Paid Memberships Pro – Email Templates Add On


Customize PMPro email templates right from the WordPress dashboard!
Simply select an email template from the dropdown list, edit, and save!


  • Edit email templates directly from the WordPress dashboard!
  • Imports existing email templates from paid-memberships-pro/email/ directory
  • Ability to disable header, footer, and even entire emails.
  • Filter to handle all $data variables
  • Variable reference on Email Templates page


  1. Upload the pmpro-email-templates directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Perguntas frequentes

  • I found a bug in the plugin.
    • Please post it in the issues section of GitHub and we’ll fix it as soon as we can. Thanks for helping.


26 de Setembro, 2019
Thanks for the addon. It works. BUT please add the tax to it. Otherwise it becomes useless. I use the tax add on which implements VAT based on users locations. I need to change the invoice template such that to include the tax percent (based on tax add on) and the total amount.
7 de Março, 2017
I wish I could say differently but it does not IMPORT the emails from the PMP emails directory as it states. I ONLY have header and footer templates in my dropdown. I cannot find any documentation to suggest anything else other than write this review that it's basically unusable. Will be happy to change my review with some help that I didn't pay for. But, it should work if you're going to put it out there.
3 de Novembro, 2016
This plugin is great! Made my life easier to edit the email templates! Keep it up!
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Contribuidores e programadores

“Paid Memberships Pro – Email Templates Add On” é software de código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin:


Registo de alterações


  • BUG FIX: Fixed admin menu code to work with PMPro 2.0


  • BUG: Fixed typo when editing the email header.


  • BUG: Fixed link to edit the test order.
  • FEATURE: Updated for localization with new pmproet.pot/po files.


  • BUG: Now ignoring emails if $email->template is not included in the default array of templates.


  • BUG: Fixed bug when choosing header or footer from the email templates dashboard page.


  • FEATURE: Added new pmproet_templates filter, which can be used to modify the default template settings and add new custom templates.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Now checking for custom templates in stylesheet and template directory before loading PMPro defaults.
  • BUG/ENHANCEMENT: Changed plugin text domain to “pmproet” instead of “pmpro” to support custom translations.


  • ENHANCEMENT: Security hardening – verifying nonces on all AJAX requests.


  • ENHANCEMENT: You can add any user meta field to an email template now by using a variable like !!meta_key!!. This will work as long as there isn’t already data using that variable.


  • BUG: Fixed issue where test emails were being sent to the admin email instead of the one entered into the send test email form. (Thanks, John Hamlin)


  • BUG: Now forcing the selected template for test emails.


  • BUG: Fixed issue where plugin would fail if the MemberOrder class was not yet loaded (i.e. PMPro is inactive).


  • ENAHANCEMENT: Added test email feature


  • BUG: Fixed bug where the wp_login_url() was not being set properly and throwing a warning that could break checkout.
  • BUG: Fixed typo/warning in setting of enddate in data vars. (Thanks, John Hamlin.)


  • Added ability to disable header, footer, or even entire emails.


  • Fixed magic quotes bug when saving template data.


  • Fixed issue with database table name


  • Hotfix: WordPress repo trunk was missing files


  • Fixed various bugs with building the email body


  • Fixed Subject bug
  • Submit button is now disabled instead of hidden when saving templates – it just looked weird.


  • Fixed warnings when setting up $data array.
  • Fixed issue where emails were getting double content.


  • Added reset button
  • Added AJAX saving.
  • Bug/style fixes


  • Removed wp editor.
  • Fixed some warnings.


  • This is the initial version of the plugin.