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Trivia Adapter Pack


Trivia Adapter Pack

This plugin adds a package for Convoworks and allows us to make a voice trivia quiz game for a QuizCat, Quiz Maker or LifterLMS quiz.

These 3 adapter elements that are included in the package allow you to make a trivia quiz from QuizCat, Quiz Maker or LifterLMS in a very simple way using convoworks. The plugin adds elements which know how to read the quizzes and then use them in your Trivia game.
Check out more about Convoworks trivia on their official site.

Quiz implementation

  1. In the Convoworks WP Services create a new service (e.g. Quiz Maker) with the Mini Film Trivia or Trivia Multiplayer template.
  2. To enable the package, we simply just press configure packages when we make a new service and select the name of the plugin package, in this example: trivia-adapter-pack.
  3. When the package is turned on in the configure packages menu then we can see, additionaly to the convoworks-core package, there is the trivia-adapter-pack package.
  4. Under the Fragments tab on the right of the screen click on Load questions and delete every element inside of it and place an Adapter Element of your choosing.
  5. Enter the ID of the plugins quiz you want into the Adapter Element and save everything.


  • Package elements


To begin with it is necessary to have Convoworks WP plugin installed on your WordPress site.
You can then just download and activate ‘Trivia Adapter Pack’.


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