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JobBoard is the most powerful WordPress plugin to create job portal. Fully responsive, work with any SEO plugin and works with any WordPress theme.

Job Listing

The plugin has strong and powerful Job listing module
* **Grid View Job Listing ** – Grid View.
* **List View Job Listing ** – Grid View.

Registration & Prfile form builder

  • **The plugin has Registration & Prfile form builder form site admin ** – Video.

Registration module

The plugin has Registration module and shortcode

Login module

The plugin has Login module and shortcode

Front-End Employer dashboard

A beautiful interface front-end interface for Employer who will submit job and manage candidates.
* Job Post dashboard [Add/edit Delete]
* Candidates Manage [Short List, Meeting Schedule,Contact,Reject]
* Candidates Bookmark
* Employer Bookmark
* Message Archive
* Job Notifications
* Saved Jobs
* Employer setting

Front-End Candidates dashboard

A beautiful interface front-end interface for Candidates. Candidates can create Resume and apply job.
* Resume Builder with PDF generator
* Job Appy Archive
* Candidates Bookmark
* Employer Bookmark
* Message Archive
* Job Notifications
* Saved Jobs
* Candidates setting


  • Candidates Directory
  • Employer Directory

Public Profile

  • Candidates Public Profile with PDF
  • Employer Public Profile


  • Strong Job search
  • Ajax Apply
  • CSV Job Importer
  • PDF Maker
  • WPML & Loco or any other translation plugin support
  • User Registration
  • job board My account / Front-end Dashboard
  • User Setting
  • User Change Password
  • Manage candidate
  • Manage Jobs
  • Message
  • Job Nitification
  • Saved Job
  • Saved candidate
  • Saved Employer
  • Resume Builder
  • Job Applied List
  • User Photo Upload
  • User Video Upload
  • job board Email Templates
  • Welcome job board Email template
  • Forget job board Password Email template
  • job board Notification Email template
  • Candidate Apply Email template
  • Employer Directory + Profile
  • Candidate Directory +Profile
  • And Lots of other settings


  • Plugin supports Loco, WPML or any translation plugin and you can translate plugin’s all text in your languages.
  • Already completed Spanish (es_ES) 18%
  • Already completed French (fr_FR) 23%
  • Already completed German (de_DE) 3%


  • Job Listing Grid View
  • Job Listing List View
  • Job Post in Back-end
  • Applicants in Back-end
  • Message in Back-end
  • Profile form builder
  • Setting in Back-end
  • Home page using plugin shortcode
  • Job Detail page
  • Job Apply popup
  • Demo Importer
  • Registration Module
  • Candidate Directory
  • Candidate Profile
  • Candidate PDF
  • Applicants in Front-End
  • Job Listing in Front-End
  • Job Notifications in Front-End
  • New Job listing in Front-End
  • Applicants in Front-End
  • Saved candidates in Front-End
  • Message in Front-End
  • User Profile setting in Front-End
  • Latest Job Shortcode
  • Latest Job & Feature jobs Shortcode
  • CSV importer


Check our official documentation for more information

Automatic installation

  1. Search for Jobboard through ‘Plugins > Add New’ interface.
  2. Find the plugin box of Jobboard and click on the ‘Install Now’ button.
  3. Then activate the Jobboard plugin.


13 Março, 2024 1 reply
I am not even exaggerating. I have spent over two weeks lookin for a perfect job board for my consultancy firm and this just gave me all i needed. UIX/UX is an 100. Everything is just perfect and I am really overwhelmed. Thank you for this. Please, do not every think of closin up. please. PS: I have been using WordPress for almost 7 years and this is the FIRST time I am droppin a review for any plugin
9 Novembro, 2022
This is what I was looking for as in a job portal. From employers to candidates, manage easily. Had few request with design layouts, and Aktar from support helped me to sort them out quickly. Thanks for a great plugin
8 Agosto, 2022
Hi wanted to use Job Board in french. The support as been helpful and very quick to help. I recommend this solution.
18 Julho, 2022
I found in this plugin what I needed, it work well as expected. During installation and setup I faced with a couple of problem, that support fixed very very quickly.
1 Junho, 2022 1 reply
This plugin is very convenient for making job boards. Multi-functional and easy to use. I’m Japanese and not good at English. But the support staff kindly answered my question.
21 Fevereiro, 2022
Very nice job board. Very customizable. If there if something you don’t like or can not make with the software, the creator will message you back quickly to resolve it. Really glad I found this plug-in after wasting my money
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Registo de alterações

1.2.5 – 29 August 2023

  • Add Another job Notification in cron job

1.2.2 – 5 August 2023

  • Update Notification

1.2.0 – 9 July 2023

  • Bugfix in Job Expire date check and hide from front-end

1.1.7 – 13 June 2023

  • Bugfix in signup page- File upload error

1.1.6 – 30 January 2023

  • Bugfix in Search

1.1.5 – 03 September 2022

  • Bugfix on Signup form submit button

1.1.4 – 03 September 2022

  • Bugfix on attached file for apply popup

1.1.3 – 09 August 2022

  • Bugfix on js file for multilanguages

1.1.2 – 08 August 2022

  • Added new listing layout with popup filter

1.0.8 -01 June 2022

  • Bug fixed for Japanese post title

1.0.7 -23 February 2022

  • Add feature image option on front-end

1.0.6 -22 February 2022

  • Bug fixed

1.0.5 -18 February 2022

  • Add Job Experience Range updated option.

1.0.4 -15 February 2022

  • Deleted User post add permission.

1.0.3 -13 February 2022

  • Bug Fixed.

1.0.2 -7 February 2022

  • Bug Fixed.

1.0.1 -13 November 2021

  • Release Date.