Media from FTP


Register to media library from files that have been uploaded by FTP.

  • This create a thumbnail of the image file.
  • This create a metadata(Images, Videos, Audios).
  • Change the date/time.
  • Work with DateTimePicker. jQuery plugin select date/time.
  • Export the log to a CSV file.
  • To Import the files to Media Library from a WordPress export file.
  • You can register a large number of files without timeout work with Ajax.

Tutorial Video

Live Demo

I prepared live demo including add-ons.
User Name: liveuser1
Password: live789user
Live Demo

Why I made this?

  • In the media uploader, you may not be able to upload by the environment of server. That’s when the files are large. You do not mind the size of the file if FTP.

Special Thanks! Translator


  • Search file display
  • Settings Screen Options
  • Settings Register
  • Settings Other
  • Registration file selection
  • File registration result
  • Log screen
  • Import File Load
  • Import result


  1. Upload media-from-ftp directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Active o plugin no menu Plugins

Perguntas frequentes

A server error is displayed because there are too many files. “Search & Register” screen does not appear.
  • Media from FTP Settings -> Other -> Limit number of search files
  • Please reduce this number.

  • Media from FTP Settings -> Other -> Execution time

  • Please increasing the number of seconds.

  • Media from FTP Search & Register -> Screen Options -> Search method of files

  • Check of “Search files only for specified directories.”
Certain file types can not be searched.
  • If you want to add the mime type that can be used in the media library to each file type, Please use the Mime Types Plus.
I will not find a file with name like this: a-b-0x0.jpg.
  • Media from FTP Search & Register -> Screen Options -> Search method for the exclusion of the thumbnail
  • Check of “Unusual selection. if you want to search for filename that contains such -0x0. It is low speed.”
Where is it better to upload files?
  • Upload directory is any of the following locations.
  • Single-site wp-content/uploads
  • Multisite wp-content/uploads/sites/*
I want to register file for any folder.
  • Media from FTP Settings -> Register -> Date.
  • Uncheck of “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”.
I want to register file to “month- and year-based folders” without relevant to the timestamp of the file.
  • Media from FTP Settings -> Register -> Date.
  • Uncheck of “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”.
File at the time of registration is moved to another directory.
  • If checked “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”, it will move the file at the time of registration to year month-based folders. If you want to register in the same directory, Please uncheck.
The original file is deleted.
  • The case of the following of this plugin to delete the file.
  1. If it contains spaces in the file name. Convert to “-“. And remove original file. image example.jpg -> image-example.jpg
  2. If the file name is a multi-byte. It makes the MD5 conversion. And remove original file. image例.jpg -> 2edd9ad56212ce13a39f25b429b09012.jpg
  3. If checked “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”, it copy the file to the “month- and year-based folder” and then delete the original file. wp-content/uploads/sites/2/image-example.jpg -> wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/09/image-example.jpg

* Thumbnail creation, database registration, do in file after copy.

The original file is deleted, it will be the one that has been added to eight characters to the end of the file.
  • When find the same file name in the media library in order to avoid duplication of the file, adds the date and time, minute, and second at the time it was registered in the end.
  • image-example.jpg -> image-example03193845.jpg
  • Meaning 03193845 -> 3rd 19h38m45s
‘Fatal error: Maximum execution time of ** seconds exceeded.’ get an error message.
  • Media from FTP Settings -> Other -> Execution time
  • Please increasing the number of seconds.
I want to change the date at the time of registration.
  • Media from FTP Settings -> Register -> Date -> Get the date/time of the file, and updated based on it. Change it if necessary.
  • Please checked.
I want to register at the date of the Exif information.
  • Media from FTP Settings -> Register -> Date -> Get the date/time of the file, and updated based on it. Change it if necessary.Get by priority if there is date and time of the Exif information.
  • Please checked.
I would like to hide the files do not need to search & registration screen.
  • Media from FTP Search & Register -> Screen Options -> Exclude file
  • Please enter the exclusion file. It can be a regular expression.
I want to turn off the creation of additional images such as thumbnail.
  • It conforms to the WordPress settings.
  • Settings-> Media
  • Please change the six values to all zeros.
  • Please comment out the ‘set_post_thumbnail_size’ or ‘add_image_size’ of theme’s functions.php.


3 de Janeiro, 2020
Have used this plugin a few times, always works brilliantly, just make sure to check all the boxes for which images you need added to the Media Library ( it's not completely clear in the admin interface that you need to do that ! ) Big Thank You to to plugin author as this has saved huge amounts of time.
2 de Janeiro, 2020
Great promising features... but disappointed. Does NOT work on my websites...
18 de Setembro, 2019
There is No way to Keep the Existing Date! It requires you to choose a new date, or it will default to the current date. That means links would break, and it's too difficult to keep files where they are, or choose where to put them. Unless you want to individually select each file, look up it's original location, then manually time in the previous date (it will probably use the current time). Also Checkmarks don't act as expected. If you mark a parent folder, then unmark some files in a subfolder, the top level folder remains checkmarked. So if you close the drop down, there is no way of knowing if everything below it is Actually marked, or only some (as expected). The same occurs if you don't have the parent checkmarked. You could mark Everything inside it, but the parent will remain unmarked. Traditionally checkmark means EVERYTHING below it is ALSO marked. Uncheckmark means NOTHING below it is marked either. DASH means SOME items below it are marked, and other items are unmarked. So, there is confusion about several kinds of things in the app. My testing fell short, so I cannot attest how well the Import function works, and it it behaves AS EXPECTED.
15 de Agosto, 2019
It worked perfectly. I imported the latest posts from production onto a staging version to be used as a prod replacement and for some reason the images didn't get imported via the WP Importer. So I copied the images manually and ran this plugin to get them into the Media Library. It ran like a charm. Great work!
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Fixed problem of help tab.


Fixed an issue where the original image was searched when media reduced with a large image was registered.


Fixed problem of sites dir exclusion on multisite.


Supported WordPress 5.3.


Conformed to the WordPress coding standard.
The code at the time of registration was reviewed and the speed has improved.


Fixed problem of getting user ID.


Fixed problem of getting user ID.


Fixed problem of getting user ID.


Fixed problem of uppercase file suffix.
Fixed the problem of obtaining the shooting date and time of Exif.
Changed add-ons link.