Email Obfuscate Shortcode

Obfuscate your email address or other sensitive information with a shortcode to prevent spam and automated harvesting of data.

khromov 2.000+ instalações activas Testado com 4.6.24 Actualizado há 6 anos

Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget

This plugin aims to be the most configurable tag cloud widget out there, able to suit all your weird tag cloud needs.

Rickard Andersson 9.000+ instalações activas Testado com 3.9.37 Actualizado há 8 anos

Easy VBOX7

Quick and easy way to insert videos from right into your WordPress blog posts, pages and sidebar.

Caspie 40+ instalações activas Testado com 4.3.29 Actualizado há 7 anos

WordPress File Upload

Simple yet very powerful plugin to allow users to upload files to your website from any page, post or sidebar and manage the uploaded files

Nickolas Bossinas 20.000+ instalações activas Testado com 5.9.4 Actualizado há 5 meses

Fast Tube

Fast and easy way to insert videos from YouTube right into your WordPress blog posts or pages.

Casper 300+ instalações activas Testado com 3.5.2 Actualizado há 9 anos

Forms: 3rd-Party Integration

Send contact form submissions from other plugins to multiple external services e.g. CRM. Configurable, custom field mapping, pre/post processing.

zaus, atlanticbt, spkane 10.000+ instalações activas Testado com 5.2.16 Actualizado há 3 anos Custom URL

Receives blogs, micro-blogs, and status updates from and posts them to
your blog in the best way possible.

Matt Jacob 40+ instalações activas Testado com 3.0.5 Actualizado há 12 anos