Beautiful Link Preview

Creates previews of links with title, description and preview images similar to sharing links on…

zeitwesentech 500+ instalações activas Testado com 5.7.9 Actualizado há 2 anos

Twitter Cards

Add Twitter Card markup to individual posts. Supports summary, photo, and player types.

Niall Kennedy 500+ instalações activas Testado com 3.5.2 Actualizado há 10 anos

Easy SEO Toolkit

Add keywords, Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions right from the WordPress editor or Elementor Page…

Stanley van Heusden 100+ instalações activas Testado com 6.2.0 Actualizado há 5 meses

WP Smart SEO

A simple SEO Plugin which generates for Pages, Posts, Categories:

Eric-Oliver Mächler 20+ instalações activas Testado com 6.2.2 Actualizado há 5 meses

Social Media Sharing

Automatically add Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card support to your WordPress website.

Jesse Overright 20+ instalações activas Actualizado há 10 anos

iG:Twitter Cards

A plugin to enable Twitter Cards for your WordPress website.

Amit Gupta 10+ instalações activas Testado com 3.7.41 Actualizado há 10 anos

WP Twitter Cards Shop

The Best Way to Add Twitter Cards Metadata in WordPress Site – Support Cards Products…

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