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Ideal Interactive Map


Have you come across the idea of implementing a map on your WordPress site, but found it difficult to implement and costly to be outsourced? I had thought the same way as well few months back.

This is a fully functional world map with clickable country links that will pop a dedicated individual description. Each country is represented by an auto generated flag.

This complete list of countries around the globe with distinctive maps will help you implement an interactive, professional and lavishly looking map. We owe for the fulfilment of this plugin.

I aim to lessen the complex part of implementing this plugin and focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

I am very much into WordPress community and its a great opportunity to share my part. Am sharing this plugin absolutely at no cost. Everybody is very much welcome to modify the codes or email me for improvements that you can suggest.

I cannot promise my availability to attend into is ASAP but ill try my best to reach out and I will appreciate you taking time to send me feedbacks.


[iwg_maps] or [iwg_maps zoom_level=”3″ zoom_longitude= “121” zoom_latitude=”12″]

How to

Additional Plugin Features

  • Complete Country list
  • You can set colour for each country
  • Pop-up for full description for the selected country
  • Flag per country
  • Map attributes for zoom_level, zoom_longitude, zoom_latitude

Resources Used


  • Full map
  • Active/clicked individual country
  • Manage Map Admin part


1) Upload the Ideal Interactive Map plugin to your website and Activate it.

2) Create new page and paste this shortcode [iwg_maps] to the wysiwyg WordPress Editor.

3) Once you had successfully set up the plugin, you should be able to find Manage Maps menu on the WordPress admin menu on the left hand side of your admin page.

4) Manage Maps section will give you the freedom to add the countries that you wanted to include in your map. You don’t have to worry about the lists of the country names as it is already completely laid upon in a drop down format.

Shortcode Example

[iwg_maps] or [iwg_maps zoom_level=”3″ zoom_longitude= “121” zoom_latitude=”12″]


7 Julho, 2022
This is a Great Plugin. However, due to it not being up to date with PHP. The Popup description is not formatted correctly... (All text is in 1 block, instead of many lines of text). I have now found the issue, and fixed my end. In interactive-map.php on Line 120 + 137 the code = get_the_content() Needs to be changed to: apply_filters('the_content', get_the_content()) This is because sometimes get_the_content() and the_content() functions a variable sent to a PHP count() could be NULL and that is an issue for PHP 7.2 I hope this helps anyone else having this problem 😀
21 Maio, 2019
Very easy to configure, and very nice on front end. For a new version maybe : add the possibility to configure continent in one shot : europe, asia for those who don't need the details country by country. Tks for your work.
3 Setembro, 2016
It´s easy to handle and looks great - much better than other, non-free plugins.
3 Setembro, 2016
Excellent! there are some few minor issues (like few flags missing ) but overall, excellent.
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  • Minor fixes


  • Flags Issues
  • Added Defaults Colors (Disabled country, Added Countries, Rollover and selected Country)
  • Added option to disable the flag
  • Removed scripts from none associated pages
  • Fixed Template issues


  • Bug fix- unloaded map reported by dfl1955 @


  • Added shortcode attributes zoom_level, zoom_longitude, zoom_latitude
  • Removed settings page
  • Updated country list from Google


  • First release