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Direct math input with MathQuill


Type complex math expressions easily into your wordpress page using MathQuill ( This plugin adds a new block editor called ‘Direct math input’ in the ‘widgets’ category.

Math expressions are saved in LaTeX format and rendered by MathQuill during pageview.


After installing, a new block editor called ‘Direct math input’ will be available. Each block contains a MathQuill instance
where you can edit math right on your page.

When the math editor is focused, you can enter math symbols using your keyboard or via copy/paste.
See the homepage for a visual demonstration of how to input math.

Some common keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

  • / (forward slash) Enter a new fraction, with focusable input areas for numerator and denominator
  • ^ (caret) Enter a new superscript, e.g. to add an exponent
  • _ (underscore) Enter a new subscript
  • ( (open parentheses) Open parentheses (which will scale based on the height of the content inside) Other parenthesis types behave similarly, e.g. [ and {
  • \ (backslash) Start typing one of the control sequences below. When finished, press enter or space to see the resulting symbol

Control sequences – to create each symbol, type the full sequence (including the backslash) into the math editor, followed by
space or enter. (not an exhaustive list)

  • \plusminus
  • \times
  • \alpha
  • \beta
  • \gamma
  • \delta
  • \Alpha
  • \Beta
  • \Gamma
  • \Delta
  • \summation
  • \prod
  • \int
  • \sqrt
  • \nthroot
  • \lt
  • \gt
  • \le
  • \ge
  • \approx
  • \doteq
  • \neq
  • \nless
  • \ngtr
  • \intersection
  • \union
  • \subset
  • \superset
  • \notsubset
  • \nosuperset
  • \subseteq
  • \isin
  • \contains
  • \notcontains
  • \Complex
  • \Hamiltonian
  • \Imaginary
  • \Naturals
  • \Primes
  • \Rationals
  • \Reals


  • Using the “Direct math input” block to insert some equations.


Este plugin inclui 1 bloco.

  • Direct math input Type math expressions directly into your page with MathQuill/LaTeX.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/math-input-with-mathquill directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. In the gutenberg editor, add a new ‘Direct math input’ block and start entering math

Perguntas frequentes

How do I start using this?

Create a new ‘Direct math input’ block from the gutenberg blocks list.
Start typing math straight into your block using some of the symbols listed in the
plugin description.


8 Junho, 2022
Really great idea, together with LaTeX parser as also other plugins have, this has extremely simple way to write equations almost like in wysiwyg fashion. EDIT: I had to uninstall, it broke my page. Hopefully, this will be corrected and I could edit this review (see Support for this plugin)
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  • Apply background color to empty selected block
  • Allow keyboard deletion of block


  • Change LaTeX button to show copyable LaTeX
  • Fix readme formatting


  • Add toolbar buttons for superscript and subscript
  • Show an error message when the clipboard function isn’t available


  • Added a “Copy LaTeX to clipboard” toolbar button


  • Added some toolbar buttons to create math symbols
  • Added a custom icon for the block editor
  • Added some usage information and FAQ


  • Improved the plugin description
  • Added a screenshot showing usage
  • Added assets for banner and icon


  • Fixed an issue preventing the math rendering with the correct font file


  • Original MVP