Ignore block name in search


Este plugin modifica a função nativa de pesquisa do WordPress para ignorar nomes de blocos nos conteúdos de artigos e páginas.

With this plugin activated the unexpected search results are fixed which are reported in #3739 and in #56294


  1. Carregue o ficheiro zip deste plugin na sua página de plugins ou pesquise por Ignore block name in search e instale-o directamente a partir do directório de plugins
  2. Active o plugin no menu Plugins do WordPress
  3. Concluído!

Perguntas frequentes

Não vejo quaisquer alterações.

Este plugin não tem qualquer página de opções, apenas modifica a pesquisa interna para ignorar comentários HTML na notação do conteúdo.

Imagine a development blog using a syntaxhighlighting block. If you search on this blog to find posts with the term “syntaxhighlighting” you will get every post with code and not only those post which are really about syntax highlighting.

I need more features!

This plugin just wants to solve this particular problem without too much overhead. If you need more customizations to your search, then please have a look at Relevanssi.

It is building up an index from your content and is therefore solving the underlying issue in another way with much more ways to customize it. And it will be even faster.

Posso ajudá-lo?

Thanks for asking! Yes, I’m very interested in edge cases and incompatibilities (other plugins or server configurations).
Please report on the Github page.


Props for helping to fix this go to espiat, l1nuxjedi, mustafauysal, ravishaheshan, and websupporter!


Este plugin não tem avaliações.

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Registo de alterações


  • Added back link to error message, if REGEXP_REPLACE is not supported
  • Fixed some typos


  • Changed approach to remove the markup (now requires MySQL 8.0.4+ or MariaDB 10.0.5+)


  • Lançamento inicial