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Multisite User Management


Running a WordPress network? You no longer need to manually add new users to each of your sites.

With this plugin, users are assigned a default role for each of your sites. You set the default role for each site and this plugin applies it.

You can assign different roles for each site or keep a site private by assigning no role.


  • Network Admin Settings - Super admins can choose the default role for each site.


  1. Upload the entire /multisite-user-management/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Navigate to the Multisite User Management section of the Network Admin > Settings > Network Settings page. At this page would be found at
  4. Set default roles for each of your sites.

Perguntas frequentes

Does the plugin require a multisite installation?

Yes, WordPress takes care of the default role on non-multisite installations.

Where do I find the settings section

The Multisite User Management section is near the bottom of the the Network Admin > Settings > Network Settings page.

For this page would be found at

Why aren’t all my sites listed on the options page?

Any sites archived or deleted will not appear. All others sites will appear.

If you do not see your sites, be sure you are looking at the Network Settings Page found at /wp-admin/network/settings.php not a single site settings, found at /wp-admin/settings.php.

Does this plugin assign the default role to existing users?

Yes, existing users will receive the default role. If you change the default role, all of your users with the old default role will receive the new default role.

Will these roles be allocated to new users registering with a new site?

Yes, users registering with a site will receive all the existing default roles.

The new site will not have a default role until it is manually set. Once set, all existing users will receive that role for the new site.

Why aren’t my users allocated the role and showing up on all sites?

Sometimes magic happens.

To re-apply a role to all users on all sites, you must:

  1. Change the default role for every site listed in the settings page (even if the role is set to the role you want for that site, change it just for now). Every role must be different.
  2. Save the settings.
  3. If any of the roles are set to something other than the role you want, change the role to the one you want.
  4. Save the settings.

All users in your database should now be assigned a role for all sites.

Where can I report bugs?

Add a new topic on the WordPress Support Forum.


3 de Setembro, 2016
I have installed the plugin. No errors and no crashing. Great thus far. And more good news. I was able to go to setting and assign user level. Great. Now, go to the main site navigation menu and click on a menu item to go to I can see the url load into the Browser but the it reverts to the main site The sub-domain page does not display. Help please?
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Registo de alterações


  • The msum_add_roles() function is now called on vanilla “user_register” hook so that it should work with all plugins that use the standard WP User registration API, not just WP Network/Multisite plugins
  • Updating use of deprecated get_userdatabylogin() to new get_user_by( 'login' )


  • Hooking the msum_add_roles() function to the wpmu_new_user action.


  • No longer using deprecated get_blog_list function anywhere


  • Can now assign roles for mature sites and sites with search engines blocked.
  • No longer using deprecated get_blog_list function


  • Role now added for dashboard site as 3.1 assigns no role for any site
  • bbPress registration now supported.
  • New tags, including BuddyPress.


  • Roles now assigned on login. Plugin can now live in the wp-content/plugins directory.


  • Fixed bug: original site did not restore when old role was the same as new role.


  • Fixed bug found when updating WPMU options page with no MSUM set.


  • Default roles now assigned to existing users
  • New users registering with a blog are now assigned default roles for existing sites
  • Fixed bugs affecting dashboad default role and activation when some sites had no default role


  • Initial release.