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Kelkoo Group Shopping


About Kelkoo Group Publisher Network

Kelkoo Group’s publisher products are designed to make earning revenue from merchant offers as simple and flexible as possible. There is no better way to leverage Kelkoo Group’s extensive experience in the shopping comparison marketplace. With presence in 22 countries worldwide and with many millions of offers across thousands of merchants the Kelkoo Group Publisher Network can help you extend your reach further than ever before. Kelkoo Group can supply offers to you in two ways. Either directly as data – to present as you see fit – or through Kelkoo Group Ads, our display-advertising platform. To learn more about the Kelkoo Group Publisher Network, please click here.

About Kelkoo Group Shopping wordpress plugin (Beta)

The Kelkoo Group Shopping plugin is the official Kelkoo Group Plugin for WordPress. It is completely free. The plugin enables you to add Publisher ads/content units to any WordPress page or post.

Step by step

Download the plugin from WordPress

  1. Download the plugin from WordPress
  2. Activate the plugin in WordPress
  3. Go to “Settings” in WordPress and click the “KK Publisher Signup page
  4. Complete signup form

Once your application has been approved (this can take up to a few days):

  1. Log in here
  2. Retrieve your Kelkoo ID and Key by clicking on the left menu “eCommerce Services”
  3. Enter ID and Key in plugin Settings page on WordPress

You can now create your Ad!

  1. On plugin page go to “Ad Builder”
  2. Enter a name for the ad
  3. Choose Ad type
  4. Choose ad dimensions
  5. Select the number of offers to display in the ad
  6. Customize the font and colour of title, price and brand
  7. Cusomize the background and border colour of the ad
  8. Click “Create new ad” button

You can preview the ad at any time

Once created you’re free to add the new ad to any WordPress post or page

2 ways to to it

  • Retrieve the shortcode and copy paste it into any post or page
    /!\ The following feature isn’t available in Gutenberg editor
  • From post or page edition:
    1. click the ‘K’ icon on top of the edition panel
    2. select the ad from the dropdown
    3. choose a keyword and click ok

Follow-up ads performance from your performance dashboard on


You must review and accept the Kelkoo Group Publisher Network Terms and Conditions.

The plugin is currently in beta. We intend to regularly add new features and enhancements throughout the beta period and beyond, and welcome your feedback and input!


  • Install step by step : First go to "Plugin" wordpress menu
  • Click the "Add new" button
  • Search for "Kelkoo group shopping"
  • From the result click on the "Install Now" button
  • Once installed, go to the plugin menu and activate the plugin
  • Go to the "Settings" in "Plugin" menu and click "KK Publisher signup page" link
  • Complete the signup form
  • Once approuved, log on our extranet and copy your settings to the plugin "Settings" form.



  • Requires PHP Version: 5.3 or higher
  • Requires WordPress Version: 4.0 or higher
  • Become a Publisher: to become a Publisher create an Kelkoo Group Publisher account directly on our Publisher Extranet.

Install and settings

Installation from WordPress dashboard

To install the Kelkoo Group Shopping plugin:

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.
  2. In the search field type “Kelkoo Group Shopping” and click Search Plugins. You can install it by simply clicking Install Now.
  3. Once installed navigate to the Plugins menu again and activate the plugin
  4. On plugin page go to “Settings” and click the “KK Publisher Signup page
  5. Complete the signup form and wait for approval

Installation via FTP Client Software

  1. Extract the .ZIP archive to a local folder on your PC. It should contain a subfolder named
  2. Upload unzipped Kelkoo-Group-Shopping folder from Plugins folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory using your favorite FTP client software Make sure you have setup Transfer Mode – Binary, because files can be broken upon transfer with ASCII mode
  3. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins, Click Activate
  4. On plugin page go to “Settings” and click the “KK Publisher Signup page
  5. Complete the signup form and wait for approval

Kelkoo Group settings

Once your application has been approved (this can take up to a few days)
In order to work you must retrieve your Kelkoo Group ID + Key from your Publisher Extranet Dashboard and enter them along with the country code within the Settings panel on the WordPress Dashboard.

  1. Log in “here
  2. Retrieve your Kelkoo ID and Key by clicking on the left menu “eCommerce Services”
  3. Enter ID and Key in plugin Settings page on WordPress

Perguntas frequentes

Where can I find more information on the Kelkoo Group Publisher Network?

You can find more information on the Publisher page of our B2B website:

How does the plugin work?

The plugin makes real-time calls to the Kelkoo Group Shopping API to search for, and return information on items in Kelkoo Group’s product catalogue. The security credentials provided in the Settings console are used for signing API requests – please don’t share them with anyone else.

Can I track the performance of the ad units created using the plugin?

Yes. You can track the performance of each ad unit you create. The performance of each ad unit can be observed separately as each ad unit has a unique ad ID. All earnings information for your ad units can be viewed using the Ads Report section in your Publisher Extranet.

What information is shared with Amazon?

Information we gather from the Kelkoo Group Shopping wordpress plugin’s users helps us to its performance, troubleshoot technical issues, and generally improve the plugin. We only capture information on impressions, clicks, and sales for Kelkoo Group ad units in accordance with the Privacy policy.

Where can I find support?

For more information on key features as well as getting started you can review the About section under the Kelkoo Group Shopping plugin menu bar. Alternatively, you can view the Kelkoo Group Shopping plugin User Guide. If you get stuck, or have any questions, you can ask for help in the Kelkoo Group Shopping plugin Forum.

How can I add links to different Kelkoo Group countries in my blog?

You can search for products using keywords in any supported country, but you have to mention which countries you are interested in when signin up as a Publisher. For example, if you are a blogger in UK interested in linking to Kelkoo Group US merchants offers, then you will need to select the US when signing up and get the corresponding ID.

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