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Demo Data Creator


This plugin is helpfull to theme testers, theme creators plugin developers and testers to rapidly populate a wordpress site or multisite with demo data in a given
language of choice.

The plugin was inspiredby mrwiblog’s demodata plugin.
At the moment this plugin will serve you demo data in English, French, Russian.
In the next release which should be any time soon, we’ll add RTL languages like Arabic and hebrew.
For an open source translation management plugin to run a multilingual wordpress blog, try zanto

* Auto download of .mo files if they are missing for the language you want from where the offical wordpress language files are kept
* Auto create sample blogs pre-populated with a chosen number of users
* Language of sample data to download
* Number of categories in each blog
* Number of posts in each blog
* Number of paragraphs in each blog post
* Number of pages in each blog
* Number of top-level pages
* Number of levels to nest pages
* Number of comments per post for each blog
* Number of links in blogroll for each blog

Post content and comment text is automatically generated from Lorem ipsum text, for post content it’s even HTML-formatted.


Install like any other wordpress plugin.


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