Keys Master

Powerful application passwords manager for WordPress with role-based usage control and full analytics reporting capabilities.

Pierre Lannoy / PerfOps One 10+ instalações activas Testado com 6.1.1 Actualizado há 4 meses

BuddyPress XMLRPC – Receiver

This plugin allows certain XML-RPC commands for BuddyPress (Requires a client!)

rich fuller - etiviti (rich!) 10+ instalações activas Testado com PHP 5.2.x, WordPress 2.9.2, BuddyPress Actualizado há 12 anos

WP Remote Multisite Post

Advanced remote posting from a wordpress master site to many wordpress clients using xml-rpc calls

Lucia Intelisano 10+ instalações activas Testado com 4.2.34 Actualizado há 7 anos

Remove XML-RPC Pingback

Disable Pingback method from XML-RPC by simply removing it. This plugin is working with WordPress…

Hybrid Webs Menos de 10 instalações activas Testado com 5.3.14 Actualizado há 3 anos