas frequentes

How do I activate my premium plan after purchase ?

After your purchase, deactivate the Free version and download and activate the premium version. Under Go Fetch Jobs > Account, click ‘Sync’ or the Activate Plan button.
If the premium plan is not activated immediately please try again later since it can take a few minutes until the server is updated.


7 de Abril, 2020
It's a great plugin and works. But it appears that it doesn't support WP Job Manager for me. For that reason, its overpriced for me.
29 de Janeiro, 2020
Great plugin and great author ( Bruno Carreço ) Bruno included nuveoo api in less then a week when we asked for it. Great support, He well deserved the 5 stars.
29 de Novembro, 2018
I like this plugin. It is easy to use, fast. You can get easily the jobs from WP Job Manager plugin populated. If you work on the development of jobs website this plugin is pure gold and saves you time. Thanks for this plugin!
1 de Maio, 2018
I don't often rave about how things should be done, but if you ever want an example of a great plugin and fantastic aftercare you get it here. functionality and user experience are great. It does what is is supposed to do very well. Post sales support really makes an effort to resolve issues first time. If I could add a 6th start I would.
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Contribuidores e programadores

“Go Fetch Jobs (for WP Job Manager)” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:


Registo de alterações
– Added new provider ‘remoteok’ – ‘https://remoteok.io/’
– Added support for ‘logo’ and ‘category’ tags for Jobs2Careers provider
– Updated ‘Craigslist’ domain name to ‘.org’

– ‘Submit Resume & Apply’ button showing for imported jobs when ‘Resumes Manager’ add-on was active
– Backend job listings sorting not wokring when custom filters were applied
– Added support for ‘logo’ and ‘category’ tags for Jobs2Careers provider

– Job source pointing to 404 when visitors applications were disabled

– Added support for new multi-country API – Neuvoo (https://neuvoo.com/)
– Removed scraping ability from ZipRecruiter since its blocked by the provider
– Looks for for pipes (|) and commas (,) on feeds that might contain multiple terms

– Disable source link when ‘Allow Visitors to Apply’ is checked

– Added scraping support to ‘Dribbble’
– Added ‘MediaBistro’ provider (media jobs – supports metadata scraping)
– Added ‘SalesHeads’ provider (sales jobs)
– Added ‘Healthcarejobs’ provider (healthcare jobs)
– Added ‘GitHub Jobs’ provider (coding jobs)
– Removed ‘totaljobs.com’ provider since it no longer provides RSS feeds
– Removed ‘us.jobs’ provider since it no longer provides RSS feeds
– Removed ‘sap.dice.com’ provider since it no longer provides RSS feeds
– Moved all provider logos to ‘/images/’logo folder

– CVLibrary application URL’s returning ‘none’
– Option ‘Allow Visitors to Apply’ showing apply button when unchecked