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Post Sync


Post Sync

The main function of post_sync plugin is to publish post on remote wordpress site, the twitter module will no longer work bacause
it requires authentication by OAuth, so we have open a twitter services on, you can download this new
plugin on tunnels.
More info:


  • The settings page of remote site info
  • Current remote site list you have


  1. Upload the contents of to your plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. There will be a “PostSync” menu on your admin panel, add a new remote site info(include url, username, password) on “add site” submenu, enable this site on “site list” submenu.
  4. That’s all. There will be a post on multiple remote website when you publish a new post!

Perguntas frequentes

why I can’t remote post

You need to enable the remote publish xmlrpc protocols option on remote website.


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  • Add the Log module on user menu


  • Add post to twitter module