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JoomSport achievements is a flexible and universal solution to build your sports league site for sports where many players compete with each other simultaneously in each attempt. Ideal plugin to orginize a site dedicated to Olympic games as it suitable for most of the Olympic sports.

Main features

  • Robust but simple structure with three main items: league, season and stage
  • Hierarchical Season with season table filters and ranking based on stage categories
  • Ranking by Points or selected Result field
  • Categorized stages with ability to add results for each player
  • Player profiles with stage results, description and photo
  • Responsive and professionally designed pages based on bootstrap framework
  • Extra fields that allows you adding more information to selected sport data


Product demo available

Sports potentially supported

  • Motor sport racing
  • Athletics (Running, Jumping)
  • Aquatics (Swimming, Diving)
  • Skiing (ski jumping, all types of snow skiing, snowboarding)
  • Horse races
  • Fishing
  • Skating
  • Biathlon
  • Cycling
  • Canoeing
  • Bobsleigh
  • Skateboarding
  • Triathlon
  • Pentathlon
  • Weightlifting
  • Surfing
  • Shooting
  • Archery
  • Figure skating
  • Golf (for single players)
  • Bowling
  • Air sports
  • Dancing
  • Poker
  • Darts for double and triple competitions
  • any other sport where there is a match/game between MANY participants in each attempt…

Other products by BearDev

  • JoomSport – solution for such sports as football, soccer, hockey, basketball, volleball etc. It is based on structure where TWO participants compete with each other in single match
  • Sport predictions for JoomSport WordPress plugin


Check translations available on translation page

Video Tutorials

By place and points ranking

Our Slogan and Global Goal

We push our client’s projects to new level. Our global goal – to develop top quality software for sport league complete management.


  • Season table
  • Season stages view
  • Stage view
  • Player profile
  • Season edit
  • Stage edit
  • Player edit


9 Julho, 2018
Спасибо, хороший плагин, гибкая настройка. 1. Было бы здорово добавить список компаний-организаторов, по аналогии с Игроками. 2. Также было бы классно, чтобы был календарь событий/соревнований. 3. Добавить возможность Игрокам самим регистрироваться, заполнять о себе информацию. 4. Добавить возможность записаться на соревнования. 5. Добавить возможность регистрации Организатором, с возможностью корректировать информацию о соревновании, вносить результаты.
11 Dezembro, 2017 1 reply
Had a issue configuring the plugin. However the support was brilliant we did a skype session and the support chap walked me through how to setup the plugin with the fishing leagues in mind. The site uses, divi builder and this works fine with it. No issues great support, plugin and exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much.
12 Outubro, 2017 1 reply
Joomsport Achievements is simply the best plugin for racing/golf/athletics etc… Support perfect Highly suggested
25 Setembro, 2017
It’s flexible, easy to use and with a great customer service. It works really good. 5 stars!
23 Agosto, 2017
JoomSport had worked with me to ensure this addon would work well on my site, and that it would contain all the features necessary for my niche sport. 🙂 Excellent product, excellent support. Highly recommend!!
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Registo de alterações


  • PHP 8.x compatibility


  • PHP 8.x compatibility
  • results field sort
  • results fields delete warning


  • PHP 7.4 compatibility


  • Add ability to sum more then two result fields. New type of result field added.


version overview


  • Split places for equal results.
  • Stage add button style
  • CSS styles changes
  • Do not allow empty categories


  • Add default Time field for Stage
  • Show date field on Stage page
  • Rename incorrect “Date” result field to “Time”


  • Show result Column on season page for result ranking case



  • New ability to rank season tables based on SUM Ascending
  • Stage and Season featured photo
  • Added countable results fields
  • Added result field types
  • Stages are grouped by season on player page


  • Translation fix
  • Removed Points column when ranked by result field
  • Deleting categories issues
  • Ranking for negative numbers
  • Recount stages during Season update



  • ability to rank season tables based on SUM/MAX/MIN of selected result field instead of Points
  • added feedback widget
  • Player photos (1 photo is available)
  • Stages button on stage results view


  • CSS styles changes
  • better league selection
  • FIX: naming and text changes


Initial stable release