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Video Chat – Tinychat


Having tested this using Firefox, Edge, Chrome on Windows 10 & Linux it works on all except for Chrome on Windows 10!
You can bypass this in Chrome by searching in the developer tools, locate the cookies, go to, locate a cookie named “remember_random-number”, and change the value for ‘Same Site’ to none and remove the tick for HttpOnly and add a tick in ‘Secure’,
This may only be affecting some users.

You now have to register to use the chat, you can do that at Tinychat , I apologise about that.

Now updated to the new version of Tinychat using HTML5 WebRTC!
TinyChat full screen video chat for WordPress/BuddyPress,
This advanced version allows you to add your own room name.


Now updated to the new version of Tinychat using HTML5 WebRTC!
This is full screen video chat that is used on TinyChat.

Social Sites

Contact Details

  • Email – Any issues then please contact me here.


  • Mainchat of how it looks.

  • This is an example of the Google reCaptcha.

  • YouTube search box, Used to search YouTube.

  • Profile box while in chat.

  • Room settings where you can enable/disable features.

  • Example of a YouTube video playing.

  • Go to pages on your dashboard.

  • Select edit and go to the page.

  • Select edit.

  • Select text so you can insert tyhe short code.

  • Insert the short code then publish it and then click on the permalink to view the page live.

  • Select your permalink.

  • Insert your room name and then press ‘Chat’.

  • Now the chat will load like so.

  • Click the settings button.

  • Toggle dark mode on and you are all set!

  • Cookie Editor.

  • Search for Tinychat cookies.

  • How to complete the cookie editing.


This will automatically create the page and install the short code with link domain name/video-chat, If it does not then please read the rest below.

Simply use shortcode [tc_video_chat_page] in a page.

Perguntas frequentes

  • Q. Can I use this if I’m not logged in?

  • A. Yes.

  • Q. How do I add it to my blog/website?

  • A. Just go to the backend and on appearance select menus, From there you can add your page, It’ll be chatroom-advanced by default.

  • Q. Does this have dark mode?

  • A. Yes, check the images on how to do it.


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Contribuidores e programadores

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Registo de alterações


  • First version.


  • I’ve added the required files to the plugin, They are no longer loaded from my server.


  • This is now Deprecated! Apologies to anyone affected, But I’ve now made the assets external to my domain, This is using a CDN so don’t worry about speed,
    License is now MIT so feel free to carry this plugin on, Just ask me to add you as a contributor, Also Tinychat is soon switching to HTML5 and this will be no more.


  • This now uses the new version of Tinychat using HTML5 WebRTC!


  • Minor update to character limit, max limit is now 26 characters and minimum is 3 characters.


  • Name change from TC Video Chat to Tinychat Video Chat.


  • Added title, popular rooms, updated the screenshots and added some general information for your users.


  • Styling update.


  • Added a little JQuery to show/hide the info on the chat page, This also includes my JQuery file.


  • Minor updates and version update.


  • Tested up to new versions of WP and BP.


  • Few minor updates and license change/addition.


  • A fix for the iframe for Chrome, Thanks to Matteo Mattei at studentrecruit for the fix!


  • Corrected a typo, Thanks to Matteo for pointing it out.


  • Minor updates and updates to the license.


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.0 with no issues.


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.0.3 with no issues, YouTube still doesn’t work due to Tinychat only allowing it to be displayed on their domain.


  • Minor update and hack, To watch YouTube video’s please use Firefox or Edge browsers, These have been tested and they’re working with videos.


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.2 with no issues


  • Minor CSS Update.


  • Tested upto 5.2.3 and there are no issues.


  • Tested upto version 5.3 beta, currently everything works as normal.
    Update the rooms to show some new rooms.


  • Removal of certain rooms and addition of newer ones as requested.


  • Renamed the plugin.


  • Removed (HTML) from the title name, Social sites update.


  • I’ve now added my email for faster communication.


  • Minor updates and clean up of recommended rooms,
    YouTube videos work when using any browser other than Google Chrome, recommend using Firefox or Microsoft Edge.


  • Tested upto WP 5.4 without issues, There has also been a name change, You can now contact me with my details below.


  • You now have to register to use the chat, you can do that at Tinychat , I apologise about that.


  • Tinychat have now removed YouTube, Hopefully this is temporary.


  • I’ve now added instructions via the images on how to access ‘Dark Mode’.


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.6 without any issues, Also, YouTube is now back!


  • URL change and tested after editing the cookie from Tinychat and all works as intended.


  • I’ve now changed the name of the page within WordPress as it was causing an issue with page loading, page has gone from ‘Tinychat Video Chat’ to ‘tinychat-video-chat’.


  • Added new screenshots to show the editing of the cookies.