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Multisite SuperList


If you manage lots of sites in a Multisite network, you’ll know how frustrating using the Sites List can be. You can’t scroll, so if you have more than 30 sites, you are forced to go to the Sites screen. The flyout submenus can be bit hard to navigate, and there are options in there that are kinda pointless (comments???).
* That said, the Sites List has a lot of potential, and I wanted to improve upon it. The ideas I had were:
* It should have useful links without submenus.
* It should have a search feature like the very cool plugin My Sites Search by Kailey Lampert


  • Add search functionality.
  • Add pagination to query.
  • Add infinite scroll to reduce load time.
  • Add Mapped Domains.
  • Add WP Ultimo functionailty for those running WAAS type setups.


  • Create issues here, or hit me up on Twitter @williambay


  • Screenshot of Multisite SuperList in action.


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Registo de alterações

= 2.2.0
* Added Search.
* Changed the quantity of sites from 100 to the exact number in network.

= 2.1.3

= 2.1.2
* Added padding to UL bottom to access last Site.

= 2.1.1
* Revisions for plugin review team.

= 2.1.0
* Renamed Multisite SuperList from Multisite Sites List.


  • Removed Build folder from the Gitignore file.


  • Refactored over to React & REST API.


  • Initial commit.