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Super Buttons


WordPress button plugin that is fast and beautiful. Super Buttons is a WordPress plugin that help you create beautiful CSS buttons from your WordPress dashboard.

See what users are saying:

Really a great plugin with great functions, and easy to work with. Almost no limits for creating nice buttons. And thank you so much Gautam for your very fast, friendly and helpful support. I can only recommend your plugin and your support, its high quality and super fast. Good luck for you. – by Martin

Creating beautiful buttons has never been easier or more powerful. The options are comprehensive to say the least. Not only do you create the button, you can choose animations on loading and on hover, set padding, set margins, add a variety of links to popup maker, social media, regular URL’s and much, much more. The choices include responsiveness as well.
I had a couple of issues with one button’s animation and found the support to be swift and professional.
There is nothing to not like! – by Larry

This is a great plugin and their support team is excellent. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy from these guys again. – by bullymaxinc

Very nice and flexible plugin. Great support. – by maflman

works like expected. never regreg buying it – by MaxAlways

A great code quality and a great customer support. – by oliviergou

Here are the features that make Super Buttons the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress buttons plugin in the market.

Truly Responsive Styling

Super Buttons is not limited to styling buttons based on desktop view. It gives you the power to style buttons for tablet and mobile views as well. Simply select a view from the left and change the option values to suit your needs.

Unlimited Text

Another amazing Super Buttons feature is the ability to add unlimted lines of text to your WordPress buttons. And with PRO addon you can add unlimited icons too in between text.


Super Buttons comes with inbuilt analytics for button clicks. This gives you the ability to see how the buttons on your WordPress website are performing. This is truly game changing. And with PRO addon you get a nice detailed graphical presentation of button analytics.

Text Fonts

Super Buttons supports Google fonts by default. You can select from the long range of Google fonts to make buttons on your WordPress website more appealing.

Border Styling

With Super Buttons you can control individual button border side. Add border to left, right, top and bottom individually or all together or in groups like top-bottom or left-right.

Gutenberg Support

Super Buttons is ready for the future. It comes with basic Gutenberg support through which you can add buttons directly in your blog posts or pages.

Import / Export

Super Buttons comes with one click button export. This makes it easy to move buttons between different WordPress websites.

Super Buttons Pro Addon Features

Advanced Button Analytics

Super Buttons pro provides you with detailed information about button clicks such as click time, IP address, country, city and more.


Super Buttons Pro adds the ability to add animations to buttons created using Super Buttons plugin.


You can also add tooltips to your buttons using the Super Buttons Pro addon.


Super Buttons Pro adds support for unlimited icons. You can place any icon anywhere between buttin text. Currently the latest Font Awesome icons are supported but more such icon font families will be added soon.

Expect more features soon. Please visit the official page for up to date details.

[Video] How to create buttons in WordPress using Super Buttons plugin


IP address of every user who clicks a button (created with Super Buttons) is stored in the database for analytics. So, please update your privacy policy to reflect the same.


  • Buttons list screen.
  • Button edit screen.
  • Button settings screen.
  • Truly Responsive Styling options.
  • Unlimited text.
  • Button analytics.
  • Text fonts.
  • Control over individual border side.
  • Future ready with support for Gutenberg.


Este plugin inclui 2 blocos.

  • super-buttons/button
  • gutenberg-boilerplate-es5/hello-world-step-01


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/super-buttons directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to Super Buttons screen to configure and create buttons.

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Registo de alterações


  • NEW: Tooltips.
  • FIX: Fixed button classname changes in preview.
  • FIX: Gutenberg related fixes.


  • NEW: Added copy button option on button’s list page.
  • FIX: Copied text not hiding automatically when copying short code.


  • NEW: Added link target option.


  • FIX: Admin page not working on multisite with subfolders.


  • FIX: Responsive styling.
  • FIX: Gutenberg block.
  • FIX: Border style issues.
  • FIX: Corner style issues.
  • FIX: Updated French localisation.


  • FIX: Error in button shortcode related to classes.
  • FIX: Unwanted CSS generated.
  • FIX: Untranslated texts.
  • FIX: Minimum options tab height increased.


  • NEW: Changed Border Radius label to Rounded Corners.
  • NEW: French ready.
  • FIX: Author name.
  • FIX: Border radius states are now selected by default.
  • FIX: Text will now wrap normally on tablet and mobile.
  • FIX: Transient fallback.
  • FIX: Data validation for button download.
  • FIX: Error in button shortcode related to classes.


  • NEW: “super_buttons_version” filter.
  • NEW: “super_buttons_menu_label” filter.
  • NEW: Privacy notice.
  • NEW: UI changes.
  • NEW: Loacalisation support.
  • NEW: French ready.
  • FIX: Block support for Gutenberg 3+.
  • FIX: Data validation and sanitization.


  • NEW: Settings are now extendable.
  • FIX: Button cached even after deletion.
  • FIX: “Get Pro” link shown even when Pro plugin is active.
  • FIX: Not able to delete text group.
  • FIX: Visual improvements.


  • NEW: License activation.


  • FIX: Gutenberg file not readable.


  • NEW: Gutenberg support.


  • NEW: Button import functionality.


  • NEW: Button export functionality.


  • Pre-release.