SocialMark – Add Watermark/Overlay to Social Media Post Preview


SocialMark is a WordPress plugin that allows adding overlay/watermark to social media post preview. It gives the option to use different images for social media (Twitter, Facebook) and add overlay/watermark to the preview. The plugin enables 2 different watermark positions(9 in premium version) to set overlay at different places on the post image. There are two settings options: universal settings for all posts and pages, post-wise settings for individual page/post. SocialMark also works with Yoast SEO and RankMath plugin’s open graph settings.

SocialMark Plugin Features:

  • Automatic Process: The plugin will generate different SocialMark image based on your settings.
  • Auto Resize: Automatically resize image based on aspect ratio
  • Different Position: You can set your watermark/overlay from 2 different positions on your featured image
  • Transparent Image: Overlay image can be transparent
  • Extensive Settings: 1 Setting all posts/pages.
  • Unlimited Overlay/Watermark: Upload unlimited overlay/watermark image and choose the one you need from the list
  • Enable/Disable: It is posible to enable or disable SocialMark all posts and pages
  • Transparent Overlay Support: Overlay image can be tranparent
  • Yoast SEO Supported: This plugin can generate image for Yoast SEO plugin open graph meta also
  • RankMath Supported: Automatically generate Twitter and Facebook image for RankMath plugin

[+] SocialMark Premium Version Extra Features:

  • All Free Features plus
  • Different Position: Add overlay/watermark to your social media post preview image at 9 different positions.
  • Post-wise Settings: You can set different overlay for every post/page individually.
  • Category-wise Settings: You can set different overlay for specifice category’s posts.
  • WooCommerce: You can set overlay and different featured image for WooCommerce product for social media.
  • Different Feature Image: You can upload different feature image only for social media
  • Enable/Disable: It is posible to enable or disable SocialMark for any post or page individually as well as enable/disable all posts/pages

SocialMark Installation:

SocialMark Demo:

Check live demo


  • From the WP admin panel, click “Plugins” -> “Add new”
  • In the browser Click on “Upload Plugin”
  • Choose the “socialmark” plugin zip file and click “Install Now”
  • Activate the plugin
  • Go to SocialMark Plugin Settings or Click “SocialMark” from admin menu
  • Add Overlay
  • Select plugin options
  • Save Changes
  • You are ready to go
  • Alternatively, you can manually upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory
  • Don’t forget to add feature image to your post
  • Easy way to test social media open graph preview


  • Admin settings
  • Add Overlay settings
  • Center Overlay Alignment Output
  • Bottom-Center Overlay Alignment Output

Perguntas frequentes

Why You need This plugin?

To change social media preview of your post. For example- You run a newspaper website and you want to add a logo or a promotional watermark to your every post preview on social media. So every time visitor shares your post, this plugin will preview the feature image with the logo/watermark without changing your original page image.

How to Use SocialMark?

Please check installation section. It’s easy.

Not Working?

  • Please be sure you added at least one overlay image. Then on the settings page you press the “save changes” button.
  • This plugin uses PHP GD library for image modification. Make sure you installed PHP GD extension on your server.
  • SocialMark saves automatically generated open graph images into wp-content/uploads folder. Please make sure your “wp-content/uploads” folder is writable.
  • Press CTRL+U to open view code of your single post webpage then press CTRL+F to open search text box. Type ‘og:image’ if there is more than 1 search result than please uninstall the other plugin which has generated open graph image url.
  • Still NOT Working? Please email to shawonfreelance at We will get back to you within 24 hours and will debug the issue ASAP.

How to check preview?

Simply go to and enter your url.

How to change my old Facebook share preview?

Simply go to and enter your url then press scape again.

Will it work with Yoast SEO and RankMath plugin?

We have tested on our side. Our plugin works with both of these plugins.

Why I need pro version?

Free version has only 2 overlay positions: center and bottom-center. But premium version has 9 different positions to allow you more flexibility. You can set different image, watermark, position for every post/page/category individually while free version allows you to set same image for all of your posts.


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Registo de alterações


  • Initial release


  • php fopen include path issue fixed


  • dynamic image path generation added. Easy to debug now. WooCommerce support for paid version implemented.