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Shared User Table Roles


When sharing the user and usermeta table between multiple wordpress
installations using the same database, any role given to the user is only valid
for a single wordpress installation.

This plugin ensures user roles, user capabilities and user settings are
shared between the multiple installations. This is configured using a wp-config

Any role set in any of the installations will be reflected in all other


  • Compatability with wordpress multisite is unknown


To set up multiple wordpress installations using the same database:

  1. Install all wordpress installations using the same database, but using a
    different $table_prefix in wp_config.

    For example two installations with “eng_” and “nld_”.

  2. Designate one wordpress installation as “primary”. All other installations are

    For example the installation with the prefix “eng_”.

  3. Install and activate this plugin on all secondary wordpress installations.

    In this example “nld_”.

  4. On all secondary wordpress installations configure CUSTOM_USER_TABLE and
    CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE in wp-config to use the tables (users and usermeta)
    of the primary installation.

    See below for an example

  5. On all secondary wordpress installations, set SHARED_USER_TABLE_ROLES_PREFIX
    to be equal to the table prefix of the primary installation.


For example the relevant wp-config settings for the primary installation would
look like:

    $table_prefix  = 'eng_';


For example the relevant wp-config settings for secondary installations would
look like:

    $table_prefix  = 'nld_';
    define('SHARED_USER_TABLE_ROLES_PREFIX', 'eng_');
    define('CUSTOM_USER_TABLE', 'eng_users');
    define('CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE', 'eng_usermeta');


9 Janeiro, 2018
Thanks for this great little plugin. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Works well with wordpress 4.9.1 … Keep it up! 🙂
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