Jim Soft Swiss QR Invoice


You want to create the new payment slips with QR code?
With Jim Soft QR Invoice you can do it in no time.
We offer you a simple, easy-to-use WooCommerce extension that lets you create the new payment slips quickly and easily.


  • Very easy to set up: You just need to store your (QR-)IBAN and start right away.
  • No QR IBAN? You can also work with a normal IBAN without ESR, the invoices are still future-proof for the upcoming changes in 2022.
  • Many setting options: Logo & color scheme, as well as positioning of the individual elements you can customize yourself. In addition, there are free text fields, with which you can supplement the invoices.
  • Order items & total: Optionally, you can output various additional information on the invoice, including order items, current date, information about the creditor (eg VAT number), etc.
  • Invoices are directly ready for printing: After entering the IBAN, the invoices are already configured so that they are directly ready for printing.
  • Compatible for window letters: If you send the invoices by mail or enclose them in the package, you can freely position the customer’s address so that it fits directly into the address window.
  • Additional payment option “Pay with QR-bill”.
  • Attach QR invoice to order confirmation for existing payment options
  • Attach QR invoice to specific email types
  • Available in English & German

Template hooks

do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_before_title", WC_Order $order)
do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_after_title", WC_Order $order)

do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_after_item_title",  WC_Order_Item $item)
do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_after_item_meta", WC_Order_Item $item)

do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_before_item_quantity",  WC_Order_Item $item)
do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_after_item_quantity", WC_Order_Item $item)

do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_before_item_subtotal",  WC_Order_Item $item)
do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_after_item_subtotal",  WC_Order_Item $item)

do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_after_order_details_text", WC_Order $order)
do_action("jimsoft_qrpdf_after_table", WC_Order $order)

if you need more hooks, just contact us by mail 🙂


  • Settings 1: The debtor details for the invoice.
  • Settings 2: Text size, colors, logo (size & positioning).
  • Settings 3: Customer, vendor and date/location configuration/positioning.
  • preview of a PDF invoice
  • Settings 4: Payment option “Pay with QR-bill”.
  • Settings 5: Attach QR invoice to order confirmation for existing payment options.

Perguntas frequentes

Until when can the old payment slips (red and orange) still be used?

The old payment slips can only be used until 30.9.2022.

What is the QR IBAN?

This is a unique bank reference number for your account. This is assigned by your house bank for your bank account so that incoming payments can be processed automatically.

Can the QR Invoice also be used for deposits at the post office counter?

Yes, as with red and orange payment slips, the QR-bill (payment part with receipt) can also be used for payment at the post office counter. In addition, a receipt is still available for confirming deposits.

Can additional information such as VAT number, alternative payment methods, etc. be inserted in the PDF?

Yes, through free text fields additional information can be easily inserted in the PDF directly in the settings.


13 Março, 2024
Funktioniert alles wie gewünscht. Spezielle Konfigurationen sind nicht abgefangen aber für die meisten Konfigurationen ist alles dabei.
1 Outubro, 2022
Ich habe von einem anderen Swiss QR-Plugin zu Jim Soft Swiss QR Invoice gewechselt und bin sehr zufrieden damit. Das Plugin lässt sich einfach in einen bestehenden WooCommerce Shop integrieren und die Gestaltung der QR-Rechnung bietet umfassende Design-Möglichkeiten an.
1 Julho, 2022
Fantastique ! Ce plugin est très simple à installer et à paramétrer. Il offre une souplesse extraordinaire pour positionner les éléments du haut de page, ce qui est particulièrement intéressant pour définir l’emplacement de l’adresse client (permettant ainsi de s’adapter à tous types d’enveloppes à fenêtre -droite ou gauche-). De plus la possibilité de définir l’adresse de l’entête de l’entreprise distinctement de celle figurant dans la QR-facture permet d’utiliser des comptes spécifiques selon la sous-activité correspondant.
8 Junho, 2022
Dieses Plugin ist sehr gut und einfach zu integrieren. Super Sache um QR Rechnungen als PDF aus Woocommerce zu erstellen. Professioneller Support.
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Registo de alterações


  • First release.


  • Auto-Pagebreak with large Orders


  • Additional payment option “Pay with QR-bill”
  • Attach QR invoice to order confirmation for existing payment options


  • Bugfix: for PHP 8.0 and higher
  • Bugfix: check if class “WC_Payment_Gateway” exists


  • New Feature: Display order item meta in PDF invoice


  • Change: Append invoice slip in the last page in the pdf, not the first page


  • New Feature: Margin Left & Margin Right settings for pdf
  • Bugfix: Show also billing company on pdf


  • Bugfix: PDF Template Order comment in Payment Slip


  • Change: Change Position of customer Notice in pdf and add new template variables


  • Bugfix: remove table offset in pdf


  • Add [shipping_method] and [payment_method_title] to template variables


  • Feature: Add border to summary table in pdf & add new placeholder [customer_note]


  • Clean up translation strings


  • Feature: change different fontsizes


  • Bugfix: Order list text indentation


  • add placeholder: [current_date], [order_date_created], [order_date_completed]
  • add shortcode [jimsoft_display_qr_payslip order_id=”XX”]


  • choose email types for invoice attachment


  • add customer_invoice email type to default email types


  • fix pdf download link for special cases


  • fix display company and name in debtor address on pdf


  • show PDF generate Button in new high performance storage WooCommerce order table


  • add hooks to template files


  • format fix readme file


  • format fix readme file again


  • format readme code


  • bugfix template get_sku on boolean