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The Takeads WordPress plugin is an excellent tool for publishers looking to monetize their platforms quickly and easily. The plugin installs in just a couple of minutes and does not harm the site, making it a safe and reliable option for site owners. The Takeads plugin is 100% secure and was tested by the WordPress security team.

Short description of the plugin

As soon as the plugin is installed, site owners will be able to start earning from their WP content.
The plugin simplifies the integration process and provides an easy-to-use interface, enabling site owners to get up and running with Takeads in no time. The automation capabilities of the plugin also ensure that site owners can generate passive income from their content without having to spend hours manually managing their monetization efforts.
Takeads can be integrated with the following types of websites:
– Forums
– Personal blogs
– Review websites
– News websites and aggregators
– Thematic resources


3rd party usage

The plugin uses loading a static external resource located at “”. If the Takeads plugin is activated and the site identifier is set in its settings, then a special script will be placed on the page of your site at the very bottom of the page(As shown in the screenshot below):




  1. Open the admin panel of your website. Go to Plugins and click Add New.
  2. In the search field, type MonetizeLink and press Enter. The MonetizeLink plugin will appear on the page.
  3. Click Install Now.
  4. Once installation is finished, click Activate Plugin.

Done. The plugin is now installed. It’ll appear in the Plugins section among all other installed plugins.
To finish the integration of your website with MonetizeLink and learn more about available settings, see this guide.

Perguntas frequentes

What is Takeads Plugin?

Takeads Plugin is a solution for monetizing content websites, blogs, forums, news portals, etc. After integration with the website, Takeads Plugin converts default (direct) links that users can find on the website into affiliate links.[/accordion-item]

How does Takeads Plugin work?

Takeads Plugin analyzes content on your website.Takeads Plugin finds direct links to advertisers’ websites listed in the Takeads catalog (You can see the list of advertisers by country in the catalog). Takeads Plugin automatically turns default links into affiliate links by adding special tags to track clicks and orders.[/accordion-item]

What are the advantages of using the Takeads Plugin?

You don’t have to look for advertisers, negotiate terms, place ads, and collect statistics. You only need to integrate Takeads Plugin once. It’ll automatically find all appropriate links on your platform and turn them into affiliate ones.[/accordion-item]

Does Takeads Plugin affect the website’s SEO?

No. The Takeads Plugin script is uploaded asynchronously and doesn’t affect search tags or page code elements, interfering with the page’s SEO.[/accordion-item]

Can the Plugin alter the website appearance?

No, it can’t.[/accordion-item]

Can the script alter the website code?

No, it can’t. The Takeads Plugin doesn’t affect the website script, nor does it affect WordPress-based websites. Fully isolated, the script doesn’t interfere with the website script. It doesn’t affect—and can’t be affected by—any other elements.[/accordion-item]

Can the Takeads Plugin create creatives (e.g., links, banners, etc.) on publishers’ websites?

No. The script only monetizes the existing links and brand words on the page where it’s deployed.[/accordion-item]

Does the Takeads Plugin collect user data?

The script doesn’t collect user data[/accordion-item]

Does the script open any additional or background pages?

No, it doesn’t. The script only works on pages where it’s deployed.[/accordion-item]

Does the script assign first-party cookies to users?

No, it doesn’t.


20 Abril, 2023
Installed on my Arctic website, small amounts of $ started to come my way 🙂 Couple of clicks to install and I’m having North Face campaigns on my travel website!! GREAT!
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