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InPlayer Paywall


InPlayer is a global leader in providing solutions for digital publishers who wish to protect
and monetize their content via a paywall or registration layer.

The InPlayer WordPress Plugin streamlines our existing technology for WordPress publishers, allowing content owners
to set up a paywall around any type of embeddable content, from video to documents to entire web pages.

Any site can use the InPlayer Paywall to generate a new revenue stream from your content.
We have a range of pricing options you can offer to your users including hourly, daily, weekly or monthly tariffs.

InPlayer accepts all major Credit Cards, and supports pricing in euros, US dollars and British pounds sterling.

Setting up the paywall is simple – download the WordPress plugin and follow our simple step-by-step wizard to create your account.
InPlayer Paywall is free to install and use – we only charge a small fee and percentage per transaction.

For more information, please visit

Having troubles with the plugin? Contact us at


  • Create new InPlayer Merchant account
  • You will receive confirmation code on your email address. Paste the activation code in the confirmation code field, and login with your account after successful activation.
  • Connect valid PayPal account before you start monetizing your content. You will receive withdrawals of your collected funds to the connected PayPal account.
  • Create asset in the Add Asset Section. Choose your preferred asset type. HTML/Iframe or OVP hosted video.
  • Add the title and the content that the visitor should pay for.
  • Create Prices and Preview Template details. Minimum asset price is 3 EUR/GBP/USD
  • Publish your asset and get your embeddable shortcode in the top right corner.
  • Paste the shortcode of the created asset into one of your posts on the preferred location where the content will be shown.
  • How will the visitor see the protected premium asset.
  • Once visitors click the buy button, they can create new InPlayer account or login with an existing one.
  • Once the account is created the Visitor can choose the price option and click next.
  • After selecting the price option, lastly the visitor need to enter his card details and pay for the premium asset.
  • After successful payment the paywall will immediately replace the preview template in the post with the premium asset content.
  • In the transactions tab you can list your transactions, see details of your purchases and your available balance in your currency accounts. Once you reach above 50 EUR/GBP/USD you can make withdrawal of the funds into your PayPal account.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly
  2. Select the InPlayer Paywall from your WordPress menu and follow the on screen instructions to create your account
  3. You will need to link a valid PayPal account with providing email, first name and last name

Requirements: Minimum PHP version of 5.4

Perguntas frequentes

What is InPlayer Paywall?

InPlayer Paywall is a powerful monetization tool that allows a publisher to protect and monetize any digital asset.
Built with WordPress users in mind, this is an enterprise-grade tool for selling access to any kind of digital content.
We enable publishers and content creators to charge any amount, on their own sites, with pricing rules that they control.

How much does it cost?

InPlayer Paywall is free for WordPress users to download and use within their CMS.
We only charge when you make money, on a revenue share basis. The revenue share will be automatically deducted from your Paypal account. For further information please contact

What can I protect?

InPlayer Paywall can be used as a monetization layer across any embeddable WordPress content, from text to videos to music.
You simply paste the asset you wish to protect into our Asset wizard, choose tariffs and branding,
and you’ll receive a Shortcode which can be used in place of the original embed.

Is payment on your site secure?

No sensitive data will ever hit your servers, saving you from massive security headaches. InPlayer is certified to PCI Service Provider.

What is the experience like for my users?

When a user visits your page, they will click on the preview image or buy button and an overlay will appear.
Here they can create an InPlayer account which will allow them to pay for your premium asset.
The paywall will disappear for the duration of time you set for your asset, and reappear when the period has elapsed.
If they are allowed access, the paywall will disappear and they can view the premium asset.

What is an InPlayer asset?

InPlayer asset is the content that you like to protect behind the InPlayer Paywall. Currently provided asset types are:
Any HTML Content or iframe with the HTML Asset
Any video hosted on OVP platforms. The first integrated OVP VIDEO Asset is Ooyala.
We will frequently work on updating the support for more OVP integrations and CDN hosted videos with variety of different players.

How to create InPlayer asset?

Creating Asset
Name your asset.
Give the asset a title that you will recognize later on.
Selecting Asset
Before creating your Ooyala asset you must connect your Ooyala account with InPlayer account in settings section of the plugin in the Accounts tab. Once you link your Ooyala account you can choose from your created videos.
If you select HTML asset you will have an editor where you can create your html code. You can also use any iframes and other embed code.
Set the price and create the access options
Once you name your asset and fill the content you need to create a price tags by creating new access fees. You can create multiple access fees for one asset. The description, the access period, the amount, and the currency are the properties of the Access Fee.
Create preview template
Describe what content you are protecting in the description field.
Add any image url or upload your own image in the preview image field.
The preview template defines how the visitors on your websites will see the content before they can purchase the asset.

How to sell InPlayer asset?

Once you create your asset you will get a shortcode in the top right corner of the page. You can copy and paste that shortcode anywhere in your posts. When the users visit a post with a shortcode in it, the plugin will serve the preview template and button for purchasing, instead of the shortcode in your post content.
Once users want to buy an asset, they will be prompted with an option for creating customer account in the InPlayer platform or logging in with an existing one. The customers that are registered in the InPlayer platform can be used only with your InPlayer merchant account. They are only your audience. If you decide to change the merchant account after you deactivate and activate your plugin you will lose your audience from the first account.
We will soon add the audience section in the plugin where you can check the details of your customers.
Once the customer is logged in the paywall, he can choose the price option or the access fee that fits best for him.
Lastly, he will need to fill out a form with his credit card details and purchase the asset.
After the successful purchase, the InPlayer plugin will replace the preview template section of your website with the paid content from your premium asset.

Having troubles with the plugin? Contact us at


Minimum PHP version of 5.4


23 Novembro, 2016
This plugin is something I was looking for a long time. It’s very easy to set up and manage. Plus, the support team is great.
14 Novembro, 2016
Bumped into this while trying several plugins in order to protect/restrict access to certain parts of a site. What this plugin advertise, it delivers. Easy to install, setup and start getting revenue.
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