List Pages Shortcode

Introduces the [list-pages], [sibling-pages] and [child-pages] shortcodes for easily displaying a list of pages within…

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List Children

Use an HTML comment to list links of the current page's children or siblings.

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List All Pages

List all pages on a WordPress site for easy browsing and editing.

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PageMagic – Page Lists

Create visual hierarchies of site pages. Options to list all pages, subpages, current page siblings.…

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Page Edit Toolbar

Adds a dropdown to the WordPress toolbar of the 15 most recently edited pages.

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DMG Custom Menu Widget

Display any Menu in your sidebar or widgetized area. With advanced options to add CSS…

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Klan1 WP List Subpages

This one will help you to list all the subpages in a list with links,…

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